Monday, April 20, 2009

Tree-hugging,social smoker-Oxymoron, or just moron? You choose.

This is how the Germans camp.......They know how to party!!!
But then again, all of that red wine and vodka makes that lady above let a little TOO loose!

I went CAMPING!!! Yes,I did. I was scared to go, I'll admit, but I went for it. Vicki is very logical (for you new followers, in my past archives, you can read about my Vicki) and we had the dog, so...Andrea and I packed as little as possible and went for it.

Andrea wasn't feeling bad anymore. Her nose was running, and from time to time she would cough, but she was full of energy and smiles, so I couldn't tell her "no". If she started to feel bad, we'd hang out in the tent. The weather was beautiful!

Much to my surprise, (and liking) we went to a local campground. Yes, the rednecks were,well, being RED, but they were happy and respectful, and as long as we have a clean bathroom and park rangers constantly on patrol, you could put me in the middle of a volcano, for nature and I get along really well. (I am not a fan of the ocean though....too sticky)

That is, as long as there are no crickets,snails, or raccoons, in my sight. Oh, or chickens....I'm really scared of chickens.

But I can deal with hikes, and dirt, and bugs, and spiders and snakes (as long as their black or garden, no rattles-thank you). This surprised Vicki. Her son (my ex) and husband were looking forward to watching her video (she left the camcorder) of Andrea and I camping. I even started a fire (on PURPOSE!!!) without any help from lighter fluid or special matches,etc. Just leaves,sticks,wood and a fire!
I can not put up a tent, and was very happy when I lost the camera that Vicki had with pictures to prove that.

We went on a hike, and pretended to be characters from The Lion,The Witch, and The Wardrobe, to keep Andrea's attention. Needless to say, she fell asleep before hotdogs or smores were made, but I saved her the best smore EVER (shoot ya the recipe later) and she ate it the next morning.
After Andrea fell asleep, my tee-shirt adorned (it's rare to see her without clothes right off the rack of Chico's), Vegetarian and Interior Decorating Queen, and 48 year old friend, pulled out 2 bottles of red wine, and a baggy of wacky tobaccy (which I refused, and she didn't smoke either). I was shocked, and she said that after she turned 45, she decided to "let more loose, when letting only live once". Hey, whatever floats your boat, but I couldn't do anything around Andrea, plus I get paranoid, and I could sooo see me waking Andrea up and telling her that we had to leave I was scared, and her getting scared. No, no.
But I did drink 3 big glasses, laugh my ass off, and retire to the tent pretty early.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened, but I am okay with that. I am too lazy and honest to make up anything (that was my first idea) and I picked a four leaf clover (whatever that means). I had a great time, with Andrea (showing her the trees and how to determine how old they were) and with Vicki, letting our hair down.

I think camping isn't just for the sporty types anymore. Anyone know where I can find a Damask Tent, or fashionable sleeping bag?

The only thing that did go wrong, was I woke up late to pee (and I was too lazy to go to the stalls) so I popped a squat (very unusual for me, I wont even pee in the ocean) and brought the dog with me (she doesn't need a leash) She saw a deer and knocked me over in pursuit of it. You can guess how well that went.


  1. Nothing unusual? Camping is unusual in itself. I would love to think I could start a fire without help. Maybe I'll try someday.

    I love that you pretended to be characters. Andrea will probably remember that forever.

    I'm really good at spotting 4-leaf clovers. I look for them all the time. I found two on Saturday.

    I have an irrational fear of all animals and bugs. Except for our dog, Jill.

    I didn't mean to turn my comment into an all out 'about me' comment. Honestly.

    So HAPPY that you had a good time!!

  2. Wow. Camping. I don't think I can handle camping. Unless it's the 5-star resort kind...hmm..does that make me shallow?

  3. Haha! I hate camping...I gave it my last shot last memorial day & me & bugs just don't get along. It's like the grandaddy longlegs were getting in our tent just to watch me freak out!

  4. OMG!! These posts are hysterical!! LOL! I'm so impressed with your mad camping least you didn't wipe your butt with poison ivy or anything! ;)

    Glad Andrea is feeling better!


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