Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I asked The Brain behind EclecticOrchid to do this interview, and she said she would, but didn't know when it would get out since she had caught a bug ( not a lightening bug)and didn't feel well.
She had it to me PROMPTLY! Poor thing! I hope she feels better. Now imagine if it were your purchase....I know the same applies.

1. Tell me about yourself. Where you were born, grow up. (I know New Orleans.. but still I am going to copy and paste your Family, hobbies, etc. (don’t tell where you live, but I think you are smart enough for that.JB)
I am originally from a small town south of New Orleans. I know most people think nothing exists even farther south, but bayou country does, and I was born and raised there! I moved to the Rock Hill area a little over 3 years ago with my husband, daughter, and son (okay, he’s actually a dog but he doesn’t know it). I love to craft, play with my daughter, read (although I never have time), listen to music, spend time with my family, make jewelry, make jewelry… (I think you see where I am going with this)
2. What was your most recent or current profession? I have a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. I used to manage and do case work at a group home for physically and developmentally disabled women. It was hard work, but the most profoundly rewarding job I have ever known (besides being a mother) and I am lucky to have had such an opportunity. It truly taught me patience, love, and to see the beauty and great capability that lies within everyone. I left that job to become a stay-at-home mother to my daughter shortly before she was born. It has been wonderful!
3. How did you become a jewelry designer? I have always dabbled in the arts since I was young, taking painting classes and experimenting with photography. A few years ago my mom wanted to take a jewelry class and thought my sister and I would enjoy it as well. I learned basic techniques that day. I would pick it up now and again, but for the most part had no time to enjoy it. After my daughter was born, I was going through some boxes and came across my old jewelry supplies. I originally started making jewelry again to break the monotony of being home all the time. I realized how passionate I was about it and the rest is history (or future I guess in this case-haha)!
4. Where do you draw inspiration for your designs? I draw inspiration from anything and everything. I see creative potential in everything around me: my family, nature, movies, music, art, words, colors, love, life, etc.
5. Do you remember the first item you made? The first things I made were in the little classroom in the back of the beading shop on that terrific day I learned basic jewelry technique. It was a little bracelet and earring set. I was so proud!
6. Do you remember the first item you sold? The first item I sold was my Bella Farfalla earrings, named after my daughter. I sold these to my cousin though, so I don’t know if that counts!
7. What designers inspire you? Good question. I love clothing and jewelry, but I am not familiar with many fashion designers. I like what I like!
8. What is your favorite piece from your own collection? My favorite piece in my own collection is the Do I Look Fancy necklace. I had it up for sale for a while, then realized I could never part with it. The idea was born when my daughter draped herself in my jewelry chain and then asked me if she looked fancy! Inspiration struck. It’s one of the most special things I think I have created.
9. Where would you like to see your designs in the next 5 years? I would love to be able to make Eclectic Orchid well known, and a thriving business! I hope that people will continue to be happy with and enjoy my artistic endeavors, just on a larger scale!
10. Last but not least, what is playing on your ipod (cd players) the most? Well, I don’t have an Ipod. I actually just broke down and got an MP3 player so I could be with the times. I love music though! Let’s see, I am most often listening to: The Killers (older stuff), Coldplay, Across the Universe Soundtrack, anything Annie Lennox, Weezer (my daughter’s favorite),Twilight soundtrack, and old mixed cd’s made from napster (before music piracy was deemed a crime)


  1. Congrats! That is so exciting. Nice to learn more about such an awesome woman :). Now what is this Electric Orchid thing and why haven't I heard of it sooner...

  2. I think interviews are a great way of learning about blog friends.
    You're an incredible woman with a lot of wonderful qualities!
    I think it's liberating to see someone who's so confident in her abilities.
    It's a gift to the world when someone can create using the things that inspire them. Not many people can find inspiration these days. That's incredible and inspiring.
    Keep being true to yourself.


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