Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tag, YOURSELF, youre it! :~D

1.My daughter is a thing! (and my friends and fam)

2.Tyler Hansbrough! Psycho!!!!!!!!!!.........making white kids look more athletic everyday!...all while using that Charles Barkley"crazy,don't mess with me" vibe! But, c'mon-he kisses his gfriend before every game...hoooooow SWEET! Keep your fingers X tonight!!! DUKES PUKE!

3.Pi-Yo. A mix between Pilates and Yoga, and it is a surprise I like it, bc I look like an idiot, and realize how NOT flexible I am everyday. ( you arent supposed to want to beat the girl in the front of the class with your shoe for being a SHOWOFF..I mean flexible)

4.John Mayer's Lips,I mean Room For Squares C.d. Okay, this was the c.d that brought "Your Body is a WOnderland" to the radio world...but dont hold that against him! I can listen to this cd, start to finish(hard task for me...finish? what does that mean?) I think John Mayer sneaked into my bed, I mean brain one night and took ALL of my thoughts and put it into music. SWEAR!

5.Mango (or papaya) Click there for recipies and cool site-----> Mojito's.... or should I say "Mojito" bc I can only drink like one or four!

6.Athleta (Yours Truly made me want to share this). I can't afford to buy many things from this place, but OMG!!! if I could. I would workout ALL day, or at least dress like it!(Ever seen those Fat dudes who wear gym clothes all day bc they THINK it makes them look athletic? Yep, that might be me one day, if I were to be able to buy EVERYTHING from this catalog. I mean EVERYTHING is cute (accept the full bottomed bathingsuits-ewww-just wear boyshorts or a one piece!) oh, and the models are soooo fit, it makes me SICK!!! not that "supermodel, I dont eat, fit", the cool "I take care of business,fit". WOW

and 7. BLOGGERS! I love Bloggers (most of them) .......its like our own Secret Society! And I love the girls in mine!

and............I love Spicy Tuna Roll...and that white sauce that you get at the Japanese Restaurant, oh, and Pad Thai. I'm hungry :(

Okay, so The winners of my Kreativ Award go to (Yours Truly, I cant add you, bc if I do, you will have done it twice! I'd lose my stuff if I had to do it twice)

1. The "Oh,so SWEET!"Shanna Banana

2.Raven is very dysfunctional (I think she is pretty darn normal), and HAPPY about it! CHECK IT OUT!!! (I said that like Fergie Ferg, and me love you long time!)

3. My new friend, and new Blogger Jenna! She'll help you open your minds and hearts after reading her Emotional Rollercoaster :~D <3

4.Sarah in her lil AWESOME WORLD! She probably won't do the whole "tag" thing...but this girl is UBER cool, and has a great nose for fashion!

5.A H.I.T...bc that is JUST WHAT SHE IS!!! A Hit! and an NYC Housewife in Training. How cool is that?

6.Shopaholic Blonde! I just took you from an ex Fashion Week Worker with Sarah, to an NYC H.I.T, and now to Arizona to meet my awesome, sunbathing, Ed Hardy wearing, Truck Driving, and Pool Loving mother and wife. This girl LOVES to shop (hence the name) and boy does she ever!

7.And last but not least A Form of Therapy, because I believe we all could use some!


  1. Mojito's are one of my favorite summer drinks. I'm definitely hitting up the website to check it out.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the award. Kinda new to this award thing. How does it work? What do I do?

  3. Thanks lady! Mojitos are divine. I like Mexican Mojitos best - made with tequila. Yum.

  4. YAY!!! Thanks for my award - so freakin fabulous that you mentioned moi!! Mango drinks are my favorite summer drink too! I have never tried a mango mojito though...I will have to! mmmmm sushi!!!

  5. Oh a Mojito sounds good! John Mayer, yes, yes, yes!!


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