Monday, March 30, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day in the neighborhood!

Quote for the day! "Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies."-- Mother Teresa

Okay, today is going pretty *FANTASTIC* for me, as you can probably tell by my lack of blogging. Mondays are my least favorite day of the week (I know, I am pretty darn unique) but today has gone well.

Big D is out of the office (who I am liking more in the past few months than I have in the past few years.) so I have more work (yay) and the sun is finally shining.

No good news on the furniture. It rained like CRAZZZY this weekend, and well...Nick doesn't like paint fumes....but that is a good thing, because one of our sub contractors GAVE me 2 gallons of primer and 2 gallons of paint. It really pays to be nice to everyone.(not as though I ever thought I could use their help with anything, but you know my philosophy) So, that is saving my quite a few pennies, and hopefully the weather will be just as wonderful this weekend as it is today!

Okay, I have no *TOPIC* to write about, so this is some rather pointless ramblings, but -hey they are small things that have made me happy, so-I thought I'd share. Aww, no big deal. You don't have to thank me!

Andrea went to her dad's house over the weekend. I was always super close with Andreas grandmother from her dad's side, but after 4 years of heartbreak I realized that she IS Andrea's fathers Mother, and that she will take his side and is not REALLY as loyal to me as I thought she was. She isn't a complete backstabber, but you know how it goes. Some mothers think their sons can do no wrong, and well...Andrea's get the point. I was constantly critiqued and surveyed, and I never measured up. Especially after I took him to court. All the friendship and talks and favors we did for each other went right out the window at that time. Hey, but loyalty is loyalty. And I have a lot more respect to someone who can only be loyal to ONE person at a time, instead of no one EVER. We were close, but that is her BABY. I am loyal to Andrea, but hopefully I will still be able to decipher between right and wrong. Who knows...I doubt it.

Anywho.... I waited and waited for Her to meet me with Andrea. She was unusually late. She showed up with my favorite ice cream in cups, and we all sat in the parking lot and ate icecream. She told me, for the first time "I am very happy that Andrea has you as a mother. I see you in her all of the time, and I am very proud of the way you have raised her." This was really a great thing for me to hear. As soon as I stopped searching and trying to win her approval, and just doing what I needed to do.....I was rewarded. A compliment isn't necessary. I do not validate my self -worth based on others opinions or compliments, but sometimes.... to hear one, is like someone stroking your heart,and it makes you childishly happy. I appreciated that.

Today at work, one of my "superiors" that I joke around with a lot, and feel pretty comfortable being myself around, stopped me as I was walking my his office. He said "I meant to tell you Friday, but you had already left, that you did a great job on the meeting minutes that Robin gave to you. I just wanted you to know that".That made me happy as well. Maybe I am not invisible (ha ha) at all. Maybe I will be given more responsibilities, and prove myself to be more than just a perky face to "LIVEN UP" the office setting (as it was once put) and I can prove that " I may not be the brightest bulb in the socket, but I ain't (ha ha-ever use that word..okay?) burnt out either! I made sure to tell my boss, that I am pretty darn good at those meeting minutes. (nothing wrong with tooting your own horn every once in a while) and he laughed and agreed.

Nick cooked dinner last night and my mother and Aunt came over to visit Andrea for a little while. I purchased a new cushion thingy (kinda like a feather bed) for Andreas bed and we watched The Nanny Diaries (kinda cute) and fell asleep together. It was a pretty good night!

She woke up in a great mood this morning, and even though I was 15 minutes late, I still managed to make it in before the boss's.

I couldn't be happier today.

Sometimes it's just the LITTLE THINGS that you have to find joy in, if you want to make everyday count.I believe after I think this way for a while, everything in life may really start to seem to fit together.
I am grateful that the Lord shows us this, but most of all..I am grateful for the times when my eyes are open enough to see them, and my ears are listening to his directions!

I know I am being quite boring, sorry :(

Friday, March 27, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

Above is a note Andrea wrote me, while here at work with me one day. She is so ecxited about reading and writing. I am sooo proud!

This is a quote that helped me get through a really hard time in my life. Not anything like a breakup, ora friend being mad, one of those times, where you don't know what God's plan is, and you don't know if you can make it through to watch it unravel or get better. One of those times where you FEEL like a VICTIM, but you can't become one, because too much is counting on you to be strong. Great Author!

I put this here to tell me to SMILE, at every single person that walks through the door,EVERYONE...whether it be a Architect or the UPS man, we all put our pants on one leg at a time, and you never know what a smile from a stranger could mean to someone. Sounds silly, but it's a free gift, I try giving it someone unexpected in the grocery store, or on the street everyday. One way of "Paying it Forward"!

Sometimes these short notes, mean more than a few words to me. When I start to compare myself, or want to give up...they remind me of simple truths!
And I love those pics of my Darling Diva!

And again, a quote that keeps me humbled (like I need it, but sometimes I can act too big for my britches,lol) on accident.

I am a firm believer that many things in life are "mind over matter" so this helps me get my thoughts in check!

I don't COMPLETLY believe we are responsible for our own fate, but we are responsible for part of it. God gives us the ability to make choices and free will for a reason. The rest of this quote kinda is in tune with the "Pay it Forward" mindframe. Too bad Madonna didn't do that with Guy. :(

Showing the same thing, again!

This is my new purse (I'll write more about that in a minute) and my makeup bag. I love Vera Bradley mkeup bags b/c they are soft, and I now know they are washable. They fit in your Hobo bags and gym bags easier b/c they are cloth instead of plastic. I don't dig their pocketbooks so much,though!

I just love this purse, like I said..I'll tell ya more, soon!

And the fish tank! Awwww, the are so pretty.They are shy and dont like to have their pics taken, at all!

Okay, so it's raining, and my tummy hurts ( I drank a mountain dew and had a Heath Bar for breakfast!) But I REFUSE to allow this to be a SHITTY day, damn it....I refuse!!! My new bumped up dose of Cymbalta and my great outlook on life are just not going to let these rain clouds or the fact that Nick canceled going out of town, AFTER I made HUGE plans to have all my closest friends (and one who he hates and calls Ab-byNormal...get it?) over for drinks (hopefully I could get them drunk enought to help me sand my furniture). But now....we'll that plan is a dud. He loves my friends to death, and they love him, but with Nick, he says what he feels. He tries not to, but when you look at his face when he doesn't like something, it kindof gives it away.Hell, at least he is honest. And, Abby is going through a rough time (he says she does it to herself and needs help) and doesnt need him being, unsympathetic guy. He should have been a yankee (no offense xoxoxo). He speaks his mind,alright!

So, yeah...where was I ? Are you still reading? Anywho, I am not gonna let ANYTHING upset me. Hold me to it,y'all!
I decided to post a few of my favorite things that are here with me at work today! You are going to see how messy my desk is, my notes to keep me positive and motivated, and little things that give me joy. You might also see whats inside my messy purse. Now, if I could only figure out how to post pics UNDER this paragraph and write notes above the pics.

To be continued......
Like I am a celebrity and anyone cares. ha ha

I am gonna be blogging a lot today,I can tell!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Am I up for a Home Makeover Challenge? Let's Hope So!

I don't know if any of you know this, but I am absolutely the most un-creative person when it comes to home decorating. Actually, let me take that back. It's not that I am not creative, it's probably that I am too creative and have 12 different decorating personalities. One minute I want to be shabby chic, the next modern and sleek, and the next, eclectic and artsy. I love the beach look, the uptown loft look, the cottage in Ireland look, I can not make up my mind! Decorating your home is much more pricey, time consuming, and semi-permanent than dressing yourself. I can be creatively bi-polar when it comes to my wardrobe...but my house, well-not so much. That is why for the most part, it is currently, un-decorated. (It was ALL shabby chic, now I am sooo over that...and Nick hated living in a dollhouse)

I have decided to start one bedroom at a time (Nick is only allowing me this right now, because he #1 doesn't want me to spend the money or the time on it, #2 HE wants to buy and pick out new EVERYTHING when we buy our new home!) So, the bedroom is where I am starting.

