Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Subliminal messages...EVERYWHERE?!?!?!

Subliminal messages everywhere today! I need to pay my tax's (S.Cstate) and I will do it!!! I have Nc and Sc taxes. :( Dont ask

I went to Happily Dysfunctionals blog to leave a comment and her captcha thing that she makes me type in incase I am a spammer (I object!!! thank you very much-xoxoxo) Said


I will pay...but the RE RE thing is a little offensive. I dont like it when people make fun of mental handicaps, and ecspecially in my direction. It happens often!

I do not think God calls people names.....ecspecially RE-RE...but what if he was displaying his sense of humor right there. Ha Ha...that God guy can be really funny sometimes

God: I'll make her remember to pay her tax''s in the Bible!!! Watch this Michael "PAYRERE! Ha ha...she'll think thats funny!

Michael: Since when do you call people RE-RE's?

God: I dont! But technically,ReRE isnt a word, and it will get the point across. Michael,I created a thing called a "sense of humor" and a thing called a "chill pill".Why dont you get one of each?

Michael: YES,SIR!

Me: Oh, are sooo witty. I will pay, but that one stung!

God:Whatever it takes to get my point across

NOTE: I am not a good "speller" and "Subliminal " is a hard word. That's what happens when you vegg out too much in high school (ha ha-see put it in there for ya!)

SO anytime I spell a word correctly...assume I hit the "spellcheck" button. Ummm-kay?!?!
Oh, and that's a pic of God....(see I dont think he looks like Charlie Chaplin anymore) that I got when I Googled "picture of God" and sinse God and Jesus are the same person(Heavenly being) I guess it is a picture of God...even though Id label it is a pic of Jesus.Just me
See, he looks like he is saying "Come here Jade, I was just kidding with you. Give me a big HUG! You know I love you and that you ARE very mentally healthy,aceept for"............(I'll leave this out)


  1. Hehehe! God and I got together on that one! Thought you might like it! :)

  2. I'm going to have to Google Re-re.

  3. Jesus had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, Jesus had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow!! I have been singing that all day after seeing this picture!! LOL!!

    You are too funny, thanks for the comments, I don't mind it all, but it was just one of those hilarious "are you serious" kind of moments!!

  4. re-re
    you might want to URBAN Dictionary it.
    I went to a jr.high on the wrong side of town. Its kinda like "play-Play".
    ex: "not fo real though, just fo "play-play"
    I think!
    re-re, is an immature way of calling someone a "retard"
    which is real mature!

  5. I haven't heard anyone use rere in such a long time! lol


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