Monday, April 27, 2009

Can someone tell me the recipe for Marilyn Monroe's sandwich at the Stage Deli?

Some people claim she had no real talent, and that she is "played out". Others are still in awe of this woman almost 50 years after her death. What is it that makes the legend of Marilyn Monroe not dim?

You still see her name in the papers, and The Biography Channel seems to do a piece on her frequently. IF I bought ever single book (that usually said the same exact things about her) that came to Barnes and Nobles each year, I'd go broke.

I know her life story (or what she left behind of it) by heart. I was obsessed with this starlight as a girl (not knowing it was the "cool" thing to do. I also read up on Jayne Mansfield) and I can not help but to wonder..."What makes Marilyn Monroe's light never dim out"? Her estate is making more now than EVER (who would she leave an estate too? At death she was divorced, no children, and no family.....she left her estate to her possessive and obsessed Acting Coach, and an organization for child psychology). If you want to use her name, your gonna have to pay, BIG TIME....and the fact that so many are willing to do so SAYS A LOT!!!

I mean if it is because she was a blonde bombshell, or had a tragic death, why isn't Jane Mansfield a bigger icon. She was rumored to have been decapitated in an automobile accident (reports later stated that it was just her wig that flew off, no head attached).....Maybe it wasn't her because she left behind a child (who now plays on Law and Order) and that it wasn't actually her boobs that were that big, rather an enormous chest cavity.What about Rita Hayworth, or Grace Kelly....even Audrey Hepburn (a not-so-close) second, still can't compare with the Legend of Marilyn Monroe. For someone who supposedly "could not act, could not sing, could barely wake herself up in the morning, married 3 times, and could not bear a child" she can do a lot ,DEAD that we could not do living. She has been an icon, her face alone-a timeless piece of decoration, and a name that is universal for longer than most stars dream of. The most imitated woman in history.

Last night I was watching The Travel Channel, and the show was about the Country's Best Deli's. Among the top were Manhattan's infamous Stage Deli. Marilyn Monroe picked out the ingredients to her sandwich and that sandwich was named after her. The Stage Deli doesnt care about staying power. The star gets a sandwich for a little while, and it gets replaced. I wonder what start replaced Marilyn Monroe (watch, as we dont know who on earth it was) and what were the ingredients in her sandwich...or is that "top Secret"? hmmmm.

For a interesting article on Marilyn

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