Friday, May 29, 2009

You can call me SUGARFOOT!!!

UPDATE! I asked Nick to go get my prescription filled for my cymbalta, concerta and Klonopin yesterday after I almost raped him. (I say almost bc what guy can REALLY turn you down after MONTHS of barely having it, no matter what they are doing?)
Click HERE to see one of the FUNNIEST SLIDES EVER, to find out "who the hell Sugarfoot really is". And why do these grown men call her SUGARFOOT???? hmmmmm (quick and hilarious)

He came back with....
Klonopin, to help me sleep so I will shut up at night, instead of trying to snuggle and "talk".
and Concerta so I would clean,clean,clean-VRRRROOM , VROOM- (YAY!!!) while he plays Wii or watches FISHING( what a redneck).
He said he asked them to "bank" the cymbalta."What? You like me being all crazy???

I think he secretly likes getting raped enough to deal with PERPETUAL NAGGING!!!

Note to self: (you may want to grab a pen and paper too, Ladies)
Give it to your man hot and heavy for a while....then CUT HIM OFF COLD TURKEY, but act like a doll.
When you start to "break him off" again....he wont care what you say!Bitch,nag, makes scenes, whatever you're pride will allow you to do, and he will not care!

But I hear that not taking your Cymbalta can cause crazy problems......OH, LAWD! I am glad the worst is over with. I hear it is TERRIBLE for some people!
Today has been a lot easier. My doctor said that the longer it is out of my system, the better I will feel, and that since I was UNDER the weather and pretty much immobile for a few days, the worst part...I slept through. Hallelujah!

I don't think ALL people have these bad of mood swings, some people just get dizzy or feel tired.I think it has a lot to do with WHY you are on the medications to begin with and how they react with your body. I am not making light of how serious taking SSRI's can be and then quitting cold turkey. It is rather sad, and scary, and can cause many terrible problems, much worse than others. I really believe doctors should be more careful when prescribing these medications, especially after the incident in Charlotte where a man stabbed his family to death after taking Prozac for a long period of time, and quitting without doctor supervision. This can be VERY dangerous and should not be taken lightly.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am officially going inSANE!!!

Okay, I HAVE GOT TO get my medication today.

I am sooo irratable, that it is ridiculous! I want to kill Nick, and I am just flat out rude.

You know how I told you that I didnt need the Cymbalta because I was not depressed?

I need the Cymbalta...because I am a BITCH! If this is some type of hormonal change...then ESTROGEN SUCKS!!! Really! I liked my levels where they were at.

I quit taking the cymbalta for STUPID reasons. #1, its expensive,#2 I have no sex drive and cannot have an orgasm, #3 it makes me smoke cigarettes (my theory...when I dont take it, I dont want to smoke)and #4, I cant have an orgasm.....Did I already say that?

Oh, and I am not creative or outgoing on it at all.

Without it, this is me.

  • Mean



  • MEAN





  • BLOATED (probably bc I eat all of the time)

Ok, so it is official that I am CRAZY! But you dont read my blogs because I am SANE do you? I like CRAZY people (at a distance) better than boring,sane people! GEEZ, my favorite blogs are NOT ABOUT polka dots, puppy dogs, and scrapbooking. Hell, those might be the crazy people afterall! I am a nice person, I'm not all "single white female" or anything...just edgy and MEAN without this stuff. DOESNT THAT SUCK!?!? They put me on it, for something that wasnt even wrong with me to begin with (I was not depressed, I was tired because I was insanely ANEMIC) and now w/out the meds. I am a evil wreck!!!

Lord help us all...DRUGS ARE BAD! No matter who gives them to you! DON'T start taking them, because you really can NEVER get pun intended!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Peace, Love & Laxatives. Part II

Okay, this post will have nothing to do with laxatives (knowing me, not much about peace or love either, oh well) but I liked the title so much, I decided to use it again. Sounds like a bulimia memoir, huh?lol


Nick and I are on a hunt for the perfect condo right now. I love the little town that I live in. I love this condo above.The town is small and like 30 minutes away from town,Downtown Charlotte and 45 from all of my friends...but I looove it. He does too, but he is getting sick of the drive to work. Can't say that I blame him. Truth be told, this area is accesible to everything WE personally need though.We don't have a Sephora, but we do have a Target :) I can drive 30 minutes to Sephora if I need to. No biggie. The small town feel, but still close enough to the big city is my main attraction to Rock Hill. I would be reaaaally sad if we had to move. Really...but I can't be selfish. He does have quite a haul, and to top it off, we dont have any friends in Rock Hill.

