Thursday, March 12, 2009

Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup!

Music has always been A MAJOR part of my life!
My father had very firm beliefs and strong opinions and taste when it came to music. "REALLY talented musicians write their own lyrics!" "It's not as much about the melody as it is the words!" "Rhythm is something you are either born with or aren't" "Anyone can like a catchy tune, but only the wise respect the lyrics" He taught me at a young age about Miles and Coltrane,Nina Simone, and our favorite...The Beatles. I grew up with so many pictures of The Beatles in our house, I thought we were related. "Yep, There is my Uncle George...oh, and that is John!"
At 5 I was taken to see Tina Turner,then later on to see Paul McCartney.That was one of the greatest memories of my life! Watching that piano shoot fireworks as he sang "Live and Let Die" ...and my dad putting me on his shoulders and swaying back and forth to "Hey, Jude". I will never forget my father singing "Do You Want to Hear a Secret" as a child, and telling me the story of how that song was sung to John Lennon by his mother, before he went to stay with his Aunt.
I will also never forget being told that John Lennon watched as his mother died, and how he later died, while walking with his son, close to the Dakota, after signing an autograph for his murderer.
My first trip to NYC (last trip) was when I was 8 years old. I begged and pleaded to see Strawberry Fields (a memorial at Central Park in Honor of John Lennon-Strawberry Fields was actually the orphanage he stayed in as a child) and was on a search the whole time for particular black tee-shirt that had John Lennon wearing an "I heart NY" tee-shirt on. When I found it,I didnt let it go. My luggage and bags were stolen (or lost) but that tee-shirt made it safe, home to my father...who wore it years after holes were torn in it...and it was faded. He is sentimental like that.
He was a little upset when he gave me a vintage The Who tee-shirt and I gave it back because Who, is the WHO?". He thought he taught me better than that.
When I grew up, I listened to Nirvana with my father. He bought me Smells like Teen Spirit a few months before Curt Cobain died. For Valentines Day, a few years later, he bought me Medusa by Annie Lennox (one of the best CD's I have ever purchased 12 copies of, and still cant get Kristin to give back) and Oasis (who he called a "Beatles Rip-off"). When I was pregnant I heard Jack Johnson for the first time on the radio, and called him to tell him to buy the cd. He did so, and fell in love. He later bought me The Avett Brothers (who I guess grow on you???) and Colbie Calliat (Andrea loves her) and put them in my car one day.
The only person who understood or even helped me in my grunge stage, was my father. He understood because he wore his hair too long as a kid, way before "hippies" were his in Charlotte and would often get jumped on his way to school. For my birthday, he bought me a pair of Birkenstocks (he said he wore "Jesus Sandals too" as a teen) and we would ride in the car quietly on our way to Infinity's End ( a headshop that his nephew my cousin,ran for a long time-that no 14 year old girl had any business being in), in search of the perfect tee-shirts.
He was the only person who didnt approve of my trendy,preppier outfits from The Limited and the Express as I got older. He said I wasnt being true to myself, and when I listened to Rap, I thought his heart would break, though he said nothing at all.
You try to teach them everything you have in your heart, but regardless, they become their own people one day!
Now, I listen to it all, but the soundtrack of my life is soooooooo much more amazing because of this man.
........and I agree, wise men listen to words.
Below, at the bottom of the page, you can change tunes if you like...most arent songs that my father and I listened to ...but almost each one (even Lupe Fiasco-lol) has words that mean something to me. I said ALMOST
(Coconut Records "west Coast" will forever be Nick and my song. I played it for him after a co-worker passed the c.d along to me, and whenever we travel he pops it in. It reminds us of when we used to do the "long distance" thing)


  1. I LOVE music! My husband and I both have a HUGE passion for it! My hubby plays guitar and loves to play Bob Dylan and Jimmi Hendrix. OMG! I LOVE Colbie Caillat, she is my new fave! Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why" is "our" song. We heard it at the bed and breakfast the first morning we woke up as MR and MRS Collins and fell in love with her!!! Music is amazing isn't it? How it tends to almost transport you?

  2. Happy Thursday! Left you a present on my blog :)

  3. OMG. Uncle Paul! That is too funny. My mom was too young for the Beatles, but I found them the summer of 9th grade. I've loved them every since. I was lucky enough to see the Cirque de Soleil LOVE show - amazing. Your dad has quite the taste in music. The Whos! Love them. Music really affects me too, but all types of music. I love everything - rap, pop, christian rock, grunge rock, soft rock, techno, euro, old spanish music, oldies, motown, french, unplugged, classical, jazz, really, everything. Hearing a single song can instantly bring me back to a memory. It can make me smile, it can make me cry, but it will always be in my life.

  4. I looooove music too. My parents exposed me to all kinds of cool music growing up. The only thing I don't like is heavy metal. I really jut have no appreciation for thrashing and screaming. My girls love music already and have really cool the Rolling Stones and Heart. The good stuff! :)


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