I have bedroom furniture already that is made out of oak. I am so tired of that color. I have a more luxurious bedspread, in a deep olive green, and have a few accessories in gold, lamps that are tortoise shell designed glass, and crystal. I am making the leap this weekend, and painting all of my furniture like the pictures above. CANT WAIT to show you all the before and after photos! Y'all make me stick to it, OKAY?!?!

My furniture is very close in design, so I think I can pull this look off. I went to a vintage/consignment shop to look for a headboard to paint. No luck...but I did find some beautiful pictures, 4 of them, for $50. Yipee!

I know this look may be played out, but I still like it. Let's just pray that I can get my creative juices flowing, and execute this look properly by Sunday. WORK WORK! Pray for me....and Nick (I may get cranky!)

I'm too sexy for my..................What Am I too sexy For? hummmmm.

Aywho...Big Ups (ha ha,Ali G) to A.H.I.T for giving me the "SExy Bloggers AWARD"!!! Yay, I have always thought I was pretty darn sexy, glad someone else does too! (that doesn't have a penis...I'm not gay, just sayin'-OH FORGET IT!)
I pass this award to.........
Yours Truly NOT ME, (even though that does seem like something I would, do-give it to myself, but this cutie Pie!)Sassy Southern Blonde, with killer hair, and a wardrobe to die for! ..and What a TAN!
Shopaholic Blonde she is VERY SEXY, I think. I would not like to be in a room with her without my makeup on, and a very padded bra, and my thongs showing out the back (ha ha) ...
Blonde Goddess. This woman, is like the Madonna before she got all wirey like a Greyhound, no more like Sharon Stone after that one movie, before she got all weird on us.You get my point. She is all woman, not scared to talk about things that make us nervous, and oozes confidence. Pretty darn Sexy to me!
Spicey Wifey..........The Name says it all!
I could go on and on, but am getting lazy! I'll come back to this

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blessing in Disguise

I am sure many of you have friends who have this sweet demeanor and are very non-confrontational. I am not one of those friends. If something bothers me, I may (sometimes not) give it a little while to think over how to approach you, but you will get approached, and either the problem will get resolved, or we will agree to disagree. Rarely do we get angry with each other, but I will speak the truth as I know it, about my feelings,etc. I have learned recently that not all people are like that. There are a lot of things that seem like common sense knowledge that I have just recently learned, and one that seems obvious to others, but not to me, is that it is hard for some people to address you when they have a problem with something you have done. It however, is almost NEVER hard for these people to tell someone else who is having the same problem with you. I don't blame them for this. It is human nature. Some people call it gossip, but for those people who bottle it up, it is almost like therapy. It doesnt make them a backstabbing snake, unless when they are confronted, they lie, or try to place blame on someone else. Sometimes, they mean well, but don't know how to confront you.
Yesterday this happened to ME! Two girls at work were talking about me, nothing catty,
and it was a valid issue about my work ethic that they were speaking of.We will call them Sandy and Rose. Sandy is a little more outspoken, and came to me yesterday after her and Rose talked, and pretty much let me know that there was an issue, not in a mean way, and her being as honest as she is, when I asked who was talking about this with her she said,"Rose and I". What? Rose? Sweet, Rose? Rose is one of my FRIENDS at work (one thing I have learned is that co-workers are not always friends, but nice because it is professional, I respect that and do the same thing) but I considered Rose a true friend. We dont hang out on the weekends, but we talk on the phone sometimes, she helped me move some furniture once, and is my "lunch buddy". I think I know Rose pretty well. When I heard that Rose was talking about me, it stung. Worse than if almost anyone else in the office would. But in a way, it was almost necessary. Rose always see's the good in everyone, and rarely talks about anyone negatively. She is very tenderhearted, and like I said before, not confrontational. My first reaction with a "non-Rose,type" would be to tell them to "Go Kick Rocks", but #1 I am at work, and #2 I really like Rose. I know that if Rose said it, she meant it, and there was a problem. And there was. I called Rose and asked her, she was embarrassed, but admitted to everything. She told me that she didnt know how to tell me what she was thinking and that she was incredibly disappointed in herself for speaking about me to Sandy and not me. Not that anything is wrong with talking to Sandy about anything, just not about someone who you consider a friend, and not that friend. I told her that it was okay, we all have done it before, and that I thought it was kind of a "wake-up call".
Truth is, there is a problem at my job. I started seeing a Psychiatrist when I had 4 regular doctors try to put me on anti-depressants. "I dont feel depressed" was my reaction, and so I wanted an expert opinion. I knew I had anxiety, but that was it. Well, the Psychiatrist confirmed that I was depressed and explained that not everyone has suicidal thoughts, bouts of crying, fits of rage, or even a gloomy attitude, there are so many other symptoms. I still was not convinced.
Lately, I have had car problems, I have been sick, but also, I just dont want to wake up to go to work. I guess I feel as though I am unproductive and a waste of space at my job. I have asked over and over for more responsibility, but with all of the traffic that comes in the front door, it is important that I can talk to and assist everyone. But this is slow season, and I am rather bored. The weather is getting to me, and I maybe do feel a little more hopeless than I realized.
Yesterday, Rose saying something about it, opened my eyes, and made me want to put my best foot forward again. It was a wake up call, and in a strange way, I am thankful for it!

Monday, March 23, 2009

I love Mullets! ewww, and dont laugh at my UGLY pic with the peach shirt.Please. :~D

Not really. I hate them. But the "semi-mullet" cut I have, suits me. I told her I wanted something that was easy when in a hurry, still long, but when I wore it straight I could look trendy. The blonde highlights were thinner than I would like (she told me that I need to do it gradually b/c my hair is sooo damaged, and they would tone done) and too light. Oh well, it does brighten me up a little! I love the weight that is taken off ! I love the fact that I can jump out of the shower, put a little of my new curl creme from Bumble and Bumble in and go, or if I want, straighten the front, or I can go straight all over. Look at my face in the salon. Not a happy camper. I did not want to take pictures right then. She always wants me to wear my bangs in my face. I dont like that. But she loves me, and I love her. (she thanked me for taking a klonopin before getting my treatment, because normally I can't sit still!!!)

I was making wacky faces at work this morning. Ha, just being stupid.So, here is me new do! I got up the courage, and if you have comments it wont hurt my feelings,I have to go in to get a reconstructive treatment and color gloss in a few weeks, I can fix it then :D

But so far, I like it, because it is sooo EASY! No heat needed.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Quote of the DAY!!!, Oh,so~Magenta~!

You probably want me to quote Aristotle or Shakespeare, but oh no....I'm not that deep, so here goes...................

"Life is like a box of crayons. Most people are the 8-color boxes, but what you're really looking for are the 64-color boxes with the sharpeners on the back. I fancy myself to be a 64-color box, though I've got a few missing. It's ok though, because I've got some more vibrant colors like periwinkle at my disposal. I have a bit of a problem though in that I can only meet the 8-color boxes. Does anyone else have that problem? I mean there are so many different colors of life, of feeling, of articulation.. so when I meet someone who's an 8-color type.. I'm like, "hey girl, magenta!" and she's like, "oh,no- you mean purple!" and she goes off on her purple thing, and I'm like, "no -I'm sorry- I want magenta!""John Mayer

No, John-I dont have this problem ! I meet the wanna be crayolas, that are really some off brand. Sure, they HAVE 64 color (sometimes more) but they are dysfunctional and don't color at all like they promise to on the box.I think I am def. a 64 color box. Sure most of mine are broken, and my metallic gold wrapper has been peeled off, and Pea-Soup Green has been chewed (don't act like you never tried a crayon with a food name)..but in the end, my picture still looks pretty vibrant compared to the more "primary" colored ones.

