Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm too sexy for my..................What Am I too sexy For? hummmmm.

Aywho...Big Ups (ha ha,Ali G) to A.H.I.T for giving me the "SExy Bloggers AWARD"!!! Yay, I have always thought I was pretty darn sexy, glad someone else does too! (that doesn't have a penis...I'm not gay, just sayin'-OH FORGET IT!)
I pass this award to.........
Yours Truly NOT ME, (even though that does seem like something I would, do-give it to myself, but this cutie Pie!)Sassy Southern Blonde, with killer hair, and a wardrobe to die for! ..and What a TAN!
Shopaholic Blonde she is VERY SEXY, I think. I would not like to be in a room with her without my makeup on, and a very padded bra, and my thongs showing out the back (ha ha) ...
Blonde Goddess. This woman, is like the Madonna before she got all wirey like a Greyhound, no more like Sharon Stone after that one movie, before she got all weird on us.You get my point. She is all woman, not scared to talk about things that make us nervous, and oozes confidence. Pretty darn Sexy to me!
Spicey Wifey..........The Name says it all!
I could go on and on, but am getting lazy! I'll come back to this


  1. I'm going to kick your ass...hahaha, but I love you, so i'm not going to.

  2. hahahaha when you said "a big fat man would like watching it" I thought of that scene in Borat where they are naked fighting in the hotel room and then they run through the hotel chasing each other!! hahahaha I would beat your ass!

    Oh my, why do I find this so funny that I can't stop laughing? I'm going crazy...

  3. The sexy blogger award huh?
    Too funny!
    I love it!
    My secret is to not bee terribly concerned with what other people think. It's worked out pretty well for me.


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