Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Yes, could you order that dress in a -O2 for me?"

We've all heard about it, and we've all seen it on television. Those rail-thins models, and actress's wearing their oversized glasses and ballet flats, with every bone in their foot showing out of the top. Their ribcages used to be incredibly tanned, but now it seems as though the "unhealthier" you look, the "sport that backless dress honey, your ghost white, spine looks GREAT protruding" is what these girls MUST be hearing, because they have to doubt their own opinion that this looks good. They HAVE to have someone, a professional, confirming that this look will make them hot. Right???? Who would do this?

Lets look at it pretty realistically. Men usually dont go for this look. Gay and straight men alike produce testosterone, and we know that. A man with testosterone is proven to be more attracted (not always sexually) to a woman who has HIGHER levels of estrogen, even as a FRIEND (for the gay guys out there, they are said to like having "feminine looking" friends more to those who arent). So, if major male designers (Armani and Tom Ford, to name a few) are climing that they dont find the "chicken wing arms, and sagging chest...I mean breast" beautiful, than why do they use them in the shows? Because that is what sells, and c'mon...they have MOUTHS to FEED at home.ha ha ( and yachts,extravagant houses,cars,etc.)

Men arent buying up all of these designer clothes (okay, maybe they are buying them) but they are not picking them out. Women are. So, now you have to look to who "real women" look to for fashion. Celebrities. So, who do celebrities look too? Aha...stylists!!! (Racheal Zoe is who gets most of the blame from around the world, although she says she never "tells" anyone to mimick her look, but most of her clients,like Nicole Ritchie, walk away with it anyways)

So, I suppose the sylists should be to blame for this WAIF thin look that now, is more popular than EVER, and designers are getting calls for -02, instead of regular 00's (just to let you know, my dress size is LARGER than my pants size. So, if I AM A 2 in pants, then I am a 4 in 111 pounds. If these girls are negative 00's in dresses, that is gross, but -02...OMG!!! SICK...yeah, thats the point!)

But there is a much more serious side to this, than just aesthetics, that may be hitting closer to home than some may think.
In a country where obeseity is higher than many of our carb munching neighbors, yet DIET is more of a common word than "toothbrush" (heard about Mt.Dew in the Apps? Pepsi went over there to PAY FOR THEIR TEETH. Ummm no, they need to brush. Its not your products fault!) Who wants to look like this?

Seen 90210 lately? Our teens want to look like THIS! And how do they plan on getting that way?

The U.K has seen a trend RISE AND RISE among young girls as young as 14, and anorexia, and get this........ Clembuterol ( a steroid once used for Asthma that is now only legal for horses, and sells for almost as much as vitamins on the internet) and Atterall. Sad, really,sad.
"Warner Books will publish Style: A to Zoe, in which the stylist and her famous friends such as Tom Ford and Naomi Campbell will offer tips on how to look fabulous — ie, impossibly thin. Then Zoe has said she wants to start her own fashion label.
The well-covered women of Britain might prefer she do so in California." -


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I can't stand how rail thin these women are - and they make young girls think that is acceptable and beautiful!!! Which is crazy.

  2. It is sad when women who are not this thin believe they HAVE to be this thin. That's just ridiculous. Beauty comes in (most) sizes. But some women (like myself) are naturally a size 2 or 4 at 5'6 or taller without being anorexic. I find it interesting that women find it perfectly okay to walk up to me on the street (in places other than NYC) and tell me how THIN I am, with a sneer. Now just for a moment, imagine this in reverse. I walk up to a chunky chick on the street and say, "My god!!! are you thick! You could certainly stand to lose a few pounds because you are so FAT." OMG, I'd be fried alive. And just to set the record straight, some men obviously DO like rail thin women or models would be home wringing their hands instead of marrying rock stars and millionaires. I'm just saying.

  3. The Models who are marrying rock stars and millionares either have boobs or an ass, and arent showing their clavicals (with an exeption of Vicotria Beckham, who does have boobs, if nothing else)and dont look like death walking. That is what this article is refering to when refering to models...not your Heidi Klum or Naomi Campbell, or even Kate Moss these days. These women are sick looking, and the look that they sport is detromental to our already confused and insecure youth.


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