Monday, January 26, 2009

Cold Oatmeal on Mondays

I watched Grand Torino (?ms?) last night. OMG! I cried and cried. This WAS handsdown, the best movie I have seen all year!!!!!! Better than Twilight ( nothing compares to that book though. If I must say so myself. My copy of the book is getting passed around Jodi's grandmothers nursing home right now-You know it is good when a teen book ,is read by a Mother in her late twenties, then passed around a nursing home-sorry, ASSISTED LIVING COMMUNITY)Back to my movie. I loved it. I loved it's honest approach to life,death,religon,race,neighborhoods in America,etc,etc. I just would like to see Clint Eastwood not be the hardcore hero one time!!!! Just once before he retires.. If I were in a nursing home, I'd def like him, instead of John Mayer. He would be very HOT to me :) If you can't decide what movie to see with your husband or the girls, this is a good flick regardless. Very touching, but it has CLINT EASTWOOD in it.
The last Clint Eastwood flick I saw on a date was Million Dollar Baby. I sobbed, uncontrollably.Snotty nosed and all. Maybe you should know that guy pretty well before you see any newer Clint Eastwood flicks. Unless you're going for the damsel in distress,even in the movie theatre, softie role. I don't know, I think that is tacky.... but after 2 years, Nick has seen me cry over not finding my earring. I don't think he or I care anymore.
Ok so this movie is baced on the life of Walt Kowalski, a racist,opiniated,bitter ,Korean War Vet, who has recently become a widower. He has become the minority in the neighborhood where he and his wife shared a home.After a neighborhood gang bullies his young neighbor into stealing Walt's Grand Torino, he reluctantly becomes a hero to the neighborhood as he protects the young boy, and his family from what this neighborhood has become, and learns all about true friendship, love,loyalty, and Life in the meantime. Great,great movie. I hear it will be Clint Eastwoods last. (he is 79).
What am I talking about again. IS the coffee ready???????? UGH!

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