Monday, April 20, 2009

In response to the last post......(someone asked and laughed,via email)

Well, it looks like Britney knows how to survive in the woods. Isn't she "special"? Prissy ass! I prefer the Betty Paige (I am woman, hear me roar.....and fall over )

First off, popping a squat in the woods IS HARD.....ecspecially if you don't know the "rules" and you have a dog with you, and are a tad bit tipsy (intoxicated). I tried it the "Betty Paige way -above" but my shorts didnt allow that much room to spread my legs. TMI-I know...but YOU brought it up!

Second, I do NOT smoke anything accept for an occasional Marlboro Light (and sometimes, if not stressed or drinking,which is rare-I get nauseous from those).

I have tried to smoke "pot", quite a few times in the past (before Andrea) and it made me a lunatic. I already am a few sandwiches away from the picnic, so paranoia was not much fun.....or the cotton mouth.EWwww. But I do think it is cool when classy and sophisticated people old enough to be my parents and older (like my Doctor,ha ha) do it.

I however, need to stay away. Nick is the same way.

Me:(sat. night after coming in the tent and explaining why my pants were in a bucket of soap water )Hey, I may not be the brightest bulb in the socket...but at least I'm not burnt out."

Vicki: Nope, no one can deny you are lit!!!

If 3 glasses of Merlot can make me do something that stupid...oh LAWD!

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