Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ovaries, SCHMOVE-a-ries!!!!

Boy, how I have missed you all so!!! These past few months I have done a terrible job at keeping in touch, but I promise to make it up to you.
I see some people are still stopping by to say "hello" and the emails and birthday wishes are sooo sweet! I really believe that great friendships can be made through the wonderful world of blogging. I have heard that "friendships are like a garden, you must tend to them regularly for them to grow". Well, I am sorry to all of my beautiful cyber blossoms!!! I know how devasted you all have been without me around.I know that you all are withering away, and turning brown in despair.
No, fret my pets!!! I am back and am ready to grace you with my prescence, sarcasm and dashingly good looks, wits,sense of humor. What have you!
Geez, Narcisis seems like a pretty humble dude now, huh? I really am kidding, promise!!!

But seriously, the one curly fry has had a pretty full plate lately.
Do you all remember me saying that I just wasnt feeling like myself back in March? Well, it just got worse and worse.
I came to work looking and feeling like a zombie. My boss complained about me being the first thing people saw when they came into our building, because I looked so bad. I was dropping weight, and had dark circles under my eyes. My hair started clogging up the shower, and my neighbors talked to me about laying off of the gym, and EATING for a change.
Funny thing is, I was too tired for the gym, and I was eating.
I was soooo tired, that I could barely wake up in the morning and bedtime started to get earlier and earlier, until,it was impossible to NOT fall asleep on the couch right after dinner (7pm).

I had seen a doctor for these symptoms, but much milder last year. They said that I was depressed.In search of a different answer, I went to more doctors and more doctors, and they all said the same thing. So I took Paxil, then switched to Lexapro, then Cymbalta. Cymbalta gave me the "I dont give a SHITS" and I loved it. But, I still felt exhausted, and my sex drive went from a 2 on scale of 1-10, to a -4. My feet were freezing and I put a heater under my desk, that STAYED on, through May.
Long story short, Iwas messed up.
Then I started having terrible cramps (wow, this story DOES GET better, promise) in my left side. I knew it was my ovaries, so I overlooked it. I have P.C.O.S (polycystic ovary syndrome) and cysts are normal for me. The cramps never got better or worse, I got used to them. Until they kept me up sick and shaking all night, then I decided (smart girl) to go to the OBGYN. I told them, on the phone that "Either you remove this ovary, or I do!" They saw me right away, did xrays...and I had an 8.5 cm cyst on my left ovary, and my ovary was enlarged. My hemoglobans were at 7, and as soon as the ovary was removed, my hemoglobans went back up to 11. My doctor thought it was the strangest thing.
I think sometimes, we know our bodies bettter than other people,even doctors do, and this little small experience opened my eyes to that. What if it were cancer, and I kept telling doctors and they didnt dig deep enough to cover the true problem....and instead of fixing the problem, I just got used to it, and then CROAKED!!!
Don't let people influence your thoughts THAT MUCH! Had I had this problem taken care of in 07, when it surfaced, instead of undermining myself, I might have some vacation time left now.......... and would be pretty buff bc I would have the energy to go to the gym, instead of either being too tired or sitting here with my abdomen stiched up like it is now.
Thankfully it was not something worse.
Dont assume that your doctors dont fly through their work too! Where are all of the House's these days? Geez!


  1. wow, that would have been really painful! glad you're okay now though :)

  2. Glad you're on the road to recovery. I wondered what happened to you until I looked you up on FB & saw your status. I wished you a Happy Bday over there but I hope it was great (even though I'm sure you're still sore from surgery). I hope you got to do something fun! Have a great day!

  3. Oh no! Happy to hear things are on their way to being normal again :)


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