I just wish I could meet a PURPLE every once in a while. I thought Nick was a "Sea Foam Green". I never meet anyone that simple, yet interesting. I always meet the REALLY waxy crayons that look so vibrant and great in the box, but once you try to color with them, they are a different color than what you expected.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tag, YOURSELF, youre it! :~D

1.My daughter is a thing! (and my friends and fam)

2.Tyler Hansbrough! Psycho!!!!!!!!!!.........making white kids look more athletic everyday!...all while using that Charles Barkley"crazy,don't mess with me" vibe! But, c'mon-he kisses his gfriend before every game...hoooooow SWEET! Keep your fingers X tonight!!! DUKES PUKE!

3.Pi-Yo. A mix between Pilates and Yoga, and it is a surprise I like it, bc I look like an idiot, and realize how NOT flexible I am everyday. ( you arent supposed to want to beat the girl in the front of the class with your shoe for being a SHOWOFF..I mean flexible)

4.John Mayer's Lips,I mean Room For Squares C.d. Okay, this was the c.d that brought "Your Body is a WOnderland" to the radio world...but dont hold that against him! I can listen to this cd, start to finish(hard task for me...finish? what does that mean?) I think John Mayer sneaked into my bed, I mean brain one night and took ALL of my thoughts and put it into music. SWEAR!

5.Mango (or papaya) Click there for recipies and cool site-----> Mojito's.... or should I say "Mojito" bc I can only drink like one or four!

6.Athleta (Yours Truly made me want to share this). I can't afford to buy many things from this place, but OMG!!! if I could. I would workout ALL day, or at least dress like it!(Ever seen those Fat dudes who wear gym clothes all day bc they THINK it makes them look athletic? Yep, that might be me one day, if I were to be able to buy EVERYTHING from this catalog. I mean EVERYTHING is cute (accept the full bottomed bathingsuits-ewww-just wear boyshorts or a one piece!) oh, and the models are soooo fit, it makes me SICK!!! not that "supermodel, I dont eat, fit", the cool "I take care of business,fit". WOW

and 7. BLOGGERS! I love Bloggers (most of them) .......its like our own Secret Society! And I love the girls in mine!

and............I love Spicy Tuna Roll...and that white sauce that you get at the Japanese Restaurant, oh, and Pad Thai. I'm hungry :(

Okay, so The winners of my Kreativ Award go to (Yours Truly, I cant add you, bc if I do, you will have done it twice! I'd lose my stuff if I had to do it twice)

1. The "Oh,so SWEET!"Shanna Banana

2.Raven is very dysfunctional (I think she is pretty darn normal), and HAPPY about it! CHECK IT OUT!!! (I said that like Fergie Ferg, and me love you long time!)

3. My new friend, and new Blogger Jenna! She'll help you open your minds and hearts after reading her Emotional Rollercoaster :~D <3

4.Sarah in her lil AWESOME WORLD! She probably won't do the whole "tag" thing...but this girl is UBER cool, and has a great nose for fashion!

5.A H.I.T...bc that is JUST WHAT SHE IS!!! A Hit! and an NYC Housewife in Training. How cool is that?

6.Shopaholic Blonde! I just took you from an ex Fashion Week Worker with Sarah, to an NYC H.I.T, and now to Arizona to meet my awesome, sunbathing, Ed Hardy wearing, Truck Driving, and Pool Loving mother and wife. This girl LOVES to shop (hence the name) and boy does she ever!

7.And last but not least A Form of Therapy, because I believe we all could use some!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Swimsuits for those of us, who like FastFood!

I am normally pretty good about not OVEReating! I also love to workout, and take care of my body....but this past week, I believe that my body and cravings have been possessed by either a teenage boy, or an Anna Nicole Smith (pre-Trim Spa days). Anyone up for some Nesquick and Dorito's, or powdered donuts?

I have been eating like CRAZY, and that makes you lazy! I am officially through with this faze though. I am suffering from a "food hangover" as we speak, due to Sat,Sun and Monday. They say "Eat to Live, dont Live to Eat"...well I did, and now I am .........FULL!

My, how you can put on a few pounds in a few days.And my bathingsuits arent looking so hot!!! (or at least as hot as they did last week, which wasnt to be confused with Demi Moore in Charlies Angels..but still) So..I have a great idea! For those days when you feel like having a few extra orders of fries...I mean pieces of ...bread, buy a bathingsuit that flatters your body type for those occasions, but don't empty your bank account!

Newport News, isnt just your crazy aunt's catalog anymore. Don't get me wrong, for those of you who still rock the Mom Jeans (bless your hearts) they still cater to that side too (I threw up in my mouth flipping through a few pages) but they do have some inexpensive finds for those on a budget..........If you can make it that far without an overwhelming feeling of nausea!

So, go grab a N.N catalog, and keep your trashcan nearby! (Hey, I know you arent saying's the same as going out and knowing that you are going to drink soo much that you lose a few pounds the next morning!) You might be surprised at what you find!

The Bathingsuit above is my "One buffet too many" suit of choice(although I might grab some different bottoms for when I can wear something skimpier). At $29, can you afford NOT to look!?!?!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Life is like a bicycle.To keep your balance, you must keep MOVING!!! -A.Einstein

Ok, I will go ahead and say it, for those who don't know already. "I AM HYPER". I like to call it "active", my family calls it "high strung", my boyfriend calls it "everywhere" and my friends call it "FUN! (and sometimes exhausting)". I just call it hyper!
As a child, I wasn't more hyper than other children. REALLY, ask my teachers-GOSH! I had a very "hyper mind though" and could not pay attention. If you have a hyper active child, you KNOW the difference. No offense here, I am sure you love them, and even LIKE them (family is the only way that you can love someone, but not like them at the same time) when they have wore themselves out. "Little Willy is such a sweetheart, when he is ASLEEP!"
That was not me! Ask my MOTHER! I could notpay attention to save my life, and was often put in the principles often for reasons that I did not understand. When I told my mother "I dont know". I wasnt lying. I didnt! I was thinking about mermaids and House of Style on Mtv when my 3rd grade teacher repeadatley called my name. I was not ignoring her!!! I didnt hear her. I was deep in THOUGHT, thank you!
I was prescribed Ritalin, which made me a zombie, that did not want to eat. I paid attention INTENSLY while on this medicine.So much that my head would hurt, my eyes would hurt from reading, and I could not SLEEP! GREAT!
Not until well into my teenage years (17 or so) did I become HYPER! I was not some freak kid who acted like he smoked Crack until I was 17!!!! That is embarrasing, but somewhat true (at least Nick says so, because unless napping or reading,I cant sit still long enough to get a pedicure. I have to do my own, out of boredom!) I constantly chew straws, tap my foot, or fidget, while sitting at my desk job (where I am confined to a desk ALL DAY LONG) and when at home, I can rarely sit still to eat (that and all of the calories that I burn FIDGETING probably contribute to my petite size and higher than normal metabolism)
I have decided that I dont mind being like this AT ALL, but I do need some type of fun, energy asserting outlet that I can do with the family (the gym is great, but I cant bring Andrea along on the dreadmill) and am taking the plunge into getting the WII Fit. It is expensive, but it has to be well worth the $$$, RIGHT? Does anyone have any opinions on it?
Here is a review I read.
I am sold.

