Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hey Strangers!!!!!

I have been so bad lately. Horrible! I caught myself dusting in between my computer keys with a twisted up napkin (tempted to huff the electronic cleaner, just to see what the fuss is about-jk, kinda) and realized.........I have not been blogging lately! I mean I KNEW that I was M.I.A to my second home (my cyber home) but, I stopped at this time to think about why. Why, you ask? Because I feel like I have nothing profound or important to say. Sure there are a ton of products I would like to tell you about,but I FEEL deep right now. I want to write about something deep, but in all actuality, my thoughts this past week have been rather shallow.

Well, you are my blogger friends (in my heart, you're just "friends") and if I FEEL deep, but am thinking SHALLOW, then I can talk to you guys anyways. You read because you want to. No one is making you, no one makes you feel bad if you don't, and that's what I love about this Bloggy-Blog World. Honest to Blog!

So, Damnit,if I want to write about products, By Golly (what did I just say,WTF????) then what better place to do it?!?!?!

So, here goes..............

I am a traitor. I said I only liked Vera Wang makeup bags, because I was not ready to look like an "East Coast Carolinian Suburbanite Mom of a kindergartner", but I pulled out two of my Vera Wang bags this weekend, and attempted to carry them, and I loooove them. Soooo comfortable,animal-friendly and WASHABLE!!! I can see why people buy the luggage now! I just have one request!


Please make something a little more edgy, or trendsetting, at least vintage or eclectic. I am not ready to pull out my Capri's and keds yet. No bike riding to the farmers market with my straw hat on yet. Sorry!

The Curly Fry

And another newfound love of mine, that is not a new product...... is Bare Escentauls /Bare Minerals! It has been found tried and true that Bare Minerals is a winner, but I have never tried their other products besides the award winning mineral powder face makeup that took the world by storm via T.V infomercials years ago.. This weekend, I got a little bit of EVERYTHING, and boy.... if you think it's all the same, you have no idea what you are missing!

The eyecolors (all colors really) are more vibrant than Mac or Lancome (if that's your thing) if primed with their Prime Time eye primer (and with a dab of this product in the top of your lid,any eyecolor instantly becomes eyeliner,too!). Gooooood God almighty! This stuff stayed perfectly in place AS I SLEPT (hey, they say it's so gentle you can sleep in it!). I even went all out Tammy Faye style (just for the sake of argument with my friend Ashley, who says the makeup looks too natural for her!).Word from the wise: (not me, the Salesperson) They have more colors to choose from in the Bare Escentuals than anywhere else, because you can mix pigments, if your imagination is bigger than theirs(doubt it!) Among some of my favorites are Queen Tiffany,Grace,Oz, PussyCat,Sex Kitten, and 1990's, to name a few!

They have an "all over face color" called "Trudy" that I hate to admit, beats out my longtime love, Nars Orgasm Blush, by a longshot. It's dewy, yet powder, easily adjustable, and multi-faceted. It makes you look healthy,and somehow ...hydrated! I use it as a Blush (it is much more peachy than brown in person, and works great as a bronzer)

Even their Buxom Lip Polish is a masterpiece! It plumps without burning (made with menthol,so it cools) or drying your lips out (it actually moisturizes) and comes in a huge tube! The color stays put, but isn't sticky, and my favorite color "Dolly" is a perfect neutral mauve to compliment any skin tone!

I love you Bobbi Brown, for your tinted moisturizer and eyebrow brush, but I will never purchase another item from you besides that again!

And as for Mac, well, I think I have outgrown you a little bit!

For the price, pigment,the amazing brushes(my fav's are The Kabuki brush for Max. coverage, and the Soft is perfect for the mineral fav. being this ) the natural, and healthy ingredients, Bare Escentauls and Bare Minerals...can not be beat! (I still don't like their mascara, though!)

If you think the face brushes are a lil pricey, try getting a starter kit, it's such a good deal and even comes with a dvd to help guide you !

Give them a try (or two, if you don't think its for you...b/c it does take practice using loose powders, and it is a big change from regular makeup) and get ready to be MADE UNDER!!!!


  1. I had to laugh at your letter to Vera. And I pictured you on your bicycle with a straw hat and laughed more.

  2. Wow ... I wonder where that all stemmed from? lol :~)

  3. I have missed you, it's true! :( haha

    I rock the Bare Minerals too, love it...I love anything bare though! hahaha!


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