Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just call me Captain BackFire

Only 2 more girls nights until Nick comes back from Cincinatti. I won't deny, I miss that mean old booger. I really do! I also won't deny that I have been having a pretty good time while he has been away, doing WHATEVER I want (which I already do) without any lip. The house was so clean on Saturday, but then my mother came over (I will admit that one advantage of her being at my house is that she likes to get chores done that I want to put off, but I also like her company) somehow she messed it up, and is NOT cleaning up like I expected. I am an adult, I should do it. And I am a mother, I know I know....but sometimes, being around your mom makes you feel like a teen again (if only for long enough to watch American Idol and go to the tanning bed, or go grocery shopping alone).Apparently my mother feels the same way about being around me. She has not only, NOT CLEANED, but messed my house up!!!

So Nick calls me last night (he calles every 45 minutes, no joke!) and says... "Now, I want that house cleaned when I get home woman." . But no, seriously...there really isn't any excuse for it not being EXACTLY like it was when I left, if not better. Maybe you could dust and polish up a few things".
Are you serious???? OMG!!! This is supposed to be a vacation for me. I mean I am going to leave pizza box's and beer cans all over the house. Me and Andrea (for new readers, thats my daughter) are getting a keg tonight. We thought we'd invite (hmmm,... let's see who doesnt work 9-5 jobs and have responsibilies during the week)............ AH HA...My Mum, and the 2 elderly ladies in the neighborhood over!!!
Like I live like a slob! I was very insulted! Instead of being quick to snap at him, I just said "sure thing Nick. The house is very clean now...I don't plan on messing it up". Oh, I act like the tough girl, but honestly, I don't want him to be dissapointed. So before he gets home, I will make sure to tidy up. He doesn't really look THAT hard anyways. I will at least leave out my rubber gloves and spray some Lemon Pledge. That usually does the job!


  1. I do NOT like it when people mess up my clean house!!

  2. I can't stand messy people. If Husby said something like that, I think I would have ripped him a new one and left his laundry undone for a week. Problem is, I'm the one who does his laundry...even when it's left undone for a week.


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