Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am officially going inSANE!!!

Okay, I HAVE GOT TO get my medication today.

I am sooo irratable, that it is ridiculous! I want to kill Nick, and I am just flat out rude.

You know how I told you that I didnt need the Cymbalta because I was not depressed?

I need the Cymbalta...because I am a BITCH! If this is some type of hormonal change...then ESTROGEN SUCKS!!! Really! I liked my levels where they were at.

I quit taking the cymbalta for STUPID reasons. #1, its expensive,#2 I have no sex drive and cannot have an orgasm, #3 it makes me smoke cigarettes (my theory...when I dont take it, I dont want to smoke)and #4, I cant have an orgasm.....Did I already say that?

Oh, and I am not creative or outgoing on it at all.

Without it, this is me.

  • Mean



  • MEAN





  • BLOATED (probably bc I eat all of the time)

Ok, so it is official that I am CRAZY! But you dont read my blogs because I am SANE do you? I like CRAZY people (at a distance) better than boring,sane people! GEEZ, my favorite blogs are NOT ABOUT polka dots, puppy dogs, and scrapbooking. Hell, those might be the crazy people afterall! I am a nice person, I'm not all "single white female" or anything...just edgy and MEAN without this stuff. DOESNT THAT SUCK!?!? They put me on it, for something that wasnt even wrong with me to begin with (I was not depressed, I was tired because I was insanely ANEMIC) and now w/out the meds. I am a evil wreck!!!

Lord help us all...DRUGS ARE BAD! No matter who gives them to you! DON'T start taking them, because you really can NEVER get pun intended!


  1. We are both going crazy lady! I have missed you! So glad you are back and feeling better!!

  2. I LOVE YOUR BLOG & WELCOME YOU BACK....BECAUSE YOU MY FRIEND MAKE MY DAY! You are so funny! Did you have a full hysterectomy? My mom did because she had cysts on her ovaries & it made her crazy once all of the "equipment" was gone. Her issue was that she cried all of the time until finally some Dr that is now my God- okay not really, but thankfully he got her on some "good stuff!" Which I think is hormone replacement, but it did the trick...for most days anyways & on the other days (I run!) Haha sorry to laugh, but your last few posts have been entertaining...on a more serious note I hope you get the kinks worked out and can feel back to normal again soon...poor thing you need a break!


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