Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Andrea!!!

On this day, 6 years ago, at 7:11 am, I was given the most precious gift I could ever recieve.
Andrea Jadyn!!!
I will never ever forget that day! It forever changed not only my life, but me!!!
I thought about writing a letter to her a few days ago, so that she could read it years from now and know all about how blessed I am to have her in my life, and what she was like at 5-6 years old. I may do this every year. Here goes!

Dear Andrea,
You are turning 6 years old today, and I can't believe you are growing up so fast. I regret that I do not take more pictures and that I havent in the past. You would not BELIEVE how much you have grown! I think back about it, and remember all of your little saying "we gurls" and habits, and your vibrant spirit and it makes my heart melt!
You have always been a very easy child to raise. You don't have any extreme fears, you never said curse words, and you were rarely sick. No broken bones, no huge accidents, and that is probably part my fault for being on top of you all of the time. I will try to give you a little more space.
You always have had your own sense of "style" -"ohhh, FFFFassssshion!" (was a lil thing you would always say, when you saw something you thought was cute!) and sense of self. While you love Hannah Montana, you much prefer Cher, and often ask me questions about Sonny and her. Did she make good grades in school,etc. You like all children at this age, love macaroni and cheese, but your taste for hummus and guacomole is a bit different...and I like that!
You love movies, ecspecially with animals, but it amazes me how you love "The Divine Secrets of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood" and "Fried Green Tomatoes". You are so young and innocent, but still have a mature nature to you.
When we lay down to watch movies, you caress my arm, or play with my hair. You have a very nuturing part of your personality. I try to be this way with you, and most of the time you let me, but sometimes you want to be the nuturing type. Ask "how was your day, Momy" before I get a chance, and you tell me that you "love me more" constantly. You do this with all of the people you love, and it is so sweet. I get sad sometimes thinking about your teen years, and you outgrowing this loving stage. I guess I should just hold on to it as long as I can.
Soon, you wont want to sleep in the bed with Mommy :(
You loooove animals and are very sensitive to them and their needs. Most children are, but I have never met a child who was drawn to all different types of animals as much as you. I cant wait to get you a dog, but right now I am waiting to move.
You looooove to read, and do so much better than the rest of your class. While you excell in academics, you arent drawn to atheletic things, and prefer doing somethin creative and crafty. You color beautifully, and always in the lines!
I just love everything about you, and am so proud and lucky to call you my daughter and BEST FRIEND!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Gravity Hill, or more

Growing up, I had heard of hills where you could put your car in neutral, and your car would move uphill. The story is always the same " small children were hit in a bus, and if you put baby powder on the back of your car, you can see fingerprints where they moved your car out of the way, so the same would not happen to you". I never had visited such a place, but thought of it as an "urban legend".
When I moved in with Andrea's Father, one night he took me to Richfield Rd, where he showed me, Gravity Hill! I was exited and scared, and like- "ohh,ahhh" about it" but afterwards, he assured me that it was a magnetic field, and nothing but an optical illusion.
The myth is just as I stated above, same exact story.
I forgot to mention that when Vicki and I took Andrea and the dog camping,that I showed her Gravity Hill.
It was sooo easy to find, you really can not miss it, the only thing that is different, is that for many many years, the words "start" and "stop" were spray painted on the road (there are not very many of these in existence) in bright letters, now there is grafity all over the road. IT's like a mean trick the local kids have pulled to make you look harder for the "start" line.

I noticed before we got to the rolls in the hills, that on our right was a street where a small schoolhouse was years ago, before the newer schools had been built, so it makes sense that the wreck would happen where it was rumored to, and how.
When we found the starting point, our car moved, and I enjoyed seeing the reaction on Vicki's face, I was calm, until....her "ever so calm" almost lazy while in the car, got half way in the front seat,until our car was at the finish line. No exaggeration!
I just wonder if dogs are sensitive to magnetic fields. IF they felt something we didn't. No matter how slow we went, from that point on, her dog never reacted the same way.
No hairs on back were standing up, but you could tell this dog felt something. I swear, even when alone with one of us, this dog prefers being in the back. It has a dog bed and everything. Strange that it almost jumped in our laps, for the duration of the "ride".
If the spirits of the small children, were really pushing us out of the way (a story I still cant help but doubt) then Casey (the dog) definitely SAW them.
While I dont know about the spirit thing being true, (how can the same story take place in so many different places???)I dont necessarily believe the logic behind it being an optical illusion anymore either. Supposedly, it looks uphill, but while your car is in neutral you are really going downhill. I think if you were to walk this road, you'd feel that it was uphill.
Click HERE for more Gravity Hills

Just a glimpse of Andrea's new table. Work in progress.

I am about to LOOOOOOOSE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! WARNING....569 curse words that dont make sense together!!!!

Ok, so here goes. I am a total BITCH today, and maybe letting off a little bit of steam will help me to turn this "Psycho Woman" attitude around. Please BEWARE, you may not want to or even be able to understand ALL of my RANTING. Caution:Read atyour own risk! By doing so it, It may be hazardeous to your mood as well.
Just saying!
#1- Whoever says "PMS is not real" is full of shit. Up to their eyebrows in it! I am living proof that it is real, as real my 7th grade P.E teachers saggy boobs . I have had my stupid, universally hated,and plain old annoying, Aunt Ruby visit me 3 times in the past 6 weeks. To be honest with you, I wish this BITCH would just stay home, or at least give me a "friendlier" warning to let me know she is coming my way. The first time I was a bitch and had massive cramps, the second time (last week) I could barely notice her existence. This time,she wasn't expected, but boy was I EVIL TO The CORE Saturday and Sunday!!!! I mean EVIL! And today, well lets put it this way, not only did I contemplate putting myself on Craig's list to be married off to a wealthy old man,because I am "too stupid to work, at any job" but I am also "aging, and if you're a dumbass then you have to look good, and with neither of those.....boo hoo" and then I started crying.