Remember that "The Best ears of corn, always hang lowest to the ground"

Today I have nothing to talk about, in my own personal life. It wont quit raining, and so things have been rather dull in my neck of the woods. I hate that phrase "neck of the woods". Anoter phrase I hate is " give them the evil eye", or "break a leg". Evil eye is a curse that people believed years ago that was put on children or business's by someone looking at it with envy. No one CHOSE to "give you the evil eye" , it was a hex, that was given by a look, that was unintentional, but based on a thought. Dolls were often made for new babies and even adults, to ward off "the evil eye".
"In Sicily and southern Italy, however, it is believed that some people--jettatore-- are malevolent and deliberately cast the evil eye on their victims. Belief in the evil eye is not necessarily associated with witchcraft or sorcery, though Evil Eye was something Church inquisitors were instructed to look for. Pope Pius IX was reputed to be a jettatore, not because it was thought he was malevolent but rather because it seemed that disasters fell upon persons and places he had blessed."
I have no idea where "break a leg" came from, and I am too lazy (this could change at any moment) to look it up. Does anyone have an idea, or even care? Ha Ha. No, you all probably have more important things to do! :~D
You wanna know who I would give the evil eye to? Jane Fonda. She is SUCH a douche bag, (all of her anti-war things were great and all, but spitting on our Vietnam Vets, as they came home...c'mon! They didnt want to be out there,either!) but yet, she did have a really great body,raise some gorgeous kids, and was STUNNING in her youth. She looks great now!!! She was born in 1937, so she is up there.........and still looks younger than her age, and has not had cosmetic surgery!
I heard some man spit on her a few years back. That is kinda funny, sad, but funny.

The Ghost of BLOGSPOT

has somehow erased ALL of the people that I am following.
I have been wondering why no one was really writing as much, then today..............EVERYONE was gone!
So, if I havent been commenting lately, it is bc I thought you were on vacation from the blogworld, and I apologize. :(

Monday, March 16, 2009

And the Winner of the Cherry Earrings Is..............

Shanna @!
Shanna said that she would help paraplegics and those who are told they could never walk again by making therapy more affordable and giving them some hope!
"My dad has checked in to different physical therapy & rehab around the U.S. but golly gee they are not in his budget! It’s a shame that so many American’s take the use of their legs for granted…" "The reason why I would want to specifically help this group of people is because at one point in life they could walk & after their injury…not only are they dealing with physical issues due to this, but how depressing must it be to not be able to do a lot of things in life that you used to "
Everyone had the greatest answers (all 7 of you!) but this answer was different and something that is a little out of the norm. and maybe often gets forgotten due toall of the other tradgedies in life!

I wish we could "Pay it forward" in small doses every day!
Last night Andrea and I watched the Home Makeover show (cant remember name right now, ha ha) and I always cry. Andrea was like" what is so sad?" I told her "nothing,sometimes we cry because we are happy. I'll get into it more before bed".
When I tucked her in, I told her that if you do ONE good deed for one person, UNSELFISHLY, expecting NOTHING in return that God, will give you 10 blessings throughout your life. That might not sound like much, but think of all of the HUNDREDS of children the woman on the show was feeding, and clothing, and giving her own valuables away for. Last night, she was blessed in ABUNDANCE...and the blessing doesnt stop there. It will go on and on, and always be in her heart.
Everyone's answers meant so much-and were all heart felt! I loved reading them all, and got a great look into your hearts!
God bless ya!

I received a beautiful card from Marcy, with my last purchase...that said "Thank You for the support and wonderful blog.Enclosed is a Twilight inspired (my fav. book) necklace.My way of saying thank you, and Paying it Forward"
Now, I have to give something to someone that belongs to me, that would mean a lot to them, that I would not miss. I have to Pay IT Forward.
..........and the chain CONTINUES!

I will post pics tomorow when my camera will work :(

Good Morning!!!

Ok, so I did NOT get my hair cut. I need a little bit more time to think about the color....and thank you soooo much for all of y'alls comments! I heart y'all so much. "Don't do it!" was my favorite! Thanks Mary! :~D
I am NOT going to bleach out the top. Moment of insanity for me for a minute.THAT'S why I didnt even go. I am for sure about my semi-mullet! I love that hair do, but no Raven- you are too face can't wear a LOT of things, I tried green in made me look very yellow.Yuk! weekend.
Besides Nick making me stay up WAY too late last night to watch this movie that was so scary that I wanted to cry(don't watch Quarentine!!!!!!!!!!!!!)..........................I stayed at a friends on Sat (long story a few hours-ugh) and cleaned and all that good stuff! GREAT!
After I have my cup of coffee, I will tell you about my Sat night.Whoa...........

Friday, March 13, 2009

New DO!!!!

Do we have any hairdressers out here? No...didn't think so. They are all "too cool" to be on the net. They are dealing with hangovers at this type of day. JK! My BFF is a haridresser and although she IS uber cool, she does not have a hangover, EVER!

I was gonna be a hairdresser, but anywho!!!! BEAUTY SCHOOL DROPOUT!!!!!!!!

So....I am thinking of getting a new do! I AM...this sat! I even tried this website up there!!!!

I miss being a blonde,really badly...but I like being a brunette, so I am going to do what all hairdressers and well, Trendy Mindy's who cant make up their minds EITHER (and a lot of rednecks lately) do, and get the super blonde chunks at the top and framing the face, but leave all of the rest realllllly dark. Hopefully I wont look like Elvira!

I also am getting a pretty risky with the cut. Anyone ever heard of a ...oh,crap-I forget the technical name...Its pretty much a semi-mullet!Pictured above (accept no bangs for me,Nick hates them..and I dont like them in my eyes!) I've had it before, and my friends were so scared when I wore it straight that it would be a mullet....but it wasnt! (I gotta cut some of this dead stuff off) Anyways, pray it looks HOT...because if not,I'll hear it from Nick,a nd then I'll be a bitch and no one wants that!

What do you think? Tell me the truth! Taking the plunge tomorow!

PLEASE dont follow me on Tweeter. ha ha

Ok, I was talking to my Bloggy Blog friend Jessica (she's a peach! check her out!!!!) and we were talking about Twitter. What is the point? To follow someone around all day and see what they are doing?
Ok, let me get this today's society, it is okay to have people follow you around and admittedly CARE that much about your day to day tasks? Good thing I didnt put up...."Jade is at the Corner of Fairview and Sharon Rd right now pumping gas". Geez, I thought there was something more to it!
We tell our children to "beware of internet predators" and then we TELL PEOPLE WHAT WE ARE DOING, and they can check it out throughout the day??? I have to agree with Marcy here, I COULD BE A SMELLY OLD MAN (I still resent the smelly part worst of all, -why,as if man isnt bad enough?) and because I post a pretty picture (I think its pretty, you should see me when I wake up in the morning,ewww) you wanna tell me what you do throughout the day?
Granted, I doubt anyone would post what street corner they are working,I ,mean pumping gas still doesnt sit well with me.
If your 15 year old daughter has a highschool classmate, who she doesnt know is strangely obsessed, and she puts "going to my best friends house to watch movies, so glad we got the house to ourselves to relax without Mom nagging"...that "so-called" normal classmate, probably already knows what friend that is and where.
Ok,I could be a little paranoid...but you can never be too safe. From now on, I will not be telling people the truth...that I am watching EVERY WIRE episode all day, as I sit on my couch rubbing Funyun crumbs on my holey sweatshirt (wow,I do sound like a man now!) while Nick and Andrea are shopping for Wii games. I will lie and make up something remarkably cool, like...........(what do cool people say now-a-days???) I am taking a jog with Fergie through Central park!
That's cool,right? No
I am practicing my dancing moves with Patrick Swayze on a log ,I am soooo exhausted!
That's better

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I dont know what this is.........but I am sooooooooooooo bored at work......that I joined. I hope its cool, and doesnt give me a virus.

Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup!

