Monday, January 26, 2009

Sat night!!!!
Geez, can someone tell me how to post a video from your phone on here. That would be helpful!

Here are some pictures of my HOT MAMMA's out on Sat night. I love these GIRLS :)
Ashley had a cute lil cake and a cute lil dress, and I left after dinner bc I didnt want to fight crowds and "clubby people" at "clubs" arent my cup of tea. Im too lazy to kiss butt bc someone is "someone" in the nightclub scene, or a football player, and I am way too irratated with men,to accept a drink from a man, then let him cling to my side for it for the rest of the night hoping he can get laid. I DONT NEED YOUR DRINK,I'll buy my own, in the long run, its cheaper and more convienent. I have a boyfriend to go home to, and even if not........I'm worth way more than anything you can give me in one night. My time is, my body is, and my mind is.........I think we all are, if we give ourselves the credit to be. If you dont, well thats you...and with that attitude , you arent. Go be a $100 bill,selling yourself for a nickle..

Nick was supposed to move out Friday, but he got the stomach flu.Convient. I had to take care of him, which OF COARSE, brought us closer together. But, he didnt feel well enough to go with me Sat night, also convienent.
Ashley has a lot of friends.I had no idea. I think some are "friends" and others are "going out friends". I didnt get a good vibe off of two of "going out friends". One was a lil loud mouthed, and and The other one that I didnt trust was because of the look on her face, I dont know, she is easy to read. But once I thought one of her friends was rude, and I breifly spoke w her in the bathroom, and she seems nicer than I thought so...oh who am I to judge anyone! Just needed to put that out I am in confession or something.
I have a problem with people who dont speak and act sociable. I know that many ppl are insecure or scared to talk, or shy, and in that case, when someone DOES talk to you, at least smile and agree. IF you act like a dry peice of TOAST, and I am nice to you, please understand that it IS an insult to be too quiet and IGNORE ME.I'm not annoying or in your face. I have plenty of friends, if I come over and introduce us, its because I want you to feel welcome, because I know I havent seen you, or you have no one around you and I dont want you to feel left out.
So, I am judgemental to those types of people. I prob dont need to be
As for the rest of the night went, I left early-like I said, had good dinner,and got a laugh or two along the way. GOt home early to take care of Nick, but he was asleep. Ive been sleeping a lot lately. Andrea was with Family... I had that planned before I knew he was gonna be sick, and glad I kept the arrangments, because he couldnt have been worth anything to watch her that night. Sunday...we all did a lot of nothing, besides watch tv. Andrea and I watched Movies and scrapbooked, cooked and icecream and then zzzzzzzzz time.My house is a mess :(

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  1. Sounds like you had a nice night, for the most part. Yay for getting out with girlfriends! =D


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