Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My view on Casey Anthony and what can be done

"In order to be forgiven, you must forgive." This goes through my mind periodically, as I find myself obsessed over poor Caylee Anthony's murder and how her horrible mother got away with it. It wasn't anyone whom I knew, it wasn't my family, and yet I still cannot shake this terrible hate that I have for this woman and what she did. I cannot help but to wish the worst for her. I am still hurt by what the jury agreed upon. I do not think about this non-stop, but if I watch the news or read the papers, it definitely is what I skim the page for and I do listen closer. I still have a hard time seeing Caylee's pictures. I did not know her, but as a mother of two-one girl who is 8 and one boy who is 16 months, it hurts to think of the crime that was done to her. It should hurt any human....but I wonder about mankind now more than ever for some reason and their evil or apathetic hearts. It is not like this is the first child to be treated horribly, this does not mean that I don't still hurt for other murder victims. But in this case, a narcissist walked free- knowing that she outsmarted everyone and that she will profit for something horrible that I feel that she did, but even if she didn't, that she let happen.....or that she failed to do as a mother.
To many people it is water under the bridge by now. Something that should disappear, but to many others it is a terrible terrible tragedy that will not go away easily, without leaving scars of what kind of place America has become. One where a woman can kill her two year old, and then party for 31 days instead of reporting her child missing. I don't even want to go into the rest.
I don't want to beat a dead horse.
I just beg that any of you who read this do not HELP this woman to make more money than she already will. I pray that none of you buy her books, buy magazines that have her interviews, watch her "Made for TV" movie when it comes out, or in any way help her to further profit off of the murder of her child. It may be tempting, but please don't. I know that she will never make a true friend again, and that she will probably use the money to buy drugs or live a lonely terrible life, but I still don't think that this sociopath should profit.
Also, it is no myth that you can be tried and acquitted for a crime in State Court, and then be tried again in Federal Court. It is not double-jeopardy when it is two different entities. (I asked a lawyer yesterday and a friend who studied law). It may or may not happen that she will get tried again (I think we would hear about it by now) and this petition may not do anything, and the jury may claim that they "lack evidence" again, but who knows? A different jury may be the ticket to finally getting justice for this poor sweet girl. Please go here here and sign. It takes two minutes, if that. Please spread the word.

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