Music has always been A MAJOR part of my life!
My father had very firm beliefs and strong opinions and taste when it came to music. "REALLY talented musicians write their own lyrics!" "It's not as much about the melody as it is the words!" "Rhythm is something you are either born with or aren't" "Anyone can like a catchy tune, but only the wise respect the lyrics" He taught me at a young age about Miles and Coltrane,Nina Simone, and our favorite...The Beatles. I grew up with so many pictures of The Beatles in our house, I thought we were related. "Yep, There is my Uncle George...oh, and that is John!"
At 5 I was taken to see Tina Turner,then later on to see Paul McCartney.That was one of the greatest memories of my life! Watching that piano shoot fireworks as he sang "Live and Let Die" ...and my dad putting me on his shoulders and swaying back and forth to "Hey, Jude". I will never forget my father singing "Do You Want to Hear a Secret" as a child, and telling me the story of how that song was sung to John Lennon by his mother, before he went to stay with his Aunt.
I will also never forget being told that John Lennon watched as his mother died, and how he later died, while walking with his son, close to the Dakota, after signing an autograph for his murderer.
My first trip to NYC (last trip) was when I was 8 years old. I begged and pleaded to see Strawberry Fields (a memorial at Central Park in Honor of John Lennon-Strawberry Fields was actually the orphanage he stayed in as a child) and was on a search the whole time for particular black tee-shirt that had John Lennon wearing an "I heart NY" tee-shirt on. When I found it,I didnt let it go. My luggage and bags were stolen (or lost) but that tee-shirt made it safe, home to my father...who wore it years after holes were torn in it...and it was faded. He is sentimental like that.
He was a little upset when he gave me a vintage The Who tee-shirt and I gave it back because Who, is the WHO?". He thought he taught me better than that.
When I grew up, I listened to Nirvana with my father. He bought me Smells like Teen Spirit a few months before Curt Cobain died. For Valentines Day, a few years later, he bought me Medusa by Annie Lennox (one of the best CD's I have ever purchased 12 copies of, and still cant get Kristin to give back) and Oasis (who he called a "Beatles Rip-off"). When I was pregnant I heard Jack Johnson for the first time on the radio, and called him to tell him to buy the cd. He did so, and fell in love. He later bought me The Avett Brothers (who I guess grow on you???) and Colbie Calliat (Andrea loves her) and put them in my car one day.
The only person who understood or even helped me in my grunge stage, was my father. He understood because he wore his hair too long as a kid, way before "hippies" were his in Charlotte and would often get jumped on his way to school. For my birthday, he bought me a pair of Birkenstocks (he said he wore "Jesus Sandals too" as a teen) and we would ride in the car quietly on our way to Infinity's End ( a headshop that his nephew my cousin,ran for a long time-that no 14 year old girl had any business being in), in search of the perfect tee-shirts.
He was the only person who didnt approve of my trendy,preppier outfits from The Limited and the Express as I got older. He said I wasnt being true to myself, and when I listened to Rap, I thought his heart would break, though he said nothing at all.
You try to teach them everything you have in your heart, but regardless, they become their own people one day!
Now, I listen to it all, but the soundtrack of my life is soooooooo much more amazing because of this man.
........and I agree, wise men listen to words.
Below, at the bottom of the page, you can change tunes if you like...most arent songs that my father and I listened to ...but almost each one (even Lupe Fiasco-lol) has words that mean something to me. I said ALMOST
(Coconut Records "west Coast" will forever be Nick and my song. I played it for him after a co-worker passed the c.d along to me, and whenever we travel he pops it in. It reminds us of when we used to do the "long distance" thing)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Subliminal messages...EVERYWHERE?!?!?!

Subliminal messages everywhere today! I need to pay my tax's (S.Cstate) and I will do it!!! I have Nc and Sc taxes. :( Dont ask

I went to Happily Dysfunctionals blog to leave a comment and her captcha thing that she makes me type in incase I am a spammer (I object!!! thank you very much-xoxoxo) Said


I will pay...but the RE RE thing is a little offensive. I dont like it when people make fun of mental handicaps, and ecspecially in my direction. It happens often!

I do not think God calls people names.....ecspecially RE-RE...but what if he was displaying his sense of humor right there. Ha Ha...that God guy can be really funny sometimes

God: I'll make her remember to pay her tax''s in the Bible!!! Watch this Michael "PAYRERE! Ha ha...she'll think thats funny!

Michael: Since when do you call people RE-RE's?

God: I dont! But technically,ReRE isnt a word, and it will get the point across. Michael,I created a thing called a "sense of humor" and a thing called a "chill pill".Why dont you get one of each?

Michael: YES,SIR!

Me: Oh, are sooo witty. I will pay, but that one stung!

God:Whatever it takes to get my point across

NOTE: I am not a good "speller" and "Subliminal " is a hard word. That's what happens when you vegg out too much in high school (ha ha-see put it in there for ya!)

SO anytime I spell a word correctly...assume I hit the "spellcheck" button. Ummm-kay?!?!
Oh, and that's a pic of God....(see I dont think he looks like Charlie Chaplin anymore) that I got when I Googled "picture of God" and sinse God and Jesus are the same person(Heavenly being) I guess it is a picture of God...even though Id label it is a pic of Jesus.Just me
See, he looks like he is saying "Come here Jade, I was just kidding with you. Give me a big HUG! You know I love you and that you ARE very mentally healthy,aceept for"............(I'll leave this out)

In honor of #100..a Rerun!!!!! What I Have Learned About Being an Adult From a Child

I am a 26 year old single mommy to a beautiful little girl named Andrea Jadyn. She was born April 28th , 2003.

I remember that day so well! She has a face that melts my heart! I look at her sometimes and wonder could there have been a mistake in the hospital? Could I really be a part of something so terrific? People compliment me all the time on how well mannered she is, or how mature she is, or her sweet disposition. I did not do anything to be complimented on. She has her moments and days, just like any other child, but for the most part,she was just born that way. I am a firm believer that some people are born with rotten hearts (they can be fixed of coarse) and some are born with almost angelic hearts. God blessed me with a child so sweet and kind by nature, and I cant take any of the credit. This was how she was born, not raised. Although, I'd like to think I teach her to have good morals and am giving her a good upbringing, I can honestly say that some of this comes naturally for her. She is a such a blessing and I thank God every day for this wonderful gift that has been bestowed upon me.

Growing up I never really saw myself as a mother. I can honestly say that I did not want to have children for fear of caring that deeply for someone and something happening to them. The thought is still scary, but was I really willing to not ever feel this type of love for fear of being sad? I look back at myself and I have no idea who I was. I no longer know that person and don't think that I ever did. I was so lost! The birth of my daughter (even the pregnancy) taught me so much about humbling yourself. About seeing yourself in others, about compassion. When you look at everyone as someones child, its harder to be so ugly to people. When I see someone that I know has had it really hard, or who has been picked on, I not only feel bad for them, But I also feel bad for their mother. It's strange how motherhood will do that to you. ( this is always easier with strangers, but I'm working on it) Being a good person is one of the hardest things you can reach for in this life. With all that society tells us that we should be, insecurities turn people into people they can not be proud of, but choose to be anyways. (I believe that Faith in God is the best medicine for this, even though I haven't really had a full dose) I am in no way perfect. I still dislike a person or two for something that happened way too long ago.I am still flawed in so many ways. But parenting and my faith is changing these flaws, daily, weekly, yearly-at least the ones that matter.My hair is still going to be a frizzy nightmare a year from now (unless Heather produces some concoction(MS?) that tames the fro) But I know the personality qualities that I not proud of will shed like dead skin, all because of what I learn from this darling little girl. How can I tell her to forgive others if I cant forgive (something I struggle with terribly), how can I tell her to love everyone in her class, when I cant love everyone I work with? How can I tell her to love herself for who she is when I don't do the same? Is it fair to tell her to control her temper, when she sees me lose it? Like I said, parenting for me is a humbling experience, and trust me- I feel as though I'm learning more from her than she is from me.

