Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am refrencing "American Idol" when I say that. Ha Ha.What the hell? How can you get "irratated" wrong. I say it all of the time. I am a proverbial idiot. If I can do it, so can you!!!
I am really not IRAC-TACTED today, y'all. Don't worry :D I am actually in GREAT spirits considering I am ending a two year relationship with my boyfriend, Im just at this point (I swear I mean this) appreciating my OWN bed, no snoring and control of the remote. I'll get sad in a few days and have something to say about it. for now, I am really happy. I just love MY SPACE, (not to be confused with "FaceSpace" stuff, I think that is all he understood of it). I like being able to BREATH!!! I love knowing that the toilet seat will be down and my ARSE wont fall in the pot when I pee at night. I like being able to take a hot shower, and actually get all of the suds out of my hair before it get's cold. I like no one trying to smoke ciggs in my house (like I wont know). Andrea loves ANYTHING I cook, and we are generally very happy together. I am looking forward to this, for now.

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