Then I decided to not pick up Nicks calls, but later called him, and told him to "put himself in my shoes and see how he felt". Well, he obviously doesn't know either A-where my shoes are located, or B-they don't fit...because he can't. He told me to "grow up"! GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG!!!!! That alone, made me (excuse me for seeming like a maniac for saying this) picture myself beating him in the head, violently with this copy (that the Hag Donna gave to me, when I first started- how nice!) of THE COMPLETE OFFICE HANDBOOK.
Now, on top of that, I have people calling me ALLLLLL day, asking for one of my owners (who wouldnt give me the answer to the questions that everyone is prying me for, because I am apparently "too stupid" to relay a message) and when I say "he isn there" or "is busy" or "is avoiding your fucking calls ,so sit on hold you loser!!!!" (I've thought about saying it)...they all want to know, "well I was calling (I dont give a shit WHY you were calling, just how to get you to the right person, one way or another) to see if you were bidding on the Fort Marlow (dont even go into the full name, ASSHOLE I have other calls coming through) Winston Cemetery (yep,there you go) in Cincinnati, (please tell me what state because I am a raging FUCKING lunatic, who doesnt already know)Ohio?" My answer "Yes, we are"...then the man with the very country accent goes on to ask "could you tell me how many square feet of----(at this point I am thinking "no, dickweed!!! If I could, do you think my lame ass would be sitting here listening to you douche bags all day, and looking up phone numbers in the yellow pages for every Tom, Dick, and Harry.....like I work for the FUCKING phone company( part of my job description?? no...especially not for people who do not EVEN WORK AT OUR COMPANY!!!!) It must be universally known that "there is this ex-blond dipshit working at the front office of ------------ who willl be anyones bitch if you ask her"" ) Anyways............I answer by stating "I dont know, you'll have to talk to ____ would you like his VM? " Over and over and over. What really gets my gut is when they start off by telling me "Hi, my name is Luther Van Dross from Omaha Hospital and I am calling for Skipper". I dont need all that. I can tell if you are legit by the way you ask for Skipper, and while you were giving me your life history two other lines rang, more than two times,and that is no good!!! See, if you were a sales person, you would start off by saying "Hi, how are you today?" (because no one of importance gives two flying shits how I am doing today! I dont write checks....so go back to being your normal assholish self, pecker head!) that's how I know that you arent a sales person. By the way that you say "hEy, where is Skip.....or Is Skip in the office? " I know who you are, as n importance to my Boss, so save the nice b.s....and dont give me your name until I ask.
Oh, and BigD...how about instead of making such a big stink about going to lunch AFTER me, so you can come back 30 minutes late all of the time, and no one notices,try treating someone how YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED! but no....You are incapable of doing that! I know bc as soon as I get out of the car( if I am 5 minutes late, you're standing at the front door tapping your navy blue Aeresole!!! But if I am ON TIME, you don't leave until your damn good and ready!OMG, I just rushed MY ASS OFF TO GET HERE ON TIME (a.k.a eating my lunch in the car)so next time, BE FUCKING READY TO HAUL YOUR SAGGY ASS TO McD's, because "time is of the essence" and even though my BOSS'S dont see or care how you maneuver everything to YOUR liking, KARMA does, and it will sneak up on your persnickety ass!
Oh, and one more thing Big D....."Thanks a lot for all of your help with the safty manual for one of our owners, who thinks I just fell off the turnip truck!You retyping the logos on the first 3 pages, and reading over my work, really was hard work..Even HARDER I BET, was trying to pass all of my work off as your own, after you watched me scan over 500 pages,rename them (into something that worked becauseyour idea, no bloody good-all out of order) and print, while M.D was printing out personal emails in between all of my pages, and then after I got the printer to print mine on one side of the machine, and everyone else on the other, M.W had a fit because he didnt like the side his stuff was coming out of and messed mine all up again, so I had to refill the printer ONCE again-which ppl get all bent out of shape when there is no paper, pardon the fact that I just printed out 1000 pages for Big.D, and reprint the manual (which did waste tree's but so did whats-his -faces personal emails, who needs to print that dumb shit out anyways?). After I finished, I tired to ask a random question to hint to Mr.Boss that I was the working hands behind this (he who gives themselves credit, doesn't get it later, I know... I was desperate) and came up with a question so stupid that it only gave proof to him that I was a proverbial idiot. Later I decided instead of handing it back to you (to nitpick and take pages out, and pretend like something was wrong that wasnt just to make me work hard (yep biatch, the last copies you told me werent supposed to be in there, I saved in my desk- so this time when you said that they did-it didnt confuse me, I had them and that was quick fix) I went to Mr.Boss himself and told him that if "I screwed it up, please fire me, because obviously my mother was unaware of the fact that she raised a retard, and I am wasting my time working when there is a disability check waiting for me downtown." He actually smiled and said, "you said it not me". ha ha

Can someone tell me the recipe for Marilyn Monroe's sandwich at the Stage Deli?

Some people claim she had no real talent, and that she is "played out". Others are still in awe of this woman almost 50 years after her death. What is it that makes the legend of Marilyn Monroe not dim?

You still see her name in the papers, and The Biography Channel seems to do a piece on her frequently. IF I bought ever single book (that usually said the same exact things about her) that came to Barnes and Nobles each year, I'd go broke.

I know her life story (or what she left behind of it) by heart. I was obsessed with this starlight as a girl (not knowing it was the "cool" thing to do. I also read up on Jayne Mansfield) and I can not help but to wonder..."What makes Marilyn Monroe's light never dim out"? Her estate is making more now than EVER (who would she leave an estate too? At death she was divorced, no children, and no family.....she left her estate to her possessive and obsessed Acting Coach, and an organization for child psychology). If you want to use her name, your gonna have to pay, BIG TIME....and the fact that so many are willing to do so SAYS A LOT!!!

