Friday, January 16, 2009

Are You a Dripping Faucet, or Squeeling Breaks?

I've heard it mentioned in the Bible that a "nagging wife is like a dripping faucet". I don't remember if these were exact words, but I know it was something to that degree. A dripping faucet is annoying, I must agree...but is it not an indicator that something is wrong? It is both annoying, yet and indication that something is wrong (faucets aren't supposed to leak) but it also represents something else. When your faucet is dripping, and you are waiting for the plumber to fix it, or it is dripping in the middle of the night while you are tired and have your mind set on something else, you try to tune it out. You know that there is something not quite right, but for the time being, doing whatever you are doing is more important, or easier to obtain than that dealing with that dripping faucet, so you ignore it. Ignore it until it fades away, till you have gotten used to it and can tune it out.While this action makes you maybe apathetic, or lazy, it does not make you a bad person....and the faucet is just a nagging indicator that you should get off your lazy ass and work on it....but either way, no one wants to hear torturous drips.If you actually listen, it can make you go crazy.A few weeks ago my brakes started squealing at me, I noticed it, but put off fixing "whatever was wrong with them" (I know nothing about cars,accept that I had my brake pads changed a year ago) until after Christmas. It might be $70, and I'd rather pay that after Christmas. Then as I was driving to work one day, this high pitched squeal soon became a mean and angry grind, with more force and more power than the high pitched yet short squeal...then as I was pulling out of the Starbucks parking lot, with a thud, as if to have just given up and been completely defeated, my brake pad fell out of my car, and my brakes no longer worked AT ALL! When I called around, everyone seemed to say the same thing, "if you only would have listened when it was squealing at you, this would be so much cheaper". "If I only would have listened when it was squealing"!!!...hmmmmm-this got me thinking. ( a great friend and her great brother in law helped me tremendously with the brakes-God bless them)I relate more to the squealing brakes than I do the dripping faucet. When something is wrong, I AM LOUD AND I AM GOING TO BE HEARD, I PUT ALL OF MY ENERGY INTO MAKING IT KNOWN,I do not have the patience to drip at the same pace quietly....I first complain, then I yell, then I give up, and with a feeling of defeat,I give up and am done. No little quick fixes here and there to change things back to the way they were, like brakes pads would have done weeks ago for the brakes, now it is more expensive. No hugs are going to bandage these feelings, talking about the future or a kiss on the forehead wont repair what the problem is. When you don't change your break pads fast enough, it can wear out your rotors, then if let go long enough, your calibers have to be replaced too and this gets pricey. So does neglecting the maintenance of our relationship, and I think sometimes it would be cheaper for you just to buy a new car.At this point I could become too much work, and I have given up on calling for help or believing things will get done.


  1. Interesting analogy. I will be thinking on this post. :o)

  2. Great post; visiting via BPOTW! I think I am both, depending on the situation and the urgency.

  3. Great post! I've got to think about it and reread what you wrote before I come up with an answer. HaHa


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