Wednesday, January 21, 2009


If one more man asks me if I am sick today because I am not wearing makeup, I'm gonna beat them with my boot! Seriously! I can not STAND THAT!!!
I am not wearing makeup today because a hyena bit off half of my face. Or at least that's my story. Not as interesting is what really happened. I know not to pick at pimples, but I did. I picked and picked and picked, a HOLE into my face, a BLOODY HOLE. I think I was pretending it was someone else's. I subconsciesly was! No DOUBT. He lives in a tin can....the other one lives with me (and is calling me now,jackass). I am not a cutter, nor do I like to hurt myself. I don't like pain unless it is from the gym (and then I hate doing legs, that's y I have chicken legs), but I see where people could do that. Kinda.Anywho...back on topic
I didnt wear makeup because everything hurts the right side of my face. My SENSITIVE skin lotion, my tinted mosturizer, even my Bobbie Brown Clay Concealor Stick. So what's the point of doing one half and not the other, and I just didnt feel like doing my makeup this morning anyways. I HAVE A hole in my face that looks like I have the HERPES. SO.........
I had a dream years and years ago, about picking away at my face, and tenicles growing out of it (one time when talking to my boss about this dream I said "testicles" on accident. Imagine his face) WIld dream....I was really insecure about it in my dream (ya think?) and tried to cover it with a towell and act like nothing happend. NOT THE BRIGHTEST BULB IN THE SOCKET, NOW AM I? I hope it doesnt leave a scar.
But anywho...I wear very natural makeup, (accept for my eyes). I wear tinted moisturizer. I do not try to look like Tammy Faye, so why the hell is EVERYONE asking me if I am sick? Where is my makeup bag?............UGH,That is so rude.
Hey Ted, you're stomach is sticking out today...Are you constipated?
Hey, Lou...You're walking a little funnier today than usual, is it a stick up your ARSE, or hemroihds? Just wondering
Updated 1/22/09
This is a bad day, broken out, unwashed hair and wait til you see the outfit (gotta take from my desk).


  1. That must of hurt when that hyena bit off half of your face.

    I am just fat not constipated, thank you.

  2. It did, and now that you mention it...I may need some coffee and a cigerette. I think I am constipated .TMI!


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