I mean if it is because she was a blonde bombshell, or had a tragic death, why isn't Jane Mansfield a bigger icon. She was rumored to have been decapitated in an automobile accident (reports later stated that it was just her wig that flew off, no head attached).....Maybe it wasn't her because she left behind a child (who now plays on Law and Order) and that it wasn't actually her boobs that were that big, rather an enormous chest cavity.What about Rita Hayworth, or Grace Kelly....even Audrey Hepburn (a not-so-close) second, still can't compare with the Legend of Marilyn Monroe. For someone who supposedly "could not act, could not sing, could barely wake herself up in the morning, married 3 times, and could not bear a child" she can do a lot ,DEAD that we could not do living. She has been an icon, her face alone-a timeless piece of decoration, and a name that is universal for longer than most stars dream of. The most imitated woman in history.

Last night I was watching The Travel Channel, and the show was about the Country's Best Deli's. Among the top were Manhattan's infamous Stage Deli. Marilyn Monroe picked out the ingredients to her sandwich and that sandwich was named after her. The Stage Deli doesnt care about staying power. The star gets a sandwich for a little while, and it gets replaced. I wonder what start replaced Marilyn Monroe (watch, as we dont know who on earth it was) and what were the ingredients in her sandwich...or is that "top Secret"? hmmmm.

For a interesting article on Marilyn

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Yes, could you order that dress in a -O2 for me?"

We've all heard about it, and we've all seen it on television. Those rail-thins models, and actress's wearing their oversized glasses and ballet flats, with every bone in their foot showing out of the top. Their ribcages used to be incredibly tanned, but now it seems as though the "unhealthier" you look, the better....so "sport that backless dress honey, your ghost white, spine looks GREAT protruding" is what these girls MUST be hearing, because they have to doubt their own opinion that this looks good. They HAVE to have someone, a professional, confirming that this look will make them hot. Right???? Who would do this?

Lets look at it pretty realistically. Men usually dont go for this look. Gay and straight men alike produce testosterone, and we know that. A man with testosterone is proven to be more attracted (not always sexually) to a woman who has HIGHER levels of estrogen, even as a FRIEND (for the gay guys out there, they are said to like having "feminine looking" friends more to those who arent). So, if major male designers (Armani and Tom Ford, to name a few) are climing that they dont find the "chicken wing arms, and sagging chest...I mean breast" beautiful, than why do they use them in the shows? Because that is what sells, and c'mon...they have MOUTHS to FEED at home.ha ha ( and yachts,extravagant houses,cars,etc.)

Men arent buying up all of these designer clothes (okay, maybe they are buying them) but they are not picking them out. Women are. So, now you have to look to who "real women" look to for fashion. Celebrities. So, who do celebrities look too? Aha...stylists!!! (Racheal Zoe is who gets most of the blame from around the world, although she says she never "tells" anyone to mimick her look, but most of her clients,like Nicole Ritchie, walk away with it anyways)

So, I suppose the sylists should be to blame for this WAIF thin look that now, is more popular than EVER, and designers are getting calls for -02, instead of regular 00's (just to let you know, my dress size is LARGER than my pants size. So, if I AM A 2 in pants, then I am a 4 in dresses.....at 111 pounds. If these girls are negative 00's in dresses, that is gross, but -02...OMG!!! SICK...yeah, thats the point!)

But there is a much more serious side to this, than just aesthetics, that may be hitting closer to home than some may think.
In a country where obeseity is higher than many of our carb munching neighbors, yet DIET is more of a common word than "toothbrush" (heard about Mt.Dew in the Apps? Pepsi went over there to PAY FOR THEIR TEETH. Ummm no, they need to brush. Its not your products fault!) Who wants to look like this?

Seen 90210 lately? Our teens want to look like THIS! And how do they plan on getting that way?

The U.K has seen a trend RISE AND RISE among young girls as young as 14, and anorexia, and get this........ Clembuterol ( a steroid once used for Asthma that is now only legal for horses, and sells for almost as much as vitamins on the internet) and Atterall. Sad, really,sad.
"Warner Books will publish Style: A to Zoe, in which the stylist and her famous friends such as Tom Ford and Naomi Campbell will offer tips on how to look fabulous — ie, impossibly thin. Then Zoe has said she wants to start her own fashion label.
The well-covered women of Britain might prefer she do so in California." -http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/article648756.ece

Just call me Captain BackFire

Only 2 more girls nights until Nick comes back from Cincinatti. I won't deny, I miss that mean old booger. I really do! I also won't deny that I have been having a pretty good time while he has been away, doing WHATEVER I want (which I already do) without any lip. The house was so clean on Saturday, but then my mother came over (I will admit that one advantage of her being at my house is that she likes to get chores done that I want to put off, but I also like her company) somehow she messed it up, and is NOT cleaning up like I expected. I am an adult, I should do it. And I am a mother, I know I know....but sometimes, being around your mom makes you feel like a teen again (if only for long enough to watch American Idol and go to the tanning bed, or go grocery shopping alone).Apparently my mother feels the same way about being around me. She has not only, NOT CLEANED, but messed my house up!!!

So Nick calls me last night (he calles every 45 minutes, no joke!) and says... "Now, I want that house cleaned when I get home woman." . But no, seriously...there really isn't any excuse for it not being EXACTLY like it was when I left, if not better. Maybe you could dust and polish up a few things".
Are you serious???? OMG!!! This is supposed to be a vacation for me. I mean I am going to leave pizza box's and beer cans all over the house. Me and Andrea (for new readers, thats my daughter) are getting a keg tonight. We thought we'd invite (hmmm,... let's see who doesnt work 9-5 jobs and have responsibilies during the week)............ AH HA...My Mum, and the 2 elderly ladies in the neighborhood over!!!
Like I live like a slob! I was very insulted! Instead of being quick to snap at him, I just said "sure thing Nick. The house is very clean now...I don't plan on messing it up". Oh, I act like the tough girl, but honestly, I don't want him to be dissapointed. So before he gets home, I will make sure to tidy up. He doesn't really look THAT hard anyways. I will at least leave out my rubber gloves and spray some Lemon Pledge. That usually does the job!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dropped by a Shoplifter

Sad, huh?

