Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Good Morning Friends!

Everyday as I drive in my car, I think to myself "today is going to be a great day! I am going to let my little light shine like there is no tomorrow. I am not going to let negative energy suck me into a mood of pessimism, I am going to treat people how I want to be treated and for the people who do not reciprocate, I am going to have patience with them and try to kill them with kindness". Then I get in the hustle of my day to day activities of being the woman of the house, full-time punching bag for a big company, and just your average person, who deals with traffic, long lines, bills, etc. Before I know it, my hopes of radiating positive energy go down the drain, and I end my day feeling defeated. I am not depressed......I think that many people have this feeling. I think I have one small thing that we all can do that will change things for everyone dramatically. It is not a new idea and unheard of, but I will re-introduce it in a moment.
First let me tell you that I smile a lot!!! As I look in the mirror, I see lines forming where my smile creates wrinkles from facial expressions. I know that I make many people happy with this and when I think about the compliments that I get, and the "thank-you " comments that I receive and warm attitudes that I feel, I realize that half of what I set out to do really is accomplished, and only when another person, intentionally or not, smears their negative energy onto me do I start to change. I am guilty of this, too. Sometimes I complain, or when something goes wrong with a company, I act impatiently with the first person who I can talk to. I pride myself on not doing this often. I do not do this to simply get my way, I usually do this when I am beyond fed up and "nice" isn't cutting it anymore. However, I need to be more conscious of who I talk to like this, and who I spread my negative feelings towards. I do not know what the other person on the line is going through, I do not know them at all. And when I think about it, I know it is usually not their fault, but I need to vent. When people are angry or hostile towards me when they call in, I often times will do anything to make them shut-up! I will go above and beyond to do things that are soooo not in my reach or job description, often bothering other employees to get the job done, and it is sad that this behavior has to be used for things to get done.
I will say that I am nice to waiters and waitresses and generally everyone that I come into face to face contact with. I understand that they do not cook the food, set the prices and that often times they have heard a ton of people complain about things that they can not do anything about and I do not want to be the cause of even five minutes of their frustration. But when you can not see the person it is harder to do that. (I can not STAND someone who is rude to their servers or doesn't tip decently, that is my ultimate pet peeve. I will de-friend you, or never go out with you again. I think this is a way to determine how someone treats the people who they are closest with, too. If you are rude, unappreciative and disrespectful to people who wait on you, you probably would be to anyone that will let you get away with it. This is major sign of insecurity or the complete opposite.)
I ask of you today, wherever you are, to realize all of this before you deal with the general public. Take the time to put a face with a voice, start out your conversation with a smile or at least with respect- let the person know that you are upset and want your issues resolved, but be kind when doing this before you become a psycho maniac and verbally beat them to a pulp to get your way. If you are in line at the grocery store and it is taking too long, try to smile at least twice to the person who just took forever to ring the person in front of you up. Try to keep in mind that your server does not take orders and cook food, and may have another table who is sooooo demanding that she can not get away from them (if it is a very small section- and no one is there and your food is cold-it is his/her fault. If not, then you have no way of knowing). Where ever you are, try to let the way that you want to be treated influence the way you treat others. The Golden sounds so cliche, because it rings true.
" CONSCIOUSNESS IS EVERYTHING (be conscious of how you treat people) You get what you give, you reap what you sow, you pull in what you put out. These things I know for sure!"- Madonna

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