Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Assignment

The Assignment is to write about your MOST MEMORABLE BLIND DATE. This is going to be bittersweet for me, because we are actually breaking up, but it is definitely the most memorable.

A blind date is normally one that happens when someone sets you up without you or the other person knowing what the other looks like. I think every date is blind, personally, because "looks" alone, to me are not THAT important (when it comes to HIM) and the personality and inner character is what I vibe off of. So, to me -all dates are blind, at first. It is years after you have dated, when you say to your Husband or Boyfriend..."hey, wanna go grab some wings and a beer, or I'm really in the mood for Hummus and Wine" that your dates are no longer blind. You know what to expect,and it goes as planned. The persons looks alone don't attract you, and you know that person the best that you will ever. Not part of the assignment..I'll shut up!

Nick and I were not set up. We had seen each other years and years before and liked each other very much.But both of us were in relationships, so it never went anywhere beyond a conversation. If I saw him at a party, instantly we drifted closer to each other, and then eventually outside,where we would tale and laugh casually. There were sparks, but just like sparks, they were hot, and short.They died out fast, as we had to leave each other's side, without a number or a kiss, or even...see you around. We knew we would.It is crazy, but I knew nothing of what Nick looked like. It was usually rather dark when we would run into each other, and back then all you needed was "confirmation" from your friends that a guy was hot. They "confirmed". All that I knew was that his hair was longer than most of the boys that we went to school with. He dressed very preppy, in Polo's ,smelled nice, had a nice smile, and his eyes smiled constantly.EVERYTHING else, was a mystery.
As the years went by, I didn't see Nick. I remembered him every time I saw a Johnny Lang CD that I kept in my car, just for the memories of Nick. His eyes, his scent, and The Dark...where we talked so freely, but no pressure was put on for anything else.That CD became one of my favorites.
I stayed with my boyfriend Ricky, for years,and we bumped into Nick. Nick and Ricky were FRIENDS, years and years ago.And I knew Nicks girlfriend all to well (now a good friend of mine, thanks to Cymbalta)as a friend who drove me NUTS!!! She had to go everywhere with me. Followed me to work, and then later when I told her that enough was enough, told me that her family was in the Mafia and out to kill me. she was a wreck. I felt bad for Nick, and didn't so much as look at him again. I held onto that CD though. I still didn't know what Nick looked like in the face or body. I just remembered his smell,and those eyes. His hair was shorter,and I didn't pay him as much attention. Especially now since he was "tainted" with this girl. I had to play nice to her for Ricky's sake (which didn't last long, she drove me crazy again) and she started showing up to my house to complain about Nick. I did not know the Nick she spoke of. He was completely separated from the Nick I knew. I didn't see Nick again for over 5 years.
A lot can change in 5 years. I left Ricky, had a baby, and left her father. I moved into a condo, and much to my surprise, it was close to Ricky's house. I ran into Ricky at the Mall, and we exchanged numbers and he asked me if I could dog sit his dog that weekend. Apparently she had surgery, and he felt uncomfortable leaving her with just anyone,but he had a wedding to attend in Colorado with his family. His dog was older, and remembered me. I agreed.
Ricky was not home, and it was just me and his dog watching Animal Planet, when the phone rang. Being nosy, I answered and it was Nick. He moved to New Bern, NC, and we talked for hours. Every day after that we talked for hours. He broke up with crazy pants, who I hadn't talked to in years either. (I love to death now that she is on medication, but she is still a lil crazy.) and was single. As was I.
We talked on the phone for hours a day for months. I was scared to see him, he was scared to see me. What if we didn't like what we had saw, we both had changed. I couldn't remember EXACTLY what color hair he had, and he couldn't remember mine either. We just remembered things such as smells or conversations or events that took place.
Nick told me that he loved me, before we ever saw one another. His mother got on the phone one as they were having lunch, to tell me that since her son met me, he walked with more "pep in his step" and whatever I did "to keep doing it"!!!
We agreed to meet on Queens Road, by his aunts house, after work. The drive was 5 hours for him, and he wouldn't be there until after dark,after work. I waited under a tree, in my car, in fear he would never show. I didn't know which house was his aunts, but he told me to park wherever I could, and he would pull up next to me. We finally talked as he pulled into Charlotte, both of us nervous, and we didn't quit talking on the phone, until he pulled up next to me. WE hung up the phones as we got out of our cars. We met each other at the hood of his car, and he hugged me. My knees went weak, and I felt as though I was floating. God gave me my soul-mate!!! We talked, and he kissed me. He went in to visit with his aunt, which I thought was a good idea to do alone, so that I could call a friend. I drove to my friend Kristin's house, where I cried, and threw myself on her bed, and declared that I would never fall in love again! I met him. He smelled the same as I remembered. It wasn't a cologne, it was almost a detergent smell, and it was the exact same.
We spent the weekend together.
He drove down every other weekend thereafter, and I came up once a month. Christmas is sad for me, Andrea goes to her dads because I don't have as much family. I was going to be all alone, and he surprised me with a tree and gifts. We ate Chinese food,and saw a movie. He loved New Bern, but eventually moved down here to be with me.Nothing ever measures up when a blind date is so good.
WOW, that's long.


  1. I used to live in North Carolina and some of my family still does...and I love South Carolina...anyway that had nothing to do with what you wrote, sorry I have ADD sometimes!

  2. I have ADD ALL THE TIME! ha ha...really though, I do. Thanks for reading.Where did you live in NC? Im from Charlotte, but have family all over

  3. How great that he surprised you like he did on Christmas.


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