Monday, April 27, 2009

Gravity Hill, or more

Growing up, I had heard of hills where you could put your car in neutral, and your car would move uphill. The story is always the same " small children were hit in a bus, and if you put baby powder on the back of your car, you can see fingerprints where they moved your car out of the way, so the same would not happen to you". I never had visited such a place, but thought of it as an "urban legend".
When I moved in with Andrea's Father, one night he took me to Richfield Rd, where he showed me, Gravity Hill! I was exited and scared, and like- "ohh,ahhh" about it" but afterwards, he assured me that it was a magnetic field, and nothing but an optical illusion.
The myth is just as I stated above, same exact story.
I forgot to mention that when Vicki and I took Andrea and the dog camping,that I showed her Gravity Hill.
It was sooo easy to find, you really can not miss it, the only thing that is different, is that for many many years, the words "start" and "stop" were spray painted on the road (there are not very many of these in existence) in bright letters, now there is grafity all over the road. IT's like a mean trick the local kids have pulled to make you look harder for the "start" line.

I noticed before we got to the rolls in the hills, that on our right was a street where a small schoolhouse was years ago, before the newer schools had been built, so it makes sense that the wreck would happen where it was rumored to, and how.
When we found the starting point, our car moved, and I enjoyed seeing the reaction on Vicki's face, I was calm, until....her "ever so calm" almost lazy while in the car, got half way in the front seat,until our car was at the finish line. No exaggeration!
I just wonder if dogs are sensitive to magnetic fields. IF they felt something we didn't. No matter how slow we went, from that point on, her dog never reacted the same way.
No hairs on back were standing up, but you could tell this dog felt something. I swear, even when alone with one of us, this dog prefers being in the back. It has a dog bed and everything. Strange that it almost jumped in our laps, for the duration of the "ride".
If the spirits of the small children, were really pushing us out of the way (a story I still cant help but doubt) then Casey (the dog) definitely SAW them.
While I dont know about the spirit thing being true, (how can the same story take place in so many different places???)I dont necessarily believe the logic behind it being an optical illusion anymore either. Supposedly, it looks uphill, but while your car is in neutral you are really going downhill. I think if you were to walk this road, you'd feel that it was uphill.
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  1. Interesting! I've never heard of anything like Gravity Hill before.

  2. Hey---thanks for visiting my blog!

    What a darling girl you have---just like her Mom!

    Have a great day!


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