Like I have said too many times before, If you only knew me before the birth of my daughter, you have no idea who I am now. Her birth, brought forth the beginning of life for her, and the beginning of a new me and new life for myself.

This was a song that my mother used to sing to/with me as a child....and I sing the same version to Andrea. It brings tears to my eyes to hear it, again. I love you both!

The Question...and a pic of My earrings :-D

I bought these! Cute,huh? To enter to win the giveaway, all that you have to do a current follower (I want to know who is getting my DAMN earrings.I wanted these to wear with a red sundress this summer! )Any new followers, if I get any with my "foot in mouth sundrome" will be able to participate in the next ones, if I decide to do another. I dont like spending money unless I realllllly like you! I reallllllllllly like my followers. , oh-and also you have to
1.Answer this question: If you had the chance to "Pay it Forward" in any way....what would you do, and how can you see this chain evolving? Who would you want it to effect the most, and what do you think it would teach someone or some people?
The answer doesn't need to be profound.... it could be "I'd pay someones toll on the way to work in the morning",or even something funny! I love to laugh!......and in case Marcy gets to busy with all of her new orders.......I will be picking.I am fair!
2. Just link everyone on your blog to EclecticOrchid at
I can't believe I am doing this. I want everything she sells. I SWEAR~!
If someone even TRIES to pick up the Bud Among Snow Earrings...I'll die!
What am I saying? That was stupid. I will not give out the name of the bracelet I want until I have purchased it! HA!
One more thing. Ill pick a winner Monday. I dont think I can be left alone with your earrings for too long without wearing them,Sorry :(


I asked The Brain behind EclecticOrchid to do this interview, and she said she would, but didn't know when it would get out since she had caught a bug ( not a lightening bug)and didn't feel well.
She had it to me PROMPTLY! Poor thing! I hope she feels better. Now imagine if it were your purchase....I know the same applies.

1. Tell me about yourself. Where you were born, grow up. (I know New Orleans.. but still I am going to copy and paste your Family, hobbies, etc. (don’t tell where you live, but I think you are smart enough for that.JB)
I am originally from a small town south of New Orleans. I know most people think nothing exists even farther south, but bayou country does, and I was born and raised there! I moved to the Rock Hill area a little over 3 years ago with my husband, daughter, and son (okay, he’s actually a dog but he doesn’t know it). I love to craft, play with my daughter, read (although I never have time), listen to music, spend time with my family, make jewelry, make jewelry… (I think you see where I am going with this)
2. What was your most recent or current profession? I have a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. I used to manage and do case work at a group home for physically and developmentally disabled women. It was hard work, but the most profoundly rewarding job I have ever known (besides being a mother) and I am lucky to have had such an opportunity. It truly taught me patience, love, and to see the beauty and great capability that lies within everyone. I left that job to become a stay-at-home mother to my daughter shortly before she was born. It has been wonderful!
3. How did you become a jewelry designer? I have always dabbled in the arts since I was young, taking painting classes and experimenting with photography. A few years ago my mom wanted to take a jewelry class and thought my sister and I would enjoy it as well. I learned basic techniques that day. I would pick it up now and again, but for the most part had no time to enjoy it. After my daughter was born, I was going through some boxes and came across my old jewelry supplies. I originally started making jewelry again to break the monotony of being home all the time. I realized how passionate I was about it and the rest is history (or future I guess in this case-haha)!
4. Where do you draw inspiration for your designs? I draw inspiration from anything and everything. I see creative potential in everything around me: my family, nature, movies, music, art, words, colors, love, life, etc.
5. Do you remember the first item you made? The first things I made were in the little classroom in the back of the beading shop on that terrific day I learned basic jewelry technique. It was a little bracelet and earring set. I was so proud!
6. Do you remember the first item you sold? The first item I sold was my Bella Farfalla earrings, named after my daughter. I sold these to my cousin though, so I don’t know if that counts!
7. What designers inspire you? Good question. I love clothing and jewelry, but I am not familiar with many fashion designers. I like what I like!
8. What is your favorite piece from your own collection? My favorite piece in my own collection is the Do I Look Fancy necklace. I had it up for sale for a while, then realized I could never part with it. The idea was born when my daughter draped herself in my jewelry chain and then asked me if she looked fancy! Inspiration struck. It’s one of the most special things I think I have created.
9. Where would you like to see your designs in the next 5 years? I would love to be able to make Eclectic Orchid well known, and a thriving business! I hope that people will continue to be happy with and enjoy my artistic endeavors, just on a larger scale!
10. Last but not least, what is playing on your ipod (cd players) the most? Well, I don’t have an Ipod. I actually just broke down and got an MP3 player so I could be with the times. I love music though! Let’s see, I am most often listening to: The Killers (older stuff), Coldplay, Across the Universe Soundtrack, anything Annie Lennox, Weezer (my daughter’s favorite),Twilight soundtrack, and old mixed cd’s made from napster (before music piracy was deemed a crime)

#99 Goes to Marcy!!!! I am going to give something AWAY...oh,what a hypocrite I am!

Yep, this is my 99th Blog. I am going to hand it over to Marcy. Instead of writing about men,friends,work,or BLOGS, I am going to write about SOMEONE whose work is so cool to me, that I want to PAY IT FORWARD.

I believe anytime you promote a business to a friend, or your hairstylist or "what not" you are in your own way ...Paying it forward.

You loved this _________, you told your friend, who in return also loved it, and told their friend. Word of mouth, is the best advertisement! And its a win,win situation. You got something cool, and someones hardwork was recognized. They got more business, and more $$$ for their family, and the chain begins. It's even cooler when it is helping out OUR struggling economy here in the U.S (snaps to Etsy for that!). I consider that "paying it Forward" dont you?

So, I looked on after a friend wrote about this great site. I looked for people in my area, and low and behold, like the 10th designers store that I saw was Marcy's at Eclectic Orchid. The name drew me in (I like eclectic....and orchids are so pretty) .....isn't it mysterious. The collection that she handmakes, grabbed me, and held me there. It was like WONDERLAND for me.This woman has read my mind, before knowing that I was me, or had a get me? And for some reason,I bet she has done the same to you. I loved the book Twilight. I mean LOVED it. I wanted Nick to be a vampire sooo bad, and have Stephanie Myers to blame for the discontent I felt towards him for a few months after reading about MY perfect vampire "Edward". Turns out Marcy read this book too, and has been able to capture the emotion and feelings that would only register to a Twilighter, in jewelry.

Marcy is also from New Orleans (where I have dreamed of since childhood and would love to move to if it were above sea level). I think that gives her a few more cool points. I dont care where you are from. If you are from Paris, maybe you can make a pretty..........Poodle and Baguette??? New York, HIGH Fashion...but New Orleans...ah,something different there. It's a feeling, a magic, an essence. Marcy knows what I am talking about. She has to. Why? Because it looks as though she captured it in a jar and sprinkeled it all over every piece of jewelry she makes.Look for yourself!

I bought a pair of earrings from her ( New Orleans Lady- Earrings)and when they arrived, I "swear on all of the products in my bathroom" that they were MORE than I had imagined. Delicate, exquisitely detailed, and light as a feather! Intricately designed, and crafted. Wrapped in a small gold box,with a ribbon and a rosebud! Beautiful!

