Monday, April 6, 2009

Love'n these shoes!

The Sam Edelmans I got a ..............T.J MAXX!!!! YEAH, for smart shopping! Normally they are $138.00 at Nords or Anthropologie, but I got them (flawfless condition) in black, with bronse beads, for $60.00. I was thrilled. (I thought they were tacky too, until I put them on. Classier than you think!)

And I got the "other ones". I swore I would never buy anything by this brand, but not only are they comfortable, they are wearable will almost anything. I might get a few other colors soon! I got black, but next Lime green or Turquoise, maybe ???? They were $61 and I got them for $30.

I still feel guilty for shopping instead of saving though :(


  1. From the back I was questioning the top pair but from the side and front, I definitely see the appeal!

  2. Hey cuteness!!

    You know being a dude I know nothing about shoes or anything fashion for that matter. However I do know something about saving, so I can relate to that I guess. LOL

    I mainly just wanted you to know I was here since I dont really have anything to say about the shoes other than they look pretty hot and sassy to me.

    Have a great week!

    Love and Prayers,


  3. I'd fall off of those and break my neck! lol

  4. BTW, left you a little present on my blog!


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