Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An email I sent to a friend-Just to clarify!

"Of coarse I do not feel that way about you!!!! Look to my right hand corner, about blogs I read regularly. I often do not comment, for loss of words after I read everyone else's comments, but I do read.
You are one of the most thoughtful bloggers out there,.......... with all of your followers, I bet you make time for almost everyone :)
I would have giveaways if I could,really.......(it looks fun) but to only gain followers , absolutely NOT... I want the people who read my blog, to read because they feel like I am someone they would call a friend, or they understand, or relate to, or want to pray for (ha ha) , not because I have something to give away.
I have thought about giving things away, but more with a contest or trivia thing, not with "write about me in your blog". I understand companies have to promote, but people who dont have companies??? It makes no sense to me.
Like I said, I dont feel this way about you. If I did, I would not only not read your blog, I wouldnt follow it, and wouldnt follow it so publicly on MY blog.
I am sure you are honest. I have no question about that at all! I am going to write a follow up or change that because I have had a few ppl ask me "is it me". If you are someone I talk to enough to be comfortable asking, IT IS DEF. not you!"

If I weren't so honest, I would change or delete what I wrote,yesterday. I was waiting for an email from the woman who made my FAB earrings, (so that I could blog about it) and browsing blogs. I read so many about this one product giveaway, that were shallow and pointless that I was baffled.
My daughter wants to be friends with the mean girls wherever she goes. I dont know what lead to this masochistic behavior, but I can't fathom it! The girl can be rude,gross and act ugly to my daughter, and for some reason that draws her in. I asked my therapist about it (yes, I have one!You prob.should too, so BITE ME) and she said that is normal ADOLESCENT behavior. Keyword for the day:ADOLESCENT
I thought the "BlogWORLD' was so fascinating because people were free to be themselves,WHOEVER that is...and I guess people are free to be shallow too.
This person isnt rude to me, but I know of a few ppl she was rude to, and "holier than" and it pushes my buttons.
"Big Egos are Big Shields for lots of empty space". That is all I am going to say about that.

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