Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Peace, Love & Laxatives. Part II

Okay, this post will have nothing to do with laxatives (knowing me, not much about peace or love either, oh well) but I liked the title so much, I decided to use it again. Sounds like a bulimia memoir, huh?lol


Nick and I are on a hunt for the perfect condo right now. I love the little town that I live in. I love this condo above.The town is small and like 30 minutes away from town,Downtown Charlotte and 45 from all of my friends...but I looove it. He does too, but he is getting sick of the drive to work. Can't say that I blame him. Truth be told, this area is accesible to everything WE personally need though.We don't have a Sephora, but we do have a Target :) I can drive 30 minutes to Sephora if I need to. No biggie. The small town feel, but still close enough to the big city is my main attraction to Rock Hill. I would be reaaaally sad if we had to move. Really...but I can't be selfish. He does have quite a haul, and to top it off, we dont have any friends in Rock Hill.

But it's a great place to raise children, and maybe we could get to know people. Who knows.

I can buy a house, and still have a yard. And can almost jog to Winthrop University. I dont shop at Chico's, but there is one walking distance from my house, so you know that there are quite a few middle age, upper middle class women keeping that store in business. Point blank, I dont worry about waking up one day and realizing that the neighborhood that I thought I loved, has turned into the ghetto, and in our price range, I have to worry about that in Charlotte.

It's not that we are poor, but it's like buying an apartment in Manhattan, or a great condo in ........The Bronx.I think I'd rather move to Buffalo. That's just me.For what I would get in Manhattan, it would be roach infested...but something SPECTACULAR in the Bronx....if I want to count gun shots instead of sheep to get to bed at night (just saying). You have to get in where you fit in. The condo above may not be as IMMACULATE as he wants, and as close

I just can not MAKE him stay.I have no control over that. I TELL him that I want to stay, but I can not MAKE him love it here. I KNOW that he is making a bad decision and will regret it 5 years from now if he moves. But how can I MAKE him see that. What? Wait until we move to a "transitional neighborhood" and put Andrea in a school that I dont feel good about, only to see our old stomping grounds prosper enormously? I can not take that risk. I wont. This will be the end for Nick and I...and it's stupid really. Am I that shallow, or am I just frustrated? Oh, someone PLEASE tell me if I am in the wrong. Please.

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