Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend from Heaven or Hell?!?!?

This weekend wasn't so bad. Really it wasn't!
Friday after work, instead of going to the gym (I know,I know) Nick and I went to a dive restaurant and did a lil shopping. I bought some Laura Mercier Chocolate Truffle Honey Bath. It foamed all right, and it smelled EXCEPTIONAL in the pot, and the lil honey scooper,swirler thing was cute....but it wasn't worth $40.00. (The smell didn't last long, and I didn't look much firmer or "lifted". Save your money ladies and buy Mr.Bubbles!)
Then we went to afew lil shops downtown, and I bought a towel that says "Sexy Women Have Messy Kitchens!"...Real Classy, I know!
Then we picked up Andrea, and my phone started making strange noises. Then it wouldn't work, and told me to call customer care.That's when they told me that I was over my spending limit by $2, and when I paid it, it would work. I paid it, it still didn't work for another hour! Then as I was attempting to pull out of a shopping mall parking lot with Andrea,I realized I could not go into reverse. I could go into drive, and neutral....just not reverse...OR PARK! Oh, my! So after Andrea screamed and cried because she was scared bc I kept slamming on the gear shift, (and I told a man off, quietly for beeping because he conveniently wanted my space) I went into a few stores, located the lady with the convertible in front of me (I located her over the loud speaker of coarse) and told her of my situation, and she moved her car and I drove home. My car has been in Neutral with the emergency brake up since Friday! :( Friday was a bad night. I went home,took a bath (w/ that chocolate shit) and drank a lot of this really strong cough syrup (after Andrea went to bed) and went to sleep.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!
The next morning, a friend of mine took me car shopping while Nick babysat. That was a nightmare. IT was HOT! I want a new car, but then again,I don't want the payments!!!
Then Andrea,Nick and I went to the park, had a picnic, petted EVERY dog that walked by, and then attempted to play Frisbee (Andrea and I need to work on our skills) .At last we walked to get icecream. That was nice. We all watched movies and went to bed.
Yesterday I narrowed my car choice down to 3, then took my Concerta too late, so I spring CLEANED everything until almost midnight, and attempted to sleep.
My car lost its long lived battle with......oldness,I wasted $40, and had phone problems, and didn't get too much sleep, but I did get to spend valuable time with my loved ones, and a new car may be what I need. Perception is everything. My weekend wasn't that bad!


  1. Your glass is half-full...isn't it, Jade?

  2. OMG. What a weekend! I'm so sorry. On the plus side, you get a new car, on the minus side, you have to get a new car. Good luck!

  3. I accidentally "rejected" some really nice comments. Im sorry :(
    My glass WAS half full, now its slowly draining! I swear! Im having allergy attacks and I cant eat! What next?????
    I am sick of walking around car lots, but when you have bad credit (actually NO credit) it makes getting a car hard, but my OUTRAGEOUS insurance quotes, make it even harder! Im about to finance a lemon, and just pay the dam thing off, and then get whatever the hell I want.UGH!!! jk- tottallllllllllllllly!

  4. In the big picture, you've got it all! :)


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