I am being lazy today and not wanting to make a grocery list, so I looked online for one. HOW PATHETIC,is that? Anyways, when doing so, I stumbled across this site ,and got a kick out of some of other people's lost, or most likely left behind, grocery lists.

Too Funny!

I am ONCE AGAIN, sharing too much.

I have been waking up to a deep sense of regret, or guilt, that I could not put a finger on, almost every morning since I was in my teens. When I was deeper into Christianity, it was still there. I prayed of it often, and somehow, the guilt comforted me, because even though I didn't know what it was for, I knew I still had a conscience, and that was of The Lord, although "guilt" is not. Then I would feel guilty for the guilt, and so on.

It ate away at me, and recently, more so than ever.

Have I killed anyone? no

Have I lied? of coarse, but try to be honest

Do I sin? yes, and that is inevitable

I accept that.

Did I question God's existence? No, I always knew he was real. I always knew he had an eye on me. I always talked to him,freely. Even though it wasn't taught to me that I SHOULD, I did.

Truth be told, I never had a "fear" of him, like so many should or did.

I looked to him, like a father.

The more I studied, the more I did NOT understand. The more questions that I could NOT answer for unbelievers. So many things were contradictory, and given "just because" is not an answer I can give.

I know how wonderful Christianity can be, but I also know how terrible it can turn if people are misinformed. I suppose it is the same way with Muslims and their religion. We all have our "kool-aid camps, or Al Quieda" <ms> embarrassing extremists, right?

That is why I choose not to point a finger.

You know what is really sad? I didn't want Obama to win, because of what my church said, not my own PERSONAL beliefs. I set aside MY beliefs, what I felt right in MY heart, to beliefs on gay marriage,religion,etc. that I did not understand. I finally got real with myself, about that, and chose to plead the 5th when asked about those topics, holding to the EXTREME abortion that Obama would allow. I am Pro-Life, to a degree, but that is a WHOLE new post.

Anyways, I was one day arguing with a Muslim friend over something political, and it somehow changed into religion. (real "Christ-Like" of me to be arguing, isn't it?) I (without telling him) was going to give him a quote from the Bible, when I decided tore-read about the Golden Cow. Great story. Then I searched it online. It was documented in different religion's, BC. What? Are you serious? It supposably derived from the Koran first? No way..... A Christian would say that, is the Devils work.

I am not denouncing Christ or the fact that he is miraculous, and I am not trying to be blasphemous, but maybe I am. And I am sure Guilt will plague me later.

I told my Muslim friend (Anthony) of this story, and all he could do was laugh. We were both being taught the same values, yet from different books, and somehow, many of the people who share our beliefs hate the opposite religion. It makes no sense.

I somehow understand my Grandfathers choice to be agnostic (not my parents,though), but I also understand why he prayed to Jesus right before he died.

People just dont pray to Buddha when they are in a car wreck. We need something to hold onto.

Actually, many Buddhists (not all) don't view Buddhism as a "religon" , but more as a philosophy to live by.

We all search for something positive to live by.

This weekend, I asked Vicki what she lived by, if she wasn't religious. I was telling her (and she patiently listened) about my doubts and about how I found so many of Buddha's quotes inspirational, and that Christianity upset me, because I wasn't supposed to have a statue of Buddha in my house or try to live by his quotes, as long as I wasnt praying to him, but I could have a picture of Abraham Lincoln and George Washingtons head on a statue and that was alright. I could quote Martin Luther King, or Ellenor Roosevelt and make blankets that had their quotes all over them. I was talking to her about my doubts, and how I wanted to teach my daughter so many great things about her Cherokee Indian ancestors but wondered what I needed to omit for the sake of "Christianity", although it wouldn't hurt her. She pretty much said this to me :
"When I wake up, I feel blessed by all of this beauty, and I find the wisdom of someone who can find beauty in a single blade of grass so inspirational. I believe that religion isn't always wrong or right and that as long as it teaches you to be a better person, to live humbly, accept others, be peaceful, and to not depend on the "things" of this world, to be loving, kind and gentle, pray to who you wish."

I asked her if she was agnostic, she said "no, honey....I've been a Buddhist for over 25 years"

I had no idea.

She was patient and listened to me talk about Christianity for years.

She believed in "paying it forward", yet, never once talked about her source of inner peace.

That night when after we were unloading the car, I noticed a Buddha statue at the very top of her bookshelf in her livingroom, a living room I have been to hundreds of times. I said nothing, just smiled. (they are supposed to be at the highest place in the room, even if out of sight)

I noticed a quote in a picture frame in her husbands (a man who is soooo kind and decent and noble, I love to call him a friend too!) office, that said this:

"He who stands on tiptoe

doesn't stand form

He who rushes ahead

doesn't go far

He who tries to shine

dims his own light

He who defines himself

can't know who he really is."

It was neat insight.

I asked the UPS man, what made him in such a great mood everyday when he comes in,today, and he said "The Bible says "talk good things into happening", I'm sorry I am paraphrasing"

and I said "no, it's okay, I was taught about that, it's called "speaking into existence", you can do that with good or bad things, that's why we have to watch the power of our tongues".

He was surprised I knew.

