Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Remember that "The Best ears of corn, always hang lowest to the ground"

Today I have nothing to talk about, in my own personal life. It wont quit raining, and so things have been rather dull in my neck of the woods. I hate that phrase "neck of the woods". Anoter phrase I hate is " give them the evil eye", or "break a leg". Evil eye is a curse that people believed years ago that was put on children or business's by someone looking at it with envy. No one CHOSE to "give you the evil eye" , it was a hex, that was given by a look, that was unintentional, but based on a thought. Dolls were often made for new babies and even adults, to ward off "the evil eye".
"In Sicily and southern Italy, however, it is believed that some people--jettatore-- are malevolent and deliberately cast the evil eye on their victims. Belief in the evil eye is not necessarily associated with witchcraft or sorcery, though Evil Eye was something Church inquisitors were instructed to look for. Pope Pius IX was reputed to be a jettatore, not because it was thought he was malevolent but rather because it seemed that disasters fell upon persons and places he had blessed."
I have no idea where "break a leg" came from, and I am too lazy (this could change at any moment) to look it up. Does anyone have an idea, or even care? Ha Ha. No, you all probably have more important things to do! :~D
You wanna know who I would give the evil eye to? Jane Fonda. She is SUCH a douche bag, (all of her anti-war things were great and all, but spitting on our Vietnam Vets, as they came home...c'mon! They didnt want to be out there,either!) but yet, she did have a really great body,raise some gorgeous kids, and was STUNNING in her youth. She looks great now!!! She was born in 1937, so she is up there.........and still looks younger than her age, and has not had cosmetic surgery!
I heard some man spit on her a few years back. That is kinda funny, sad, but funny.

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  1. I have no idea where "break a leg" came from and things are blah in my "neck of the woods" too.


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