But it's a great place to raise children, and maybe we could get to know people. Who knows.

I can buy a house, and still have a yard. And can almost jog to Winthrop University. I dont shop at Chico's, but there is one walking distance from my house, so you know that there are quite a few middle age, upper middle class women keeping that store in business. Point blank, I dont worry about waking up one day and realizing that the neighborhood that I thought I loved, has turned into the ghetto, and in our price range, I have to worry about that in Charlotte.

It's not that we are poor, but it's like buying an apartment in Manhattan, or a great condo in ........The Bronx.I think I'd rather move to Buffalo. That's just me.For what I would get in Manhattan, it would be roach infested...but something SPECTACULAR in the Bronx....if I want to count gun shots instead of sheep to get to bed at night (just saying). You have to get in where you fit in. The condo above may not be as IMMACULATE as he wants, and as close

I just can not MAKE him stay.I have no control over that. I TELL him that I want to stay, but I can not MAKE him love it here. I KNOW that he is making a bad decision and will regret it 5 years from now if he moves. But how can I MAKE him see that. What? Wait until we move to a "transitional neighborhood" and put Andrea in a school that I dont feel good about, only to see our old stomping grounds prosper enormously? I can not take that risk. I wont. This will be the end for Nick and I...and it's stupid really. Am I that shallow, or am I just frustrated? Oh, someone PLEASE tell me if I am in the wrong. Please.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Peace, Love & Laxatives

Okay, it is official. Men have no cooth.
I went to CVS on Friday night with Nick. As you all know, I am rather uncomfortable talking about #2. Especially in front of men (Nick). I don't know why. There isn't much I WONT talk about, but that, well, I can KINDA talk about it with you, but it still feels wrong.It's like talking to your mom about intimate sex details. You get it.
So, like I said...Nick and I go to CVS. My Nick loves me, but he is an evil one sometimes. On the way there, he said or did (I dont know, maybe he didnt,and it was just this estrogen talking to me) something to make me feel like he thought I had lost my sex appeal. It could have been my paranoia because I knew, that he knew, that we were going to CVS to pick up laxatives, but either way, it was his fault. And for the first time EVER,I wanted him to be UBER jealous. (not like me at all), and damnit....for the first time, I was gonna bite the bullet and rub my swollen,bloated, and extremely constipated, yet still somewhat sexy self in his FACE!
Not only is CVS at 10pm, not a place you would usually pick up guys (I dont know, is it?) but...c'mon. I don't REALLY have that type of nerve. So, this is what happens.....

I walk in, after spraying some cheap (but surprisingly good smelling) Hale Berry perfume on at the front. I mess up my hair, poke out my chest, and decide to look around for someone , SOMEWHAT cute you KINDA smile at. Maybe then the poor fella will follow me around CVS (yeah, right-HAPPENS IN MOVIES. Ever seen Erin Brokovich?)
No one in sight.
Nick has no idea of my intentions (maybe he did, he's pretty passive aggressive and tricky like that) and grabs a grape soda and some cheeto's (what the heck was wrong with him that night?) and starts EATING them in the store. I give up and walk over to the laxative isle. I don't want cramps, cant wait 4 days, but don't want to get swamp pants when I am out somewhere...GEEZ! How do I know what to do? So, I decide to talk about it. I will just have to talk bout it with Nick. He comes over, and I try to ask him. He says "I don't know, I don't have those weird problems. If I need to go, I'm not all weird and hold it in for days. That's not good for you.That's how the kid on the Poltergeist movie died"which made me even MORE nervous.( I wasnt being "all weird" pain medicines and anesthisia constipate people) He tells me to go ask the pharmacist.

I go and get in line, and when the line FINALLY gets down to just one person in front of me,(I thought the store was DEAD) Nick sits down and starts flipping through Senior Citizen Magazines and out comes a really hot Pharmacist.Then the long line of people start to line up behind me (like the pharmacy was giving away Blood Pressure Medicine) and I started to choke up. Nick gets up, and half looking at the magazine says "she's constipated and probably needs some of that extra strength ex-lax" in an "all too comfortable" volume. I guess I start to blush, and so the pharmacist tells me to go over to the side where it says "Pharmacist Consultation". There he goes between asking me personal questions about the nuances of my #2, to telling me an embarrassing story about him getting food poisoning while on a bus in a 3rd world country after eating a bad coconut (F.P from coconut???) which made me feel even more awkward. Then he takes me to the laxative line (6 people are waiting on this one cashier at the counter, and Nick is checking himself out with different reading glasses on) and explains EVERY single one to me, in a very strange flirtatious manner. 15 minutes later, I decide on WHATEVER and buy something and go.
As Nick and I were getting in the car, he said...."That guy was sweating you pretty hard."
I said "no, he wasn't (kinda happy that he might be jealous") we were talking about laxatives, for crying out loud.
Nick says " Yeah I think that dude was part Asian. He looked like it. Asian people are kinky. He probably gets off on talking like that"(can we say "racial profiling"?)
SO my Nick was a lil jealous , I FELT like I exploited myself.......
and in the long run, got exactly what I asked for...and more.

