Wednesday, March 11, 2009

#99 Goes to Marcy!!!! I am going to give something AWAY...oh,what a hypocrite I am!

Yep, this is my 99th Blog. I am going to hand it over to Marcy. Instead of writing about men,friends,work,or BLOGS, I am going to write about SOMEONE whose work is so cool to me, that I want to PAY IT FORWARD.

I believe anytime you promote a business to a friend, or your hairstylist or "what not" you are in your own way ...Paying it forward.

You loved this _________, you told your friend, who in return also loved it, and told their friend. Word of mouth, is the best advertisement! And its a win,win situation. You got something cool, and someones hardwork was recognized. They got more business, and more $$$ for their family, and the chain begins. It's even cooler when it is helping out OUR struggling economy here in the U.S (snaps to Etsy for that!). I consider that "paying it Forward" dont you?

So, I looked on after a friend wrote about this great site. I looked for people in my area, and low and behold, like the 10th designers store that I saw was Marcy's at Eclectic Orchid. The name drew me in (I like eclectic....and orchids are so pretty) .....isn't it mysterious. The collection that she handmakes, grabbed me, and held me there. It was like WONDERLAND for me.This woman has read my mind, before knowing that I was me, or had a get me? And for some reason,I bet she has done the same to you. I loved the book Twilight. I mean LOVED it. I wanted Nick to be a vampire sooo bad, and have Stephanie Myers to blame for the discontent I felt towards him for a few months after reading about MY perfect vampire "Edward". Turns out Marcy read this book too, and has been able to capture the emotion and feelings that would only register to a Twilighter, in jewelry.

Marcy is also from New Orleans (where I have dreamed of since childhood and would love to move to if it were above sea level). I think that gives her a few more cool points. I dont care where you are from. If you are from Paris, maybe you can make a pretty..........Poodle and Baguette??? New York, HIGH Fashion...but New Orleans...ah,something different there. It's a feeling, a magic, an essence. Marcy knows what I am talking about. She has to. Why? Because it looks as though she captured it in a jar and sprinkeled it all over every piece of jewelry she makes.Look for yourself!

I bought a pair of earrings from her ( New Orleans Lady- Earrings)and when they arrived, I "swear on all of the products in my bathroom" that they were MORE than I had imagined. Delicate, exquisitely detailed, and light as a feather! Intricately designed, and crafted. Wrapped in a small gold box,with a ribbon and a rosebud! Beautiful!

I wore them yesterday,and everyone (ok, everyone at the salon. I work with mostly MEN...and dont go out much. Hush it!) asked me about them. I almost fell asleep with them on last night (because they are so light) and when I took them off (half asleep in my bed) I looked at them with the light on,one more time...and placed them ,SAFELY,in my jewelry box on my dresser. As if they were adorned with precious stones . That says a lot, because usually everything gets thrown in a dish my "Amy" gave me on my nightstand.(and then I have to untangle things the next day...if I get around to it)

TO ONE LUCKY READER (sounds like Marie Claire Mag,huh?):

I am going to buy one of you a pair of these lovely earrings. I want them badly,so that is a sacrifice on my behalf!.........I am going to assign a quiz...and The EclecticOrchid will pick the best answer.
I really wanted to send you My earrings...but I think I may have bought the last pair!

THE ONLY OTHER thing I ask......

Blog about why you want these earrings, and give the link to HER site on Etsy.

You don't have to say anything about me at ALL. I'd rather you not. I will get rewarded later (maybe Nick will take the trash out for ONCE, or Andrea will not whine on the way to school. Who knows) That's how the universe works (in my case God). You do something HEARTFELT, without EXPECTING reward...and you get rewarded. Geez...there goes my reward! I expected Nick to take out the trash! Still selfish in my quest of being UNSELFISH!

Marcy was so nice about my whole purchase. I am a DUMB DUMMY, and couldn't use paypal correctly. She helped me eagerly,every step of the way. She was so kind, and had them shipped out VERY fast (she was reluctant to meet with EVEN though -she lives in the same town, because I could be a smelly man. I COULD! ya know :).....but smelly-NO WAY.!!!! I object! This man knows way too much about Laura Mercier Bath Honey to be smelly! I totally understand and would be the same way. Kudos for safety!!!! She was so cute about it too!)

I loved her collection so much that she is making Andrea something for her birthday. I told her all about Andrea's love for Sonny &Cher,etc, and I am confident that she will make my child something she will cherish! I know this from her work! Not because I know her. I know she could do this for you!

Now, get your curly fry lovin'ARSE over to Her SHOP!
Get,Scram...........Shhhhhew! What could you possibly be waiting for? I declare!


  1. You have great taste! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that necklace!! I will definitely share this post for others to see!!

  2. She makes the cheeriest, most colorful and fun designs. I think the sweet forget me nots earrings are so darn cute!!


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