Monday, January 19, 2009

My second ATTEMPT at Scrapbooking!!!

My first I ripped up on accident because it was mostly based on a relationship, and I was immature at the time, and I've only gotten worse in some areas.
Yes, you heard it right..I am new to blogging,new to scrapbooking (as a hobby) and I feel like it! I don't know where to start. I don't know whether to wind my butt or scratch my watch.This isn't brain surgery, or even as hard as your tax's or counting money.I need ideas. I need a direction. I need to an order and organazation, or is that the beauty in it?
Oh,well. I had a photo album put together for Andrea, and I am thinking about making this one into a "current" themed book, then going back into her photo album and making a "baby" themed book.
If only the douchebag would give me all of my pics from my pregnancy. :( Now, now Jade-stay nice!

So any ideas? Any pointers or tips? Do I have any readers?Hello, Hello-o-o-o-o-.Anyone out there-er-er-er-er? Prob. not since I can not get that "adult content" page to come off. Oh, well. God bless you if you do read, and I hope not to dissapoint :D


  1. Hi Jade -- Thanks for coming by my blog. First, you should be able to go to your settings and change the adult content from yes to no.

    Advice on starting a scrapbook. I make individual books for both of my girls. I include holidays, school stuff, vacations and other special pictures. I have been scrapbooking since they were born so I never had any catch up.

    If going back is too over whelming then just start now. There really aren't any rules. Just scrapbook what you think is important. :)

  2. Scrapbooking rocks! Really it does, I by scrapbooking idea books, packets of paper or I buy it by the sheet which is very pricey after the first couple of pages, and I crop the shit out of all my pics. I used to live by these guys

    so I am partial to them, they have a section at the top that says creative ideas and there are many many ideas you could take from them. Good luck, and just so you know there is no shortage of supplies available, from paper, scissors stickers, die cuts etc. you just have to be willing to part with you pretty dollar bills and alot of them.

  3. Thanks for visiting and following me! =)

    I don't have any suggestions for scrapbooking. I do not do that. So not something I've been able to get into or do. (I don't exactly have the "creative" gene, lol).

  4. Hi! I found you...and was intrigued by that adult content..LOL...yea so...I really found you from Sits...and you can get so many cool ideas from PhotoBuckets ScrapBook designer. Good Luck! :D

  5. Thank you Girlies!!! I am not as creative as I'd like to be, so when I do scrapbook-Im like "does this look overwhelming, is simple better,can I cut words out of magazines and do a collage, or is that a no-no) ha ha. Thanks for the tips :)


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