Friday, January 29, 2010

Let me try"I'm a redneck WOMAN" yehaw???? Believe me? GOOD!

Nick found a house in Dallas! Not Dallas, Texas...not not that sophisticated. Dallas, NC!!! I don't know if many of you have heard about GASTON COUNTY, or ever heard of GASTONIA, NC...but if you haven't, you are missing much, besides a few good laughs.Dallas, NC is on the border of Gastonia.

Ahhh, Gastonia! Where "Sweet Home Alabama" plays loudly as though the residents might somehow really believe that they live in Alabama, because they are so drunk that they dont know where or who they are from drinking BUSCH beer since they dropped out of 2nd grade. Where Dental work is done with pliers,The Flea Market is like Rodeo Drive,and people bleed SUNDROP! I have not heard of many people make it out of Gastonia and onto "greener pastures",well accept Jamie Pressley, who can probably credit her believable role of "JOY" on MY Name Is Earl, to living in this town,and knowing a few "Joy's" in her time!

You just dont know a redneck unless you travel to Gastonia!And who doesn't think they know one or two?

Well, obviously Nick doesnt. Charlotte is growing soooo rapidly that many of it's Natives,move to the outskirts,and Dallas has not developed too rapidly,land is cheap,and it's only around 20 miles North of downtown Charlotte, so Nick and many of his co-workers have set their eyes on this area!

(Note: This being the reason Gastonia now has a Pier 1 and a Panera Bread. Natives of the GAS HOUSE, know nothing of either)

Well, my lovely Nick found us a darling houseplan and has picked up the necessary paperwork today to start construction.....oh, if he only changes his mind. I love the house, I love the neighborhood and land,and more than anything, I'd love to move before Nolan arrives, but............. do I know what I am getting myself into. That is the question! Oh, or "does he". Nick likes to Fish...I think he thinks that is redneck enough to fit in...boy does he have another thing coming.LOL
All I need to do to fit in (like I care to try), is bake at the tanning bed,get a few cup sizes bigger in implants,and walk around barefoot in the yard with a baby on my hip (oh and acrylic nails and Marlboro Lights)...Nick, he is in a world of a surprise. How funny!

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  1. Well, it seems that Gastonia istn as bad as it once was. And I was ignorant. Go figure. lol


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