It's not that I am "Oh, ye of little faith". I BELIEVE God has blessed me in abundance, and catch myself talking to him throughout the day. But I believe in Astrology, and am inspired by Buddha, and think meditation is great! I love the stories of the book, as guides, but don't believe them all. I know there is something that has held me tight, and watches over me, and I feel that it is MY FATHER,God...but it hurts to think that it has to be so black and white. I can not believe that a small child goes to hell for what it is taught, I can not believe that our God, would LET children be molested in places of worship. I believe in ghosts, and that some people have preminitions, and that they arent evil (as some, NOT ALL churches would tell). I just have a hard time with some things, and the only way to be sure, is to learn what works for ME, not what I am supposed to believe.

He who is not for me is against me?

You can't worship two Gods?

I am for him, and I dont worship anyone else.

I can understand the confusion. I really can.

All I can say to this, is.........................read the quote above. I should have earlier.

Monday, April 20, 2009

In response to the last post......(someone asked and laughed,via email)

Well, it looks like Britney knows how to survive in the woods. Isn't she "special"? Prissy ass! I prefer the Betty Paige (I am woman, hear me roar.....and fall over )

First off, popping a squat in the woods IS HARD.....ecspecially if you don't know the "rules" and you have a dog with you, and are a tad bit tipsy (intoxicated). I tried it the "Betty Paige way -above" but my shorts didnt allow that much room to spread my legs. TMI-I know...but YOU brought it up!

Second, I do NOT smoke anything accept for an occasional Marlboro Light (and sometimes, if not stressed or drinking,which is rare-I get nauseous from those).

I have tried to smoke "pot", quite a few times in the past (before Andrea) and it made me a lunatic. I already am a few sandwiches away from the picnic, so paranoia was not much fun.....or the cotton mouth.EWwww. But I do think it is cool when classy and sophisticated people old enough to be my parents and older (like my Doctor,ha ha) do it.

I however, need to stay away. Nick is the same way.

Me:(sat. night after coming in the tent and explaining why my pants were in a bucket of soap water )Hey, I may not be the brightest bulb in the socket...but at least I'm not burnt out."

Vicki: Nope, no one can deny you are lit!!!

If 3 glasses of Merlot can make me do something that stupid...oh LAWD!

Tree-hugging,social smoker-Oxymoron, or just moron? You choose.

This is how the Germans camp.......They know how to party!!!
But then again, all of that red wine and vodka makes that lady above let a little TOO loose!

I went CAMPING!!! Yes,I did. I was scared to go, I'll admit, but I went for it. Vicki is very logical (for you new followers, in my past archives, you can read about my Vicki) and we had the dog, so...Andrea and I packed as little as possible and went for it.

Andrea wasn't feeling bad anymore. Her nose was running, and from time to time she would cough, but she was full of energy and smiles, so I couldn't tell her "no". If she started to feel bad, we'd hang out in the tent. The weather was beautiful!

Much to my surprise, (and liking) we went to a local campground. Yes, the rednecks were,well, being RED, but they were happy and respectful, and as long as we have a clean bathroom and park rangers constantly on patrol, you could put me in the middle of a volcano, for nature and I get along really well. (I am not a fan of the ocean though....too sticky)

That is, as long as there are no crickets,snails, or raccoons, in my sight. Oh, or chickens....I'm really scared of chickens.

But I can deal with hikes, and dirt, and bugs, and spiders and snakes (as long as their black or garden, no rattles-thank you). This surprised Vicki. Her son (my ex) and husband were looking forward to watching her video (she left the camcorder) of Andrea and I camping. I even started a fire (on PURPOSE!!!) without any help from lighter fluid or special matches,etc. Just leaves,sticks,wood and a fire!
I can not put up a tent, and was very happy when I lost the camera that Vicki had with pictures to prove that.

We went on a hike, and pretended to be characters from The Lion,The Witch, and The Wardrobe, to keep Andrea's attention. Needless to say, she fell asleep before hotdogs or smores were made, but I saved her the best smore EVER (shoot ya the recipe later) and she ate it the next morning.
After Andrea fell asleep, my tee-shirt adorned (it's rare to see her without clothes right off the rack of Chico's), Vegetarian and Interior Decorating Queen, and 48 year old friend, pulled out 2 bottles of red wine, and a baggy of wacky tobaccy (which I refused, and she didn't smoke either). I was shocked, and she said that after she turned 45, she decided to "let more loose, when letting loose...you only live once". Hey, whatever floats your boat, but I couldn't do anything around Andrea, plus I get paranoid, and I could sooo see me waking Andrea up and telling her that we had to leave I was scared, and her getting scared. No, no.
But I did drink 3 big glasses, laugh my ass off, and retire to the tent pretty early.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened, but I am okay with that. I am too lazy and honest to make up anything (that was my first idea) and I picked a four leaf clover (whatever that means). I had a great time, with Andrea (showing her the trees and how to determine how old they were) and with Vicki, letting our hair down.

I think camping isn't just for the sporty types anymore. Anyone know where I can find a Damask Tent, or fashionable sleeping bag?

The only thing that did go wrong, was I woke up late to pee (and I was too lazy to go to the stalls) so I popped a squat (very unusual for me, I wont even pee in the ocean) and brought the dog with me (she doesn't need a leash) She saw a deer and knocked me over in pursuit of it. You can guess how well that went.

Look who's back in the HouZZZEE!!! (jk, getting a lil carried away)

It took me a minute, BUT I AM BACK, (OK-you can stop clapping now, not necessary, really-awe,you're too kind....no no, you're fab!)it took a weekend, with good company, and the bare essentials (not the make-up, although that normally does perk me up,too-I must confess) to get back to feeling like "ME"!

I am thrilled, and can't wait to make a bigger deal than it was (and dramatize every small and boring detail) of my weekend camping trip. For right now, I want to finish my chai, and send you to a site that I can't steer clear of! Even if you aren't a mom, chances are, you will be, or know someone who is expecting, and you will get all exited after checking this out. REALLY! (I started picking out baby names, for children I won't b having for years....having children just to name them sounds like a good idea, but I don't think it really is.Now, a VOLVO...forget what Brooke says...THAT'S a good idea.Geez!

