Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Splurge or Steal? Is that really a question?

Ok, I love to splurge. I love it sooo much! When it is other people's money, it feels GREAT! But when it is mine, I have a limit.

I can sometimes deal with paying $40 for bath bubbles. Not really, but when they say that they are going to "firm,tighten and tone" and smell good enough to eat, I cant help it. That is why I purchased Laura Mercier' s Chocolate Truffle Bath Honey.(I hear agreat things about the Creme Brulee Body Cream though). She has a great rep-I trusted her not to produce a N.G product.

We'll as Hannah Montana would say,"Everyone Makes Mistakes,Everyone has bad days". Laura made a mistake, and me buying it seemed to be the forecast for my bad day. You never know till you try. I forgive you,Laura.

Last night, when I got home...I tried a product that has been in my shower for a few days, untouched. I bought it, and was turned off after I saw "mineral oil" in the ingredients.Mineral oil supposably makes it harder to get a good color, plus I like to be a lil shinier when tan.

After shaving my legs, with THE BEST razor EVER....The Venus Embrace (Marie Claire MUST HAVE of the Season, and I see WHY!) I decided,"What the Hey? Mineral Oil never killed anyone(I dont think),I'll give it a try". IT doesnt compare to Neautrogena Rainbath in the concentration of an oily texture (Rain bath uses Sesame Oil,one reason I LOVE IT) but does have a good texture if you are afraid of being greasy! And if you want to be moisturized, but not greasy,this Aveeno stuff is GOLDEN! I mean it! It smells so Good that I cannot explain it. Almost like cocoa, and coconut and almond-YUMMY!

When my skin feels more than parched...I will be buying more of this! (I didn't post a picture because they have made a much more chic design for the bottle)

This is going to be one of those timeless products for me, just like RainBath (I also love Neutrogena's Rainbath Gentle Exfoliating Creamy Oil Wash and Sugar Scrub, ecspecially when I am,....ahem,ahem.........tanning !!!!! YAY! Sorry-something was stuck in my throat.

So, Aveeno's Bath and Shower Oil is great, along with Nivea Original Body Cream( that also has mineral oil, but HEY,Marilyn Monroe wore it!) for winter months, and for those months-LIKE right now, leading into Summer, where our skin needs a little extra TLC!

But when tanning, I love The RainBath products, and Laura Mercier can keep her $40 jar of honey, because that is all it is good for. To sit in my bathroom and look pretty.What a waste.


  1. Wow! Glad I wasn't the one that bought it. Sorry you did, though. It always sucks when you buy something expensive thinking it's got to work if it costs that much, just to find out that something 100 times cheaper works way better. But at least you ventured out of your comfort zone and now you know. Right?

  2. Of course I read all that. I am a follower of yours. It is my job to read your daily posts. And it wasn't long. Have you even been to MY blog? THOSE are long posts! LOL! Can't wait for more product reviews. LOL! :)

  3. Firm, tone and tighten...those are magical words!! LOL!!

    I am in desperate need of some skin hydration!! I think I'll make a Target run at lunch today!!

  4. I love Nivea Firming lotion. It rocks.

    So, using those bath oils doesn't make you greasy? I always stay away from them thinking that I'll come out looking like I just put baby oil all over my belly for tanning...


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