Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Question...and a pic of My earrings :-D

I bought these! Cute,huh? To enter to win the giveaway, all that you have to do a current follower (I want to know who is getting my DAMN earrings.I wanted these to wear with a red sundress this summer! )Any new followers, if I get any with my "foot in mouth sundrome" will be able to participate in the next ones, if I decide to do another. I dont like spending money unless I realllllly like you! I reallllllllllly like my followers. , oh-and also you have to
1.Answer this question: If you had the chance to "Pay it Forward" in any way....what would you do, and how can you see this chain evolving? Who would you want it to effect the most, and what do you think it would teach someone or some people?
The answer doesn't need to be profound.... it could be "I'd pay someones toll on the way to work in the morning",or even something funny! I love to laugh!......and in case Marcy gets to busy with all of her new orders.......I will be picking.I am fair!
2. Just link everyone on your blog to EclecticOrchid at
I can't believe I am doing this. I want everything she sells. I SWEAR~!
If someone even TRIES to pick up the Bud Among Snow Earrings...I'll die!
What am I saying? That was stupid. I will not give out the name of the bracelet I want until I have purchased it! HA!
One more thing. Ill pick a winner Monday. I dont think I can be left alone with your earrings for too long without wearing them,Sorry :(


  1. Wow!! How gorgeous!! I love ALL of it!! I will be buying some myself.

    How I would pay it forward...

    I would start a non-profit in memory of my son, Jack. I would donate all the proceeds to the families of sick babies, while making sure that Jack's story touched everyone who would listen so that everyone would know what an awesome little boy he was!!

    If I were gonna pay it forward, that's what I'd do. :)

  2. Those earrings are beautiful. And, love Eclectic Orchid. Bought two pairs of earrings just now. I'll post them tomorrow (along with a link to her site) :). She rocks.

    As for paying it forward:

    When I was little and still believed in Santa, I wrote him a letter asking for simple things - a barbie, a jump rope, a coloring book, etc. Shortly before Christmas, I received a large package with a "Do Not Open Until XMAS". My parents and grandparents asked me to open it (they had no idea who sent it). It was a package from "Santa" with everything I asked for. As an adult, what I now know is that some stranger picked my letter and sent me those presents. Long after a child loses the spirit of believing, I held onto that memory of Santa Claus and always will. Once I am financially able, I plan to do the same thing for a small handful of children. Hopefully one of them will grow up and, like me, will also send out a bunch of small "Santa" packages shortly before Christmas.

  3. How beautiful! I LOVED Eclectic Orchid. Bought two pairs of earrings (not the ones you mentioned!). I’ll be posting about them and her tomorrow.
    As for paying it forward, here goes.
    When I was little, I would always write a letter to Santa. In kindergarten, that letter consisted of simple items – a Barbie doll, a jump rope, a coloring book, etc. Shortly before Christmas, I received a large package labeled, “Do not open until XMAS.” My parents and grandparents had no idea where it came from, so I was urged to open it anyway. Inside was everything I asked Santa for and a letter from “Santa.”
    To this day, my family still does not know who sent that package. What I do know, though, is that some adult found my letter and decided to purchase everything I asked for. Because of that person, when others left behind the spirit of belief, I held on strong.
    When I am financially able, I plan to ask the post office for some “Santa” letters so that I might send out my own packages to special boys and girls in my neighborhood. Hopefully when they are older they will, like me, pass on the spirit of Santa to others, just as I passed it on to them.

  4. I posted about EclecticOrchid on my blog & I have to say those are some CUTE earrings! On to the questions...If finances weren’t an obstacle the way that I would Pay It Forward is that I would create some form of institution that would AFFORDABLY help the disabled (such as paraplegics & quadriplegics) be able to walk again. My father was injured in a hay bailing accident in 1999 where he broke his back & is now paralyzed from the waist down. What I would give to help him walk again & many others who have become wheelchair bound due to neck & back injuries. My dad has checked in to different physical therapy & rehab around the U.S. but golly gee they are not in his budget! It’s a shame that so many American’s take the use of their legs for granted….like the severely obese person that you see in the little battery operated carts at Wal-Mart! My dad has an actual reason to use one of those & he would NEVER do that! A program like this would help a ton of people…all over! The reason why I would want to specifically help this group of people is because at one point in life they could walk & after their injury…not only are they dealing with physical issues due to this, but how depressing must it be to not be able to do a lot of things in life that you used to could. I know I would begin to see the cup half empty at this point! From a watcher by’s point of view it would show people that anything in life is possible if you are determined to do something about it! Since money is an issue and with me being a student (who has minimal time to work & make moola) my way of “Paying It Forward” is that I just like to buy people a drink every now and then to show them that I love & appreciate them. By a drink, I mean a Sonic drink (sorry I’m too young to buy alcohol ha)...I have a serious addiction to Sonic Dr. Peppers & to me…..that’s one heck of a treat. Then, in turn that person can do the same for's just a simple & AFFORDABLE way to put a smile on someone's face.

  5. Jesus had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. Jesus had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow! LOL!! Thought that might make you smile! I would pay it forward by turning around and buying you those Bud Among Snow know you would like it!! LOL!! Hope you have a great day, thank goodness this week is almost over!!

  6. That is such a good question and I'm having a hard time coming up with an answer. Everything I think of I tell, that's not good enough. Isn't that silly?

    I guess I basically feel like there's nothing I can do that would be enough. I could give and give and give and I would still feel like I could do more.

    I have a particular soft spot for children who are stricken with illnesses like cancer, and they just need some sunshine, love, and care while they're here. What I would love to do, although it would tear me apart inside, is to devote about 1/2 day 2-3 times a week and just hang out with them in the hospital. We could play games, read, do puzzles, or just whatever they're capable of doing. I don't have money to spare but children crave attention and love, and that I have in abundance and I would love to share.


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