Anywho.....We'll meet back up in a few!

Love you, all............

oh, and quit sniffing that spray paint, B.Goddess....your nose is bright orange!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Alive

I am alive. I did not fall in the toilet and drown, I did not move away, or get kidnapped. I don't hate you, and am not mad at you!
That is in response to all of the texts and emails, that I have not been replying to. I normally talk,talk,talk. Lately, I have had a lot on my mind, and a lot going on, and talking about it, isn't getting me anywhere.
I have become a Spray Paint Queen. I no longer look at things as what they are, but what they can "become" and have gone on a spray painting SPREE. I find it rather theraputeic, but Nick wants to kill me. I did this once when I was younger when my mother bought me a "BeDazzler". After all of my clothes looked like minature versions of Elvis Pressley's Vegas Years, I regretted it. I also did this once with pink and green in my room. After a few months, it looked as though Lily Pulitzer vomited her Spring '02 collection all over my room. I deeply regretted this as well.
I am sure Nick wont let me regret the spray painting wicker and old furniture phaze that I am going through. Plus, the fumes are starting to make me sick. I did, however purchase stencils for my daughters room. Oooooh,La,La............
Thursday my daughter became very ill (not from my paint fumes) and I had to leave work early (if looks could kill) and pick her up. I could have left her with my mother and gone back to work, but I wanted to be with my child when she was sick. That's why it broke my heart that she had to go to her dad's Saturday. I can't get off of work for Spring Break, so she goes to stay with her father and his mother comes over while he works. It works out well, but this time I was more sad than usual. She started out with a fever of 102 degree tem. Threw up once, wouldnt eat, and just slept. By Friday she was at 104, and the doctor couldn't tell what was wrong.He ran test after test,strep,flu,pee,blood...I was balling inside, but staying strong, because she was. All she kept saying is,"I'm not sick, just sleepy". She didn't want to be treated like a "baby" and was soooo kind and gentle natured throughtout it all. Nick could learn a lil something from her behavior when she is sick, compared to his. I hate that she is away from me right now. Needless to say, I am NOT enjoying ONE second of our "vacation" away from each other. I would rather be ssured that she is having a great time, so that I can do.
So, it's not that I don't want to talk to you all lovely ladies, I love y'all. It's just that I do not want to talk. I'll have a ton to talk about later,I'm sure.
Hope y'all are having a great week, can't wait to get away from these "Home Decor" websites, to catch up on my blog reading. lol

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is going to sound mean,but....

Either I keep losing one follower at a time (right after another signs up) or someone keeps "following" me, then "not following" me. This is really trivial, and is no big deal, but I just notice I go between 39, to 40, and back again.
If you don't like my blog, and you find this out bc I say something that offends you, or you have some other opinion of me,DON'T READ anymore, and def. don't follow me....and if you can't make up your mind, well, "Bless your heart", because you have a lot more patience than I do. I am following QUITE a few people now, who I would like to stop (so I can get updates more on the blogs I LOVE) but it's a lot more trouble to "stop following" someone than I care to deal with.
I am not mad, and this isn't a rant at all. I just thought it was a weird coincidence that it keeps increasing and decreasing by 1 number. Strange.
Either way. I am not very creative in my posts lately (which is sad).......either it means my life is boring, or my point of view or observations are. Ha,ha-either way. I want you all to know that I am reading, and love my BLOG friends, each and every 39,40,39...39 f ya! Have a great day!

COme get your awards!

I have recieved a few awards before ...okay like two.And I complained about them. I mean I was thankful, but that is an awful amount of copying and pasting, I love everybody! So, I will assume (or my own self-assurance's sake) that THAT is the reason I have not recieved any lately.

Well, one of my FAVORITE, (I adore this girl, she is sooo charming) bloggers, gave me one! Can I get an AMEN?!?!?

With my lack of creative energy lately (hey,it all went to painting and bargain shopping-which,I will give you a few tips on soon) this is a no-brainer blog post for me, and a way to promote and show love to the blogs I love. So here goes!

Here are the rules for this award:

1) Put the logo on your blog or post

2) Nominate at least 10 blogs that show great attitude or gratitude

3) Link to your nominees within your post

4) Let the nominees know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog

5) Share the love and link to the person from who you received your award
I nominate.....(Drum Roll Please)
4.Blonde Goddess
7. Absolute Splash
9.Jacki has a great Attitude! She is always counting her Abundant Blessings!
10. A.H.I.T
11.and last but not least Bethany at Something to Talk about!
I hate rules!!! I live to BREAK THEM!!! RRRRRRRR! (not really)
Uhhh, Ok, I am tird of copying and pasting, peoples link.Sorry, if yours isnt posted. Im lazy!
So, I had to post one more! Bethany. (even though she does not have to participate, bc she sent it to me)
Actually, none of you HAVE to participate. Just spreading the love. Awwww.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Love'n these shoes!

The Sam Edelmans I got a ..............T.J MAXX!!!! YEAH, for smart shopping! Normally they are $138.00 at Nords or Anthropologie, but I got them (flawfless condition) in black, with bronse beads, for $60.00. I was thrilled. (I thought they were tacky too, until I put them on. Classier than you think!)

And I got the "other ones". I swore I would never buy anything by this brand, but not only are they comfortable, they are wearable will almost anything. I might get a few other colors soon! I got black, but next Lime green or Turquoise, maybe ???? They were $61 and I got them for $30.

