Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Swimsuits for those of us, who like FastFood!

I am normally pretty good about not OVEReating! I also love to workout, and take care of my body....but this past week, I believe that my body and cravings have been possessed by either a teenage boy, or an Anna Nicole Smith (pre-Trim Spa days). Anyone up for some Nesquick and Dorito's, or powdered donuts?

I have been eating like CRAZY, and that makes you lazy! I am officially through with this faze though. I am suffering from a "food hangover" as we speak, due to Sat,Sun and Monday. They say "Eat to Live, dont Live to Eat"...well I did, and now I am .........FULL!

My, how you can put on a few pounds in a few days.And my bathingsuits arent looking so hot!!! (or at least as hot as they did last week, which wasnt to be confused with Demi Moore in Charlies Angels..but still) So..I have a great idea! For those days when you feel like having a few extra orders of fries...I mean pieces of ...bread, buy a bathingsuit that flatters your body type for those occasions, but don't empty your bank account!

Newport News, isnt just your crazy aunt's catalog anymore. Don't get me wrong, for those of you who still rock the Mom Jeans (bless your hearts) they still cater to that side too (I threw up in my mouth flipping through a few pages) but they do have some inexpensive finds for those on a budget..........If you can make it that far without an overwhelming feeling of nausea!

So, go grab a N.N catalog, and keep your trashcan nearby! (Hey, I know you arent saying's the same as going out and knowing that you are going to drink soo much that you lose a few pounds the next morning!) You might be surprised at what you find!

The Bathingsuit above is my "One buffet too many" suit of choice(although I might grab some different bottoms for when I can wear something skimpier). At $29, can you afford NOT to look!?!?!


  1. Aaahhhh!! I had forgotten about NN!! I love that bathing suit, I'm ordering it thank you very much!!!!

  2. I think I may have graduated to a tankini this year. To hell with it.

  3. I can't stand picking out swimsuits. In fact, I think I'm giving them up. Right now.

  4. I'm with Yours Truly...have totally forgotten about Newport News. Great idea! I think I'll take a look again soon... :)

  5. I've actually ordered several things from NN recently! lol :~) And I know exactly what you mean by drinking so much that you lose weight the next morning ... happened this morning (damn green beer)!

  6. That swimsuit is totally cute! I bought 3 new ones from Victoria's Secret when I got my Christmas money that were on major sale because they were from last years collection. Nothing like paying $9 altogether for a swim suit from VS!

  7. That bathing suit is fabulous! I want it in black but I am with Bethany - I may have to go with the tankini this year at the rate I'm going with my fast food issue!!!


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