Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Life is like a bicycle.To keep your balance, you must keep MOVING!!! -A.Einstein

Ok, I will go ahead and say it, for those who don't know already. "I AM HYPER". I like to call it "active", my family calls it "high strung", my boyfriend calls it "everywhere" and my friends call it "FUN! (and sometimes exhausting)". I just call it hyper!
As a child, I wasn't more hyper than other children. REALLY, ask my teachers-GOSH! I had a very "hyper mind though" and could not pay attention. If you have a hyper active child, you KNOW the difference. No offense here, I am sure you love them, and even LIKE them (family is the only way that you can love someone, but not like them at the same time) when they have wore themselves out. "Little Willy is such a sweetheart, when he is ASLEEP!"
That was not me! Ask my MOTHER! I could notpay attention to save my life, and was often put in the principles often for reasons that I did not understand. When I told my mother "I dont know". I wasnt lying. I didnt! I was thinking about mermaids and House of Style on Mtv when my 3rd grade teacher repeadatley called my name. I was not ignoring her!!! I didnt hear her. I was deep in THOUGHT, thank you!
I was prescribed Ritalin, which made me a zombie, that did not want to eat. I paid attention INTENSLY while on this medicine.So much that my head would hurt, my eyes would hurt from reading, and I could not SLEEP! GREAT!
Not until well into my teenage years (17 or so) did I become HYPER! I was not some freak kid who acted like he smoked Crack until I was 17!!!! That is embarrasing, but somewhat true (at least Nick says so, because unless napping or reading,I cant sit still long enough to get a pedicure. I have to do my own, out of boredom!) I constantly chew straws, tap my foot, or fidget, while sitting at my desk job (where I am confined to a desk ALL DAY LONG) and when at home, I can rarely sit still to eat (that and all of the calories that I burn FIDGETING probably contribute to my petite size and higher than normal metabolism)
I have decided that I dont mind being like this AT ALL, but I do need some type of fun, energy asserting outlet that I can do with the family (the gym is great, but I cant bring Andrea along on the dreadmill) and am taking the plunge into getting the WII Fit. It is expensive, but it has to be well worth the $$$, RIGHT? Does anyone have any opinions on it?
Here is a review I read.
I am sold.


  1. My sister, Beverly, has one of these. She loves it and swears by it... get you one!!!

  2. GOOD MORNING!! I have missed our little chats lady!! I gave you a little something on my blog! ;) Check it out, you know you want to!!

  3. I just can't exercise at home. Maybe because I have to move stuff out of the way in order to have a space large enough to do anything, but maybe because I'm just lazy and hate to exercise. I had the Wii Fit for a little while. Loved it. Gave it to my mom.


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