Monday, April 20, 2009

Look who's back in the HouZZZEE!!! (jk, getting a lil carried away)

It took me a minute, BUT I AM BACK, (OK-you can stop clapping now, not necessary, really-awe,you're too no, you're fab!)it took a weekend, with good company, and the bare essentials (not the make-up, although that normally does perk me up,too-I must confess) to get back to feeling like "ME"!

I am thrilled, and can't wait to make a bigger deal than it was (and dramatize every small and boring detail) of my weekend camping trip. For right now, I want to finish my chai, and send you to a site that I can't steer clear of! Even if you aren't a mom, chances are, you will be, or know someone who is expecting, and you will get all exited after checking this out. REALLY! (I started picking out baby names, for children I won't b having for years....having children just to name them sounds like a good idea, but I don't think it really is.Now, a VOLVO...forget what Brooke says...THAT'S a good idea.Geez!

Anywho.....We'll meet back up in a few!

Love you, all............

oh, and quit sniffing that spray paint, B.Goddess....your nose is bright orange!


  1. It's about time lady!! Welcome back love, so glad you are here! :)

  2. Orange you happy the spray paint gives me silly thoughts?

    I have that same material..(the black, red, white , yellow big flowered kind.)Thought I might make a purse out of it.


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