Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Store Policy........

....until I saw this photo.IF you want to turn your head sideways and look you will see. Im lazy today. I could not believe how PREGO it made me look. I bought it for 79.99 AT STUPID B.R
I went back a week later, and it was 49.99. YEP,ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!! I loved that shirt, so I did what any cheapskate would do and I told them, "HEY, I shop here all the time, and I never see deals this good so quick, I bought this shirt..it makes me look pregnant, but I want to keep it, but I dont think that it right about the whole sale thing", and you know what??? Stupid Banana REpublic, gave me the money back on my card...Apparently, it's store policy.
Another Store Policy that I SHOULD NOT KNOW OR TELL, is that Nordstroms (I'm kicking myself for opening my big mouth right now)HAS TO RETURN ANY ITEM THEY HAVE IN STORE, or have had in the past 6 months. SO.........The Urban Legend IS!!! When the first Nordstrom was built it was a tire store before. Some Corn-Bucket brought his tire back to THAT store and was too stupid to notice all the FAB-O clothes and tried to get a refund for his TIRE...The Manager did it, and ever since then, they don't hassle you about returns. Can you return a TIRE? I dont know, never tried...but once apon a time, before I had a child, I had a lil money to spend on silly things, and I bought my friend a pair of Chanel Glasses, and her whore ass returned them and got the cash...yep-sho did. The point WAS SHE RETURNED THEM TO NORDSTROM 2 years later. I bought them at Solstice (pr whatever the place is called).
Now, I would never ever go that far, that is stealing-BUT, I did buy a pair of Joe's Jeans around Christmas in Columbia at Belks. After Christmas I realized they were way too big, and I didnt see the ones I liked at Belks and couldnt find the receipt. Without any questions, or tags, Nordstrom exchanged them for the right pair, at the jeans counter, on the spot.
Chivalry might be dead, but customer service in the Fashion Industry IS NOT!

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