Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Peek-A-SHi,Peek-a-doodle,Shi-Pooh,What, huh?

Andrea wants a puppy! No surprise here. She is 5 and the "Lip-Nickies" (I refer to them as her Gma and father to her) have like 6 Chihuaha's,a pig, a few cats,a monkey, a gerbel, and a camel that they call "Louise" (ok, Im lying about the gerbel,camel, and monkey.Wouldn't surprise me though)But she is an animal lover and I think that is great. I like animals a lot as long as they are someone else's. It's just a lot of upkeep, and mantiance that I HAVE TO take care of. But I think it is important that I do it for her sake. You should see the way she lights up around animals. It is so sweet!
So, her and I were discussing what type of dog we want. I want something smaller, with a BIG DOG personality. I want it to be housetrained, and not to yap. I really want a Bull-Mastive. She wants something smaller, and I think that is probably best.

I hear that Poodles are very smart.She does not care as long as it does not bite and she can hold it like a baby and dress it up. I do think that is cute, but have never pictured myself with a Vera Bradley or Louis Vutton dog-carrier.I don't want to name it Tinkerbell. Small or Not, I want to name it something big, like "Bruiser", or "Butch". I had a cat once, it was a boy. He was Black. I named him "Betty". Whoa, Black Betty, blam a lam!

I walked into Tinderbox a while back to buy cigars for my boyfriend, and out came running at me, a Boxer and underneath and kind of with him, was a little teddy bear that barked, and ran. IT was the cutest lil puppy ever!!!! I asked what type of creature this was, and the owner of the store said "Peek-a=Pooh". "Peek-at-What", I said...she said "No, Peek-a-Pooh" Its a "Hybrid Dog". SO, I gathered that this dog takes less gasoline and can run on close to empty, and is better for the enviorment, and get this....IS BRED OUT OF DESIGN. A DESIGNER DOG. I'm SOOO THERE! How cool. I went to go look for this Peek-a-Pooh, and buy one for my Andrea. None looked like the teddy bear in Tinderbox. I was SOOO confused. Really its a gamble. Either it will or will not look like some or most of one dog or another, and the same goes for it's temperment. I do not know how this dog is good for the enviorment, but Mixed Breeds normally live longer, so there is my "run on less fuel" analogy. Hmmmmmm.Got me thinking. Why not a Shi-Pooh, or a CockaDoodle? Or is it Cock-a-Pooh, or Laba-doodle? Whatever happened to calling it a "Good Old Fashion Mutt"? What is this world coming to? I don't know, but some of them sure are cute!


  1. SO, I gathered that this dog takes less gasoline and can run on close to empty, and is better for the enviorment, and get this....IS BRED OUT OF DESIGN. A DESIGNER DOG. I'm SOOO THERE!

    Im gonna get me one of those. I want to do my part in cleaning up the environment.

    So the Lip-nickies do or do not have a pig? And is it a part of the family Does he call this pig his wife?

  2. Ha Ha...the Lip-nickies (watch the Movie the War to get a good idea of a "Lip-Nickie")DO have a PIG! OMG! IT's name is "Tunie"! The wife is actually a very cute girl, very attractive...if you like the whole black thong hanging out of your pants and stripper shoes in winter (to court-ha ha) thing. I don't but she seems nice,and is OF COARSE a cute blonde. The pig IS part of the family......I guess.ITS A PIG, and its HUGE!!! IT HAS A DOG HOUSE. It's not a cute lil pot belly.This thing is SCARY! AHHHHH!!!!
    I know, I want to clean up the en-viro-ment, too GIRL! ha ha


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