I wore them yesterday,and everyone (ok, everyone at the salon. I work with mostly MEN...and dont go out much. Hush it!) asked me about them. I almost fell asleep with them on last night (because they are so light) and when I took them off (half asleep in my bed) I looked at them with the light on,one more time...and placed them ,SAFELY,in my jewelry box on my dresser. As if they were adorned with precious stones . That says a lot, because usually everything gets thrown in a dish my "Amy" gave me on my nightstand.(and then I have to untangle things the next day...if I get around to it)

TO ONE LUCKY READER (sounds like Marie Claire Mag,huh?):

I am going to buy one of you a pair of these lovely earrings. I want them badly,so that is a sacrifice on my behalf!.........I am going to assign a quiz...and The EclecticOrchid will pick the best answer.
I really wanted to send you My earrings...but I think I may have bought the last pair!

THE ONLY OTHER thing I ask......

Blog about why you want these earrings, and give the link to HER site on Etsy.

You don't have to say anything about me at ALL. I'd rather you not. I will get rewarded later (maybe Nick will take the trash out for ONCE, or Andrea will not whine on the way to school. Who knows) That's how the universe works (in my case God). You do something HEARTFELT, without EXPECTING reward...and you get rewarded. Geez...there goes my reward! I expected Nick to take out the trash! Still selfish in my quest of being UNSELFISH!

Marcy was so nice about my whole purchase. I am a DUMB DUMMY, and couldn't use paypal correctly. She helped me eagerly,every step of the way. She was so kind, and had them shipped out VERY fast (she was reluctant to meet with EVEN though -she lives in the same town, because I could be a smelly man. I COULD! ya know :).....but smelly-NO WAY.!!!! I object! This man knows way too much about Laura Mercier Bath Honey to be smelly! I totally understand and would be the same way. Kudos for safety!!!! She was so cute about it too!)

I loved her collection so much that she is making Andrea something for her birthday. I told her all about Andrea's love for Sonny &Cher,etc, and I am confident that she will make my child something she will cherish! I know this from her work! Not because I know her. I know she could do this for you!

Now, get your curly fry lovin'ARSE over to Her SHOP!
Get,Scram...........Shhhhhew! What could you possibly be waiting for? I declare!

An email I sent to a friend-Just to clarify!

"Of coarse I do not feel that way about you!!!! Look to my right hand corner, about blogs I read regularly. I often do not comment, for loss of words after I read everyone else's comments, but I do read.
You are one of the most thoughtful bloggers out there,.......... with all of your followers, I bet you make time for almost everyone :)
I would have giveaways if I could,really.......(it looks fun) but to only gain followers , absolutely NOT... I want the people who read my blog, to read because they feel like I am someone they would call a friend, or they understand, or relate to, or want to pray for (ha ha) , not because I have something to give away.
I have thought about giving things away, but more with a contest or trivia thing, not with "write about me in your blog". I understand companies have to promote, but people who dont have companies??? It makes no sense to me.
Like I said, I dont feel this way about you. If I did, I would not only not read your blog, I wouldnt follow it, and wouldnt follow it so publicly on MY blog.
I am sure you are honest. I have no question about that at all! I am going to write a follow up or change that because I have had a few ppl ask me "is it me". If you are someone I talk to enough to be comfortable asking, IT IS DEF. not you!"

If I weren't so honest, I would change or delete what I wrote,yesterday. I was waiting for an email from the woman who made my FAB earrings, (so that I could blog about it) and browsing blogs. I read so many about this one product giveaway, that were shallow and pointless that I was baffled.
My daughter wants to be friends with the mean girls wherever she goes. I dont know what lead to this masochistic behavior, but I can't fathom it! The girl can be rude,gross and act ugly to my daughter, and for some reason that draws her in. I asked my therapist about it (yes, I have one!You prob.should too, so BITE ME) and she said that is normal ADOLESCENT behavior. Keyword for the day:ADOLESCENT
I thought the "BlogWORLD' was so fascinating because people were free to be themselves,WHOEVER that is...and I guess people are free to be shallow too.
This person isnt rude to me, but I know of a few ppl she was rude to, and "holier than" and it pushes my buttons.
"Big Egos are Big Shields for lots of empty space". That is all I am going to say about that.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I know,I know.............

Does anyone know anyone or have any "FRIENDS" who have Paranoid schizophrenia, or Bi-Polar (the reaaal deal)? Are these people able to have healthy lives, or are the destined to never have friends or normal relationships? I am not talking about your moody neighbor. I am talking about CLINICAL... IT really isnt for me. Geez, Id tell ya..I cant keep my own secrets,ya know!
Here are the definitions:

Paranoid schizophrenia
It means:
a form of schizophrenia characterized by delusions (of persecution or grandeur or jealousy); symptoms may include anger and anxiety and aloofness and doubts about gender identity; unlike other types of schizophrenia the patients are usually presentable and (if delusions are not acted on) may function in an apparently normal manner

Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a category of mood disorders defined by the presence of one or more episodes of abnormally elevated mood clinically referred to as mania or, if milder, hypomania. Individuals who experience manic episodes also commonly experience depressive episodes or symptoms, or mixed episodes in which features of both mania and depression are present at the same time.

I have a friend who has BOTH (wow, its like once you get one chemical imbalance, its easier to catch another????? I have ADD and a lil anxiety, but can you imagine?)

This girl has everyone she has ever known dislike her, and has no idea why. She is on medication, but I honestly think she can not control some of the weird things she does (S.W.F behavior) and I would feel really bad for not being her friend because everyone else talks about her. IT's sad.

But what if she does something strange to me?

I dont know. If anyone knows anyone like this or has any advice to give, that'd be great!

I am sooooooooooo Not A Sellout!!! Prequal to my next blog. :)

Not saying that some people are, but just saying that I am not one. Okay,I am saying I think someone is. When I first started blogging, I wanted to do product reviews, but I dont have the energy or patience for the giveaways, ("DAMNIT, where do you find the damn candle set, and I'll buy the effin' thing myself. SHIT!")and I am not going to tell ppl I like something that blows. That's not how I get down.(ha ha) I saw this one chick, whose name I wont mention...who is about my age, accept I am a lot cuter. She has tacky stuff all over her blog, saying "this is GREAT!" womp womp. NO, "lady", the chia pet SUCKS, and I dont like the bag that has all the hundreds of compartments, and I KNOW you dont really like the topsy turvey, so "lock it up!!! I bet you dont even eat tomato's, I'll stop.
I didnt realize what makes this woman so successful isnt her personality,talent or looks, but is her COMMITMENT to blogging, and ASS KISSING to get the product reviews in the first place. Now, she is a complete, blog snob,and its a shame. You wouldnt last a DAY outside of cyber world!
I dont have that type of commitment for anything accept my daughter. Sorry!

You know why she has soo many followers ???(not me,proud to say) All the lil A.K.I.T's-"ass kissers in training" flock to her page to see what shit she doesnt want , so they can get it.(like vulchers). I tried that once or twice when I didnt know better. Not my cup of tea.
I was asked to review something ONCE, and I was told pretty much what to say. Thanks but "no,thanks" keep your product! I think reviewers are great, and I think giveaways are great too, just be an honest,HUMBLE, honest,honest,honest, person when you are doing them. Did I say, be HONEST?
SO I will buy my OWN products and review them (not as though Aveeno gives a rat's arse) and when I find something on Etsy that I like, I'll contact the seller, and buy it. Then I'll tell you if it is good. If I dont review it on here, I didnt totally sabotage their work, but I also didnt tell my cool friends here about it. Sounds Fair,right!?!?
I am pleased to say that I ordered something from Etsy that I have been eyeing for a lil while, and received it in the mail yesterday. I fell in LOVE........and I am going to review these.......the RIGHT way!(meaning truthfully,and from the heart) (If she wants to give me stuff that's cool too,lol- I wont say "no" but that wont sway me to tell my loyal readers to buy something that stinks, so by me saying ...HER STUFF ROCKS, please believe it is True!!!!). My next post is ALL dedicated to this LOVELY lady and her GREAT designs. Please read it!!!!!!!!!!

