Monday, March 23, 2009

I love Mullets! ewww, and dont laugh at my UGLY pic with the peach shirt.Please. :~D

Not really. I hate them. But the "semi-mullet" cut I have, suits me. I told her I wanted something that was easy when in a hurry, still long, but when I wore it straight I could look trendy. The blonde highlights were thinner than I would like (she told me that I need to do it gradually b/c my hair is sooo damaged, and they would tone done) and too light. Oh well, it does brighten me up a little! I love the weight that is taken off ! I love the fact that I can jump out of the shower, put a little of my new curl creme from Bumble and Bumble in and go, or if I want, straighten the front, or I can go straight all over. Look at my face in the salon. Not a happy camper. I did not want to take pictures right then. She always wants me to wear my bangs in my face. I dont like that. But she loves me, and I love her. (she thanked me for taking a klonopin before getting my treatment, because normally I can't sit still!!!)

I was making wacky faces at work this morning. Ha, just being stupid.So, here is me new do! I got up the courage, and if you have comments it wont hurt my feelings,I have to go in to get a reconstructive treatment and color gloss in a few weeks, I can fix it then :D

But so far, I like it, because it is sooo EASY! No heat needed.


  1. Gorgeous! Love the highlights. The cut is great too...just like mine! Except, I think she went a little too mullety on me and now I'm ready for a trim to end this mayhem.

  2. Want the honest truth?!?

    I LOVE IT!! You are so magenta!! LOL!! I died laughing at that first picture, you do NOT look like a happy camper!!

    How was your weekend? I never emailed you back, I have been busy, but I have a few good ideas, just need a few hours to work on it!! HA!!

  3. I like it! I think it looks great!

  4. I love it! Your hair looks fabulous! You do look like you are about to kill someone in the orange shirt salon picture - I am diggin the office pics! lol!!!

    PS - I hear this song West Coast EVERYWHERE now!

  5. I see no mullet of any kind! You look adorable!! The haircut is great, curly or straight!!!

    Really, I LOVE it!!!

  6. Check out my blog post for today....they have arrived! Thanks again!!


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