Ovaries, SCHMOVE-a-ries!!!!

Boy, how I have missed you all so!!! These past few months I have done a terrible job at keeping in touch, but I promise to make it up to you.
I see some people are still stopping by to say "hello" and the emails and birthday wishes are sooo sweet! I really believe that great friendships can be made through the wonderful world of blogging. I have heard that "friendships are like a garden, you must tend to them regularly for them to grow". Well, I am sorry to all of my beautiful cyber blossoms!!! I know how devasted you all have been without me around.I know that you all are withering away, and turning brown in despair.
No, fret my pets!!! I am back and am ready to grace you with my prescence, sarcasm and dashingly good looks, wits,sense of humor. What have you!
Geez, Narcisis seems like a pretty humble dude now, huh? I really am kidding, promise!!!

But seriously, the one curly fry has had a pretty full plate lately.
Do you all remember me saying that I just wasnt feeling like myself back in March? Well, it just got worse and worse.
I came to work looking and feeling like a zombie. My boss complained about me being the first thing people saw when they came into our building, because I looked so bad. I was dropping weight, and had dark circles under my eyes. My hair started clogging up the shower, and my neighbors talked to me about laying off of the gym, and EATING for a change.
Funny thing is, I was too tired for the gym, and I was eating.
I was soooo tired, that I could barely wake up in the morning and bedtime started to get earlier and earlier, until,it was impossible to NOT fall asleep on the couch right after dinner (7pm).

I had seen a doctor for these symptoms, but much milder last year. They said that I was depressed.In search of a different answer, I went to more doctors and more doctors, and they all said the same thing. So I took Paxil, then switched to Lexapro, then Cymbalta. Cymbalta gave me the "I dont give a SHITS" and I loved it. But, I still felt exhausted, and my sex drive went from a 2 on scale of 1-10, to a -4. My feet were freezing and I put a heater under my desk, that STAYED on, through May.
Long story short, Iwas messed up.
Then I started having terrible cramps (wow, this story DOES GET better, promise) in my left side. I knew it was my ovaries, so I overlooked it. I have P.C.O.S (polycystic ovary syndrome) and cysts are normal for me. The cramps never got better or worse, I got used to them. Until they kept me up sick and shaking all night, then I decided (smart girl) to go to the OBGYN. I told them, on the phone that "Either you remove this ovary, or I do!" They saw me right away, did xrays...and I had an 8.5 cm cyst on my left ovary, and my ovary was enlarged. My hemoglobans were at 7, and as soon as the ovary was removed, my hemoglobans went back up to 11. My doctor thought it was the strangest thing.
I think sometimes, we know our bodies bettter than other people,even doctors do, and this little small experience opened my eyes to that. What if it were cancer, and I kept telling doctors and they didnt dig deep enough to cover the true problem....and instead of fixing the problem, I just got used to it, and then CROAKED!!!
Don't let people influence your thoughts THAT MUCH! Had I had this problem taken care of in 07, when it surfaced, instead of undermining myself, I might have some vacation time left now.......... and would be pretty buff bc I would have the energy to go to the gym, instead of either being too tired or sitting here with my abdomen stiched up like it is now.
Thankfully it was not something worse.
Dont assume that your doctors dont fly through their work too! Where are all of the House's these days? Geez!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Okay,so if I were a dude...

I would soooo have a crush on Megan Fox. Heck, I usually can look at someone pretty and say "wow, they are hot!" but not drool. Well, all of that has changed. While my sexual preference is def the same, I can not help but to drool, when I see this woman/girl! (she is 4 years younger than me, can you believe it???)

I think it's because she is not phony acting, and admits to not eating right or taking the best care of herself. She has tattoo's that are bold, in bold places, and that is cool to me too (the tattoo lover that I am). She just doesn't mind being uber-sexy, but doesn't try to hard to be "hard" and that is really refreshing to see!

How about you follow me, and I follow you, and we can walk around in big circles?

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