Thursday, February 5, 2009


Just the title of this CD alone, made me get it. I had never heard of this girl, but was at The Bux (Starbucks, ha ha ha-ok-not funny) and saw it for sale. I laughed at the cover SO hard.It was just great for the mood that I was in that day, and the titles of the songs were just as catchy! She is just a raw, honest, sarcastic,emotional,upbeat and mellow soul, yet Indie, Pop singer. She is a contradiction, much like myself, and like many of YOU, and I loved her! I put the CD in,as soon as I sat down in the car, and within the 7 minutes it took me to get home (I know because Andrea counts to 60,7 x's) I WAS IN LOVE!
The first song to catch my ear, was the first track, Little Black Sandals. Girly, yet honest, and I think it may be about girl escaping a controlling boyfriend. My favorite line is "me and my feet have some years to reclaim". It is so impowering!
My second favorite track is "The Girl You Lost to Cocaine". You never hear her mention anything about cocaine, so we all can PROBABLY relate to this song at one time or another in our life . She talks about taking care of a man who can not take care of himself, and how OVER it she is, and the fact that it is just NOT fun for her. After all, she is a girl "with a lot on her plate". I love her strong approach and sense of self and independence.
She sounds a lot like a mix between Joss Stone,and Adelle, yet she isnt as cheesy Pop sounding and has more depth and a more mature feel. Some songs are a little boring, but for the most part, the whole CD can be listened to from begining to end, and enjoyed for its "Bi-Polar" feel.

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