I still feel guilty for shopping instead of saving though :(

I finished my FURNITURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Re-Cap of my weekend

I was painting from Friday 5:30 pm to Sunday at 1pm. I am sooo tired, that I cannot stand it!!! My body hurts in places that it has never hurt before, but that is ok-because my task has been completed. Nobody thought I could do it, and I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY, it looks great too! Can't wait to show ya! I need to get a new bedspread though. I got the CUTEST shower curtain at Target, (it looks much better in person and Target wont let me cut and copy the pic...so) now, I think I need a big white comfy duvet and I am good to to GO!
Andrea started her THIRD round of swim lessons Saturday( looked so cute in her goggles!), and she really liked the instructor (it was a private lesson) so she is going to be in their group lessons (which is more economical) and I was offered a Swimming Instructor position :~D When asked, I responded ,"Okay, I couldn't teach my child to swim but you want me to teach other children to swim?" And she said that sometimes people learn through example by parents better, but directions from other people better.Hmmmm,makes sense.. I taught an adult how to swim at age 11, and have taught a few kids in my lifeguarding years,so for a Free Family YMCA pass, I might go in for a few hours every Saturday and teach. I miss the speedo's and indoor pool smell from my childhood. I need to brush up on my side stroke. She asked if I could do it, and I said "yes"..truth is,I know I could do it, but have somehow forgotten. It will come back to me.YOUTUBE video's anyone??? Send me the link, thanks!
I missed Nick like Crazy, and I know he missed me too, bc when he got back from New Bern, I noticed that in his phone it was changed to "Lovely" instead of "Queen B" -GREAT SIGN! Also, last night I got my "mojo" back-he should go out of town more often. (Ever notice how "mojo" can mean so many different things....at least I thought it did-oh,well)
Oh, and I only spent $90 and got enough groceries for 2 weeks, and didn't even use many coupons, and for nothing I didn't NEED! Yay! I used the leftover money to buy two pairs of shoes. I'll show you! :~D

I love this website! Turns Shabby Chic into something your husband will like (left my camera phone at home, or I would load pics of the furniture and Andrea with er goggles on, but my furniture is the same style as this...just black!) I just don't know how to read the prices. Dumb brunette on board!

WHAT WOULD YOU DO, small confession...I think I am a lil scared of some mentally handicapped people.

I teach Andrea not to stare at people all of the time. I watch shows with her about children who have disabilities, and how staring and pointing hurts their feelings, and that they have feelings too. She understands, and I swear she has never reacted unkind, or strangely to anyone who was different. (accept for that SUPER dark Nigerian man in the show store, that tried to put her shoe on. she nearly climbed my back. The same exact way she did with the baboons at the zoo. This was all in the same month...and there was no pun intended. Please no hate mail, children are children! I am not saying that she saw a resemblance, just that maybe she was going through a phase that month where she scared easily towards certain things she had never seen, and she also climbled my back. I had her on my hip, she was 2)Anywho, I have always taught her and almost pointed (not with my finger,Geez-how rude would I be) out people who were "different" so that she would get used to it, and not stare or poke fun.
I guess that is why she didn't mind when the mentally challenged man asked if he could sit beside ME in the nearly empty movie theatre. Seriously, there were four other people (says alot about the movie "Coraline") in the whole movie on a Friday (it was around 6). After the movie started, a nice looking,well-dressed young man walks in by himself, and scouts the seats. As he reaches our row (dead center-no lie) he says "There is no-where to SIT!!!!!!!!!!" in a very loud voice! The only other people in the theatre, were in the back row, and started laughing. I thought maybe they were all friends, and acting immature. That is also what I thought as he walked directly up to me, and asked if he could have a seat. I thought this was an immature 17 year old punk, that would probably hit on me. I said "sure" as Andrea paid no mind (she was SO cute as she was all into the movie with her 3-D glasses on) and got prepared to let him have it in the most "kid friendly" yet venomous and belittling way possible, if her tried anything funny. I was so ready, that I lost track of the movie. I mean there are 100 other seats, why would you come sit down directly beside me?
As I attempted to watch the movie, he didn't talk to me. He ate his popcorn,very loudly, and guzzled his drink (bottled soda that he kept in his pocket).I tried hard not to look over at him, but my body language (left leg crossed over right , almost leaning over Andrea)suggested I was a tad uncomfortable. It wasn't until he dropped his popcorn on the ground , and started rubbing his head in circles,then retorting to sweeping his popcorn back into the bag,to just eat it again, that it really registered to me that something was maybe wrong with him, and that he was not just a highschool student acting stupid in a children's movie. (that Andrea loved bc it was creepy, but I should have read more about it, because she thought the full-figured burlesque dancers were funny, I thought it was a little too risque.)
At this point I felt bad for him and started to ease up a little bit. My grandmother who lived in Charlotte, Peggy (who was a character, I'll tell you more later),ran a group home for mentally challenged young adults. So, from the time I was an infant, until I was around 9, I was around young people with mental conditions, often. Most of the people in her nursing home had down syndrome, with an exception of Wick, who was hit by a car at 8, and never mentally grew past that point, and Wesley (I think he was just very eccentric..I never was told what was wrong with him-he was like the Rain Man) and were all so kind,and I loved them like fellow playmates.
As soon as I started to Ease up, that is when he belched really loud (he was taught to say "excuse me" very loudly )and then turned to me and asked (in a very low,bold) if he could have some of my popcorn!!!! I said I am finished you can have it. He said thank you, and right then, I told Andrea that I needed to go pee, and we left.
I don't know why I was so frighten, and I feel ashamed because of that. I also feel guilty for making Andrea leave her first 3D movie that I drove 45 minutes to go see (had to be #D) and paid $30 for (popcorn and drink included). But the situation was so creepy to me, and I would have felt the same way if he weren't mentally challenged. That would have been worse.
I don't know why I felt like letting this off of my chest. Am I a terrible person. Poor guy. Andrea said "Mommy, he sat beside you because he liked you"...and I told her that I just didn't like for strangers to sit so close to us when there were other places to sit. Hey, we all say the wrong things sometimes, and I am sure that statement will bite me in the ass one day. Oh well.
I need therapy!LOL
I bet I sound really ignorant,to everyone right now.
You really had to be there.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Frugal Friday!!!

