Monday, March 16, 2009

Good Morning!!!

Ok, so I did NOT get my hair cut. I need a little bit more time to think about the color....and thank you soooo much for all of y'alls comments! I heart y'all so much. "Don't do it!" was my favorite! Thanks Mary! :~D
I am NOT going to bleach out the top. Moment of insanity for me for a minute.THAT'S why I didnt even go. I am for sure about my semi-mullet! I love that hair do, but no Raven- you are too face can't wear a LOT of things, I tried green in made me look very yellow.Yuk! weekend.
Besides Nick making me stay up WAY too late last night to watch this movie that was so scary that I wanted to cry(don't watch Quarentine!!!!!!!!!!!!!)..........................I stayed at a friends on Sat (long story a few hours-ugh) and cleaned and all that good stuff! GREAT!
After I have my cup of coffee, I will tell you about my Sat night.Whoa...........


  1. OK so I asked about your new do in the above comment, didn't realize you had posted that you didn't. I really like your hair in the Sept 08 photo on the right - if you want to go blonde - just get some chunky highlights & lowlights and keep the rest dark - that is my 2 pennies!

  2. I hate to say it, but phew! Although I still think you would look great with short hair.

  3. I'm sure whatever you do with your hair will be pretty but I really do love the dark hair. :)


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