Splurge or Steal? Is that really a question?

Ok, I love to splurge. I love it sooo much! When it is other people's money, it feels GREAT! But when it is mine, I have a limit.

I can sometimes deal with paying $40 for bath bubbles. Not really, but when they say that they are going to "firm,tighten and tone" and smell good enough to eat, I cant help it. That is why I purchased Laura Mercier' s Chocolate Truffle Bath Honey.(I hear agreat things about the Creme Brulee Body Cream though). She has a great rep-I trusted her not to produce a N.G product.

We'll as Hannah Montana would say,"Everyone Makes Mistakes,Everyone has bad days". Laura made a mistake, and me buying it seemed to be the forecast for my bad day. You never know till you try. I forgive you,Laura.

Last night, when I got home...I tried a product that has been in my shower for a few days, untouched. I bought it, and was turned off after I saw "mineral oil" in the ingredients.Mineral oil supposably makes it harder to get a good color, plus I like to be a lil shinier when tan.

After shaving my legs, with THE BEST razor EVER....The Venus Embrace (Marie Claire MUST HAVE of the Season, and I see WHY!) I decided,"What the Hey? Mineral Oil never killed anyone(I dont think),I'll give it a try". IT doesnt compare to Neautrogena Rainbath in the concentration of an oily texture (Rain bath uses Sesame Oil,one reason I LOVE IT) but does have a good texture if you are afraid of being greasy! And if you want to be moisturized, but not greasy,this Aveeno stuff is GOLDEN! I mean it! It smells so Good that I cannot explain it. Almost like cocoa, and coconut and almond-YUMMY!

When my skin feels more than parched...I will be buying more of this! (I didn't post a picture because they have made a much more chic design for the bottle)

This is going to be one of those timeless products for me, just like RainBath (I also love Neutrogena's Rainbath Gentle Exfoliating Creamy Oil Wash and Sugar Scrub, ecspecially when I am,....ahem,ahem.........tanning !!!!! YAY! Sorry-something was stuck in my throat.

So, Aveeno's Bath and Shower Oil is great, along with Nivea Original Body Cream( that also has mineral oil, but HEY,Marilyn Monroe wore it!) for winter months, and for those months-LIKE right now, leading into Summer, where our skin needs a little extra TLC!

But when tanning, I love The RainBath products, and Laura Mercier can keep her $40 jar of honey, because that is all it is good for. To sit in my bathroom and look pretty.What a waste.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend from Heaven or Hell?!?!?

This weekend wasn't so bad. Really it wasn't!
Friday after work, instead of going to the gym (I know,I know) Nick and I went to a dive restaurant and did a lil shopping. I bought some Laura Mercier Chocolate Truffle Honey Bath. It foamed all right, and it smelled EXCEPTIONAL in the pot, and the lil honey scooper,swirler thing was cute....but it wasn't worth $40.00. (The smell didn't last long, and I didn't look much firmer or "lifted". Save your money ladies and buy Mr.Bubbles!)
Then we went to afew lil shops downtown, and I bought a towel that says "Sexy Women Have Messy Kitchens!"...Real Classy, I know!
Then we picked up Andrea, and my phone started making strange noises. Then it wouldn't work, and told me to call customer care.That's when they told me that I was over my spending limit by $2, and when I paid it, it would work. I paid it, it still didn't work for another hour! Then as I was attempting to pull out of a shopping mall parking lot with Andrea,I realized I could not go into reverse. I could go into drive, and neutral....just not reverse...OR PARK! Oh, my! So after Andrea screamed and cried because she was scared bc I kept slamming on the gear shift, (and I told a man off, quietly for beeping because he conveniently wanted my space) I went into a few stores, located the lady with the convertible in front of me (I located her over the loud speaker of coarse) and told her of my situation, and she moved her car and I drove home. My car has been in Neutral with the emergency brake up since Friday! :( Friday was a bad night. I went home,took a bath (w/ that chocolate shit) and drank a lot of this really strong cough syrup (after Andrea went to bed) and went to sleep.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!
The next morning, a friend of mine took me car shopping while Nick babysat. That was a nightmare. IT was HOT! I want a new car, but then again,I don't want the payments!!!
Then Andrea,Nick and I went to the park, had a picnic, petted EVERY dog that walked by, and then attempted to play Frisbee (Andrea and I need to work on our skills) .At last we walked to get icecream. That was nice. We all watched movies and went to bed.
Yesterday I narrowed my car choice down to 3, then took my Concerta too late, so I spring CLEANED everything until almost midnight, and attempted to sleep.
My car lost its long lived battle with......oldness,I wasted $40, and had phone problems, and didn't get too much sleep, but I did get to spend valuable time with my loved ones, and a new car may be what I need. Perception is everything. My weekend wasn't that bad!

Friday, March 6, 2009

This is my 93rd post!

At the rate I am going (4 posts a day on some days) it's not hard to believe, or much to celebrate. But I am sooo happy that I have followers! Really.
I have told you about my credit, my family, my prayers, my job, my fashion sense or "no-sense", no arse at all syndrome,loving and sometimes too clever "Diva in Training" and my boyfriends potty mouth and product addiction.........and you still love me.
I may only have 30 of you, but at least I have YOU!...and 30 is a good #! I feel like my 30 are people who I would really like outside of blogging, and that is UBER COOL!
So, as I approach my 100th soon -I will not make a big deal of it, but I will thank yall in advance.
Good to know I am not the ONLY CURLY FRY IN THE BOX of regular after all! I have 30 others that I found in the bottom of my fast food bag! I didnt have to make friends with the"ketchup and salt" after all!

Mark Darcy: I like you, very much.
Bridget: Ah, apart from the smoking and the drinking, the vulgar mother and... ah, the verbal diarrhea.
Mark Darcy: No, I like you very much. Just as you are.

I LIKE Y'ALL TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cure for everything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea" Isak Dinesen

More of why I am going "BoHo" this year. (Look-he got me into wearing flip flops at least, now I LOOOVE them)

Nick moved down from New Bern (close to Wilmington) and all day,every other weekend, we sit at the beach. ....I am lying. I SIT, he tries to drag me by my arms, as I scoot sand across my butt and in every crack and crevice of my body. (He is a forceful booger! He means no harm ) to get in the nasty SALT WATER. He says Salt Water is the cure FOR EVERYTHING, kinda like the Greek Dad on "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" was with Windex. Gotta zit? Salt water? Tennis Elbow? Salt water! Ugh-drives me CRAZY!
So usually, while I lay on the beach and read Cosmo, drinking mojitos,with oversized shades on and heels (with mint stuck between my teeth, bc I chopped it,instead of mashing) he and Andrea frolic along the beach. My 220 pound boyfriend, frolics along the beach. My metro-sexual,dry-witted, "know-it-all", comes to life when sand and salt water are present. After years of getting my hair messed up (my flat ironed hair turns to the texture of a cocker spaniels REAR END when touched by water or humidity)-my strappy beach sandals (heels) ruined, magazines thrown in the ocean, and 1 pair of Kate Spade,2 pairs of Chanels, and 1 pair of Dior Sunglasses later.-I have decided to throw out the Jackie-OHHHH look this year, wear my hair curly, forget the makeup, grab a pair of cheap shades (not losing my Gucci's) and frolic around with my lovies...."wobbly bits, wobbling, and butt cracks exposed (Nick can never keep his trunks over the tip of his crack when running in circles on the beach, very appealing to the hot girls he eyeballs as they sunbath-lol)and throw caution to the wind. Andrea loves me anyways, and so Does Nick.
That's why I have given sooo much though to this Boho look.....that I am supposed to act like took no thought at all. Ahhh.

How about you follow me, and I follow you, and we can walk around in big circles?

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