As you may know, I have attempted to clip coupons in the past to no prevail.I try to save, but its HARD! Yesterday, I set my mind to saving, not because I want to, but because I am TERRIFIED NOT TO!

I come from the WASTEFUL generation X! I was raised by a "Baby Boomer" who "bucked" the system in any way possible, who was raised by parents who survived The Great Depression. Surviving something like that stays with you. You learn to not take things for granted, and to make food,money, and clothing STRETCH! If I could come up with 1 good thing about this recession it would be THIS (actually I have a few good things that I can say about it): gone are the days of wastefulness and being spoiled and ungrateful!!!! For the first time in many of our LIFETIME's, we are learning to BUDGET,and maybe we will start to appreciate what we HAVE, and maybe, just maybe qw can start judging people based on character, not things (bye bye, Paris Hilton) and get back to Fundamental values that were SUPPOSED to be instilled in us!

I am not dogging anyones parents here, I am just saying, that our generation for the most part, has been spoiled, and I know from experience that sometimes the only way to learn, is from experience.

So, here today, I vow to use as many coupons as I can, smart shop,save and budget. I vow to make bigger dinners, then have leftovers, and re-create leftovers! I vow to PAINT that furniture this weekend (I finally got my paint, and supplies, and got a few people to help!) and not buy new furniture for my bedrooms, for quite some time! Let's see how this goes!

Oprah (I don't really like her) had one of my FAV women on yesterday,Suze Orman, and if you missed it...FIND IT ON THE NET! It was great!

I'm gonna try AGAIN to clip coupons via net.Wish me luck! I'll be back soon to tell you how it went. Any tips?
Please Visit OUR FRUGAL FRIEND's Blog!!! Great tips!
Click HERE for a FREE Sample of Dunkin Donuts Coffee!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hey Strangers!!!!!

I have been so bad lately. Horrible! I caught myself dusting in between my computer keys with a twisted up napkin (tempted to huff the electronic cleaner, just to see what the fuss is about-jk, kinda) and realized.........I have not been blogging lately! I mean I KNEW that I was M.I.A to my second home (my cyber home) but, I stopped at this time to think about why. Why, you ask? Because I feel like I have nothing profound or important to say. Sure there are a ton of products I would like to tell you about,but I FEEL deep right now. I want to write about something deep, but in all actuality, my thoughts this past week have been rather shallow.

Well, you are my blogger friends (in my heart, you're just "friends") and if I FEEL deep, but am thinking SHALLOW, then I can talk to you guys anyways. You read because you want to. No one is making you, no one makes you feel bad if you don't, and that's what I love about this Bloggy-Blog World. Honest to Blog!

So, Damnit,if I want to write about products, By Golly (what did I just say,WTF????) then what better place to do it?!?!?!

So, here goes..............

I am a traitor. I said I only liked Vera Wang makeup bags, because I was not ready to look like an "East Coast Carolinian Suburbanite Mom of a kindergartner", but I pulled out two of my Vera Wang bags this weekend, and attempted to carry them, and I loooove them. Soooo comfortable,animal-friendly and WASHABLE!!! I can see why people buy the luggage now! I just have one request!


Please make something a little more edgy, or trendsetting, at least vintage or eclectic. I am not ready to pull out my Capri's and keds yet. No bike riding to the farmers market with my straw hat on yet. Sorry!

The Curly Fry

And another newfound love of mine, that is not a new product...... is Bare Escentauls /Bare Minerals! It has been found tried and true that Bare Minerals is a winner, but I have never tried their other products besides the award winning mineral powder face makeup that took the world by storm via T.V infomercials years ago.. This weekend, I got a little bit of EVERYTHING, and boy.... if you think it's all the same, you have no idea what you are missing!

The eyecolors (all colors really) are more vibrant than Mac or Lancome (if that's your thing) if primed with their Prime Time eye primer (and with a dab of this product in the top of your lid,any eyecolor instantly becomes eyeliner,too!). Gooooood God almighty! This stuff stayed perfectly in place AS I SLEPT (hey, they say it's so gentle you can sleep in it!). I even went all out Tammy Faye style (just for the sake of argument with my friend Ashley, who says the makeup looks too natural for her!).Word from the wise: (not me, the Salesperson) They have more colors to choose from in the Bare Escentuals than anywhere else, because you can mix pigments, if your imagination is bigger than theirs(doubt it!) Among some of my favorites are Queen Tiffany,Grace,Oz, PussyCat,Sex Kitten, and 1990's, to name a few!

They have an "all over face color" called "Trudy" that I hate to admit, beats out my longtime love, Nars Orgasm Blush, by a longshot. It's dewy, yet powder, easily adjustable, and multi-faceted. It makes you look healthy,and somehow ...hydrated! I use it as a Blush (it is much more peachy than brown in person, and works great as a bronzer)

Even their Buxom Lip Polish is a masterpiece! It plumps without burning (made with menthol,so it cools) or drying your lips out (it actually moisturizes) and comes in a huge tube! The color stays put, but isn't sticky, and my favorite color "Dolly" is a perfect neutral mauve to compliment any skin tone!

I love you Bobbi Brown, for your tinted moisturizer and eyebrow brush, but I will never purchase another item from you besides that again!

And as for Mac, well, I think I have outgrown you a little bit!

For the price, pigment,the amazing brushes(my fav's are The Kabuki brush for Max. coverage, and the Soft is perfect for the mineral veil....my fav. being this ) the natural, and healthy ingredients, Bare Escentauls and Bare Minerals...can not be beat! (I still don't like their mascara, though!)

If you think the face brushes are a lil pricey, try getting a starter kit, it's such a good deal and even comes with a dvd to help guide you !

Give them a try (or two, if you don't think its for you...b/c it does take practice using loose powders, and it is a big change from regular makeup) and get ready to be MADE UNDER!!!!

How about you follow me, and I follow you, and we can walk around in big circles?

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