Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Food Baby

I am f**king BLOATED, as hell today. This is retarded! Not in a good,Fergie way-RETARDED IN A REALLY strange way that does not make sense. I do not recall feeling this way with Andrea, at all. I didnt show until I was 4 months. Now...I am 6 weeks, Ive gained like almost 10 pounds and need maternity pants. WTF!
It's okay that I gained 10 pounds. I needed to gain at least 5, and then my jugs probably weigh 3 pounds each right now. Plus, Im supposed to gain like 5 pounds this trimester, so the way I look at it, it's okay. I still looked okay in my gym clothes.........that was UNTIL I swelled up in my abdomen like a pissed blowfish! OMG, this blows!
My doctor is a perv. I mean I can't prove he is a perv, but Nick got a strange vibe (which he thinks all male gynecologists are pervs) and then I know a few ppl who went to him. If the general concensous is that he is a freak-show, and he gave me the creeps, then I think I need to switch docs. He looks like a gay cross between Mr.Bean and PeeWee Herman. Eww
My skin and hair are kinda gross right now. I shower and all, but honestly, I dont see the point if I am going to have mid-day oil slick, what the HELL is that doing for my baby?Really? Shouldnt my body be storing this for lube for the day I deliver? Gross, I know-but I am just saying.
On a lighter note, Andrea comes back on Friday and I am stoked. I miss my lil munchkin! God, do I!!! I just want her prescence to be felt in the air. Life is soooo dull without her.
I want to tell her, but I think I should wait. But then again, I dont know. If I had a miscarriage, that would be a lot for her to handle, but I am overly eager to see the joy on her face, and count down with her.
By the way, Im dressing UBER tacky!~

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  1. After having four children, I realized that each and every pregnancy was different.
    My weight gain, illness level, cravings, name it.
    No matter what happens with your body, you will be beautiful.
    Just remember that.


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