Friday, January 30, 2009

Some More Verbal Vomit for ya!

Compulsively Yours left me a comment that said that she likes to do this, I thought it was sooo funny because my Boss's daughter (who I love) always says "thanks for the word vomit you left all over my shoes as soon as I walked in". Ha ha. Too funny! Why don't I think of these rude phrases to say? Oh,well.

I am a reformed BRAT! (depending on who you talk to, I am reformed. My Mother and boyfriend might beg to differ)That is why it is so upsetting when my daughter acts like a MANIAC like she did last night. I love her, but at 11pm last night, while she screamed from her bedroom for me to sleep with her, in the exorcist voice, that was the last thing I wanted to. I was scared to close my eyes.She was being mean!!! She doesnt usually do this. She doesnt usually try to "buck the system"! LOL. She likes the system. She likes going to bed at 8:30, and dinner at 6. She likes to do her reading time, and I think she even likes chores. Last night I let her watch Mama Mia. Oh, yeah-Can it!!! Seriously, LOCK IT UP! The movie doesnt say anything about sex. Just -"DOT DOT DOT"! My daughter just likes the songs. We scrapbooked and ate Haggan Daz and had take out, and I thought this was exiting. SHE DID GREAT ON HER REPORT CARD. I let her watch the American Girl movie to fall asleep. Obviously she likes the old movies better because they are boring, and she isnt as interested. HOW WAS I TO KNOW? Shoot me. I got her a new movie to fall asleep to. When the movie was over, she begged me to sleep with her because she was scared. No she wasnt. I know when she is scared, and when she is using this against me. This was one of those times. Then she told me it was my "fault because I let her stay up until 9pm" .I was mad that she said this, but let it go. Not until she screamed at me from the other room was I PISSED OFF! IS she becoming a demanding diva? I hope not. I was a BRAT, but never that BOLD!
I didnt have to be. My mom worked after I got out of school. She made better money at the Restaurant then she did at an office job. She went in at 3pm and came home at 11pm. My dad was nocturnal. He worked the night shift for a printing company, and he was SUPPOSED to sleep when I was at school. Usually he slept when I was home. I got to stay up as late as I wanted. I got to do my homework, when and IF I wanted. I remember writing a paper and leaving it out for my mom, and her throwing it away and saying that I could get sued for Plagiarism for what I did. I WROTE THE PAPER! I didnt copy it! Oh, well. I quit doing my homework then. I passed by the skin of my teeth. I did NOT buck this system, at all! I liked it (and payed for it later, on my own. I really do learn my lessons) My mother bailed me out of bad situations a few times, but went things with my parents went sour, the money wasn't there to bail me out, and I had to learn on my own. The very hard way. Like I said, I learn MY lessons. If I have to take care of a situation with NO help, I learn quickly!
Andrea is NOT like me in that respect. She IS definitely too smart for our own good, but she HAS to have order. SHE HAS TO HAVE IT and LOVES IT! Maybe I would have to if I were given it. I dont know. I know I liked going to other families homes, and would pretend I had chores. SO I probably would have been the same.
But ONE night without order!!!!!! I thought she would have been happy and grateful .I thought she would have fallen asleep with NO problems, and a big smile on her face. OMG, was I ever wrong. It was not the sugar. I drink sweet tea all of the time, she steals sips out of my glass before bed. Has for a while. She gets milk with meals, (juice in the morning) and water in between (it's better for your teeth) but she steals sips of my tea. I see her sometimes. So, I know she can fall asleep with sugar and caffeine. I can drink coffee before bed and fall asleep. I know for a fact that it was MY LACK of rules and fun loving spirit that made her turn into this yelling and screaming meanie head (for lack of better words). SO what, no more free nights? Only game nights on Thursdays with NO movies? I guess I should stick to what other parents do with (rewards on weekends) but she is going to her dads this weekend.
Now that I think of it, last time she got a big treat for good behavior, I let her have a pajama party with her best friend at our house, and she was mean then too. My child is normally very sweet and caring. She was MEAN that night. You think she is allergic to FUN?

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  1. I will only say that my daughter is meaner than you could ever imagine and yet my best friend. go figure. but my daughter is also almost 15.

    you are a good momma and she just wants to make sure your still in the game so to speak. she just wants to know you still care enough about her meanie little bum to lay the smack down.

    I love that you were scrapbooking. when my daughter and son were young I would buy them a kit to put together like a paper doll or paper something or other and they would "scrapbook" next to me. Now I print out pictures thanks to digital cameras (which I did not have when my daughter was young) and let my youngest son glue them to cardstock and use die cuts to embellish.

    so much fun that scrapbooking is


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