Friday, March 27, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

Above is a note Andrea wrote me, while here at work with me one day. She is so ecxited about reading and writing. I am sooo proud!

This is a quote that helped me get through a really hard time in my life. Not anything like a breakup, ora friend being mad, one of those times, where you don't know what God's plan is, and you don't know if you can make it through to watch it unravel or get better. One of those times where you FEEL like a VICTIM, but you can't become one, because too much is counting on you to be strong. Great Author!

I put this here to tell me to SMILE, at every single person that walks through the door,EVERYONE...whether it be a Architect or the UPS man, we all put our pants on one leg at a time, and you never know what a smile from a stranger could mean to someone. Sounds silly, but it's a free gift, I try giving it someone unexpected in the grocery store, or on the street everyday. One way of "Paying it Forward"!

Sometimes these short notes, mean more than a few words to me. When I start to compare myself, or want to give up...they remind me of simple truths!
And I love those pics of my Darling Diva!

And again, a quote that keeps me humbled (like I need it, but sometimes I can act too big for my britches,lol) on accident.

I am a firm believer that many things in life are "mind over matter" so this helps me get my thoughts in check!

I don't COMPLETLY believe we are responsible for our own fate, but we are responsible for part of it. God gives us the ability to make choices and free will for a reason. The rest of this quote kinda is in tune with the "Pay it Forward" mindframe. Too bad Madonna didn't do that with Guy. :(

Showing the same thing, again!

This is my new purse (I'll write more about that in a minute) and my makeup bag. I love Vera Bradley mkeup bags b/c they are soft, and I now know they are washable. They fit in your Hobo bags and gym bags easier b/c they are cloth instead of plastic. I don't dig their pocketbooks so much,though!

I just love this purse, like I said..I'll tell ya more, soon!

And the fish tank! Awwww, the are so pretty.They are shy and dont like to have their pics taken, at all!

Okay, so it's raining, and my tummy hurts ( I drank a mountain dew and had a Heath Bar for breakfast!) But I REFUSE to allow this to be a SHITTY day, damn it....I refuse!!! My new bumped up dose of Cymbalta and my great outlook on life are just not going to let these rain clouds or the fact that Nick canceled going out of town, AFTER I made HUGE plans to have all my closest friends (and one who he hates and calls Ab-byNormal...get it?) over for drinks (hopefully I could get them drunk enought to help me sand my furniture). But now....we'll that plan is a dud. He loves my friends to death, and they love him, but with Nick, he says what he feels. He tries not to, but when you look at his face when he doesn't like something, it kindof gives it away.Hell, at least he is honest. And, Abby is going through a rough time (he says she does it to herself and needs help) and doesnt need him being, unsympathetic guy. He should have been a yankee (no offense xoxoxo). He speaks his mind,alright!

So, yeah...where was I ? Are you still reading? Anywho, I am not gonna let ANYTHING upset me. Hold me to it,y'all!
I decided to post a few of my favorite things that are here with me at work today! You are going to see how messy my desk is, my notes to keep me positive and motivated, and little things that give me joy. You might also see whats inside my messy purse. Now, if I could only figure out how to post pics UNDER this paragraph and write notes above the pics.

To be continued......
Like I am a celebrity and anyone cares. ha ha

I am gonna be blogging a lot today,I can tell!


  1. Very cool! Here's my favorite quote:

    "There is only 1 day left, always starting over: It is given to us at dawn and taken away from us at dusk" -Jean-Paul Sartre

    And- good knobs and pulls over at hobby lobby (although they might be a bit pricey but they are more unique) and my old standby is always Lowe's. I dig hardware stores- you never know what you are going to find! I wish I had some helpful painting tips, but I am more into the decorating than the hard labor portion (I don't paint furniture all that often). I do know that you have to sand it lightly and you might want to hold off on painting if it is rainy or humid because it will get all sticky! Good luck! Just let me know about the gift for your daughter. If she likes Sonny and Cher that much I was thinking about some kind of picture of them in an old locket, but my husband said that's just creepy-haha.

  2. Girl! You are a celebrity and I love all of your quotes!! I have them all over my office too!! :) And I love Vera Bradley too...hahahaha, have a great Friday lady!!

  3. I love those special notes from loved ones. I was having a very hard time at work a few years back, and I woke up to a sticky note from Husby saying: "Smile. I LOVE YOU." I brought it with me to work and have kept it at my desk ever since. It reminds me that there are bigger fish in the pond than all those yuckies I sometimes work with.

  4. Come check out my blog. I have something for you.

  5. I love how you went from inspiration to "Oh hey look at my new purse (which was very lovely BTW!! lol) A lot of "greats" in one post..well doen sweetie. I loved the quotes and I think it is great how you keep them all around you to pick you up at any minute when you need them. Maybe I should do that....lord knows I could use it sometimes! kisses

  6. Haha...the comment about being a yankee. I wonder if that's what's wrong with me? I was born and raised in Maine. Lived there for 27 years before moving to West By God Virginia.

    I think your mind set is a good one. It's something that your daughter will grow up and learn to do as well.
    You're such a good mom!


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