Friday, March 13, 2009

PLEASE dont follow me on Tweeter. ha ha

Ok, I was talking to my Bloggy Blog friend Jessica (she's a peach! check her out!!!!) and we were talking about Twitter. What is the point? To follow someone around all day and see what they are doing?
Ok, let me get this today's society, it is okay to have people follow you around and admittedly CARE that much about your day to day tasks? Good thing I didnt put up...."Jade is at the Corner of Fairview and Sharon Rd right now pumping gas". Geez, I thought there was something more to it!
We tell our children to "beware of internet predators" and then we TELL PEOPLE WHAT WE ARE DOING, and they can check it out throughout the day??? I have to agree with Marcy here, I COULD BE A SMELLY OLD MAN (I still resent the smelly part worst of all, -why,as if man isnt bad enough?) and because I post a pretty picture (I think its pretty, you should see me when I wake up in the morning,ewww) you wanna tell me what you do throughout the day?
Granted, I doubt anyone would post what street corner they are working,I ,mean pumping gas still doesnt sit well with me.
If your 15 year old daughter has a highschool classmate, who she doesnt know is strangely obsessed, and she puts "going to my best friends house to watch movies, so glad we got the house to ourselves to relax without Mom nagging"...that "so-called" normal classmate, probably already knows what friend that is and where.
Ok,I could be a little paranoid...but you can never be too safe. From now on, I will not be telling people the truth...that I am watching EVERY WIRE episode all day, as I sit on my couch rubbing Funyun crumbs on my holey sweatshirt (wow,I do sound like a man now!) while Nick and Andrea are shopping for Wii games. I will lie and make up something remarkably cool, like...........(what do cool people say now-a-days???) I am taking a jog with Fergie through Central park!
That's cool,right? No
I am practicing my dancing moves with Patrick Swayze on a log ,I am soooo exhausted!
That's better


  1. Twitter: I just almost made out with myself while watching McDreamy on Greys Anatomy.

    LMAO!! You are great!!

  2. My morning Twitter would say: I just ate a glazed donut and a bag of Doritos for breakfast. Oops!

    I'm not a Twiiter fan myself.

    And I would love to practice dance moves on a log with Patrick Swayze! Baby was so lucky! :)

  3. I don't even know how to work twitter...but I've heard that Dr's have been known to "Tweet?" while in surgery....NO THANKS! You're too funny!

  4. It is weird how much we'll tell relative strangers on the internet, isn't it?

  5. Not smelly and old (haha)- some people can't help but be smelly (clinical strength deoderant only goes so far), and hey, we are all getting "old" aren't we? I don't fear old, besides it's just a frame of mind! I said sweaty and gross! Now that's something to be scared of! I also fear twitter...


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