Friday, January 30, 2009

I dont expect anyone to read unless you have a lot of time on your hands. Very long

The Assignment: Write about someone you wish you saw more of.

The person in my life that I wish I saw more of is Amy .
God sent Amy to me when I was 8 years old. Actually he sent me her sister, who told me where to find this thing called "Amy" and when I looked for it, it was nowhere to be found. Amy then found me one day.That day changed me and my entire life!

While playing Barbie's alone on a picnic table in our apartments, I saw a young, tan blond woman jog in MY direction. She had small runner shorts and it confused me why she was running....from nothing. She took a break to sit down beside me, and put out her hand, as if to shake mine. I looked at her in awe as she said, chest out, very confidently "My Name is Eva! What is yours?". I knew this was the way that other 5 year olds started playing together from school, but I had never seen a beautiful woman who had to be at least 20 (all pretty women were 20 to me at this point in my life. All of my Barbies were 20, and so was Vanna White)introduce herself this way. I liked Eva. She asked me about my dolls,and about my favorite this and that, and then said "I gotta run, ha ha- my sister,Amy, is a few years younger than me and her bedroom window is right THERE (pointing) if you ever want to play with anyone. Knock on that window, she would love the company."
I said ok, and off she went. I was puzzled by this beautiful woman, but also exited. I felt like a celebrity.
A few days later I decided to knock on Amy's window.My knuckles barely tapped through the screen and onto the glass, and with a quiet knock, no one answered. I was probably 10:00 am, and to me that was late, but I realize now that she was probably sleeping.
I forgot about this and went on my way.
Months later I decided to skate around the parking lot. We lived in a very nice complex on the South Side, and many families would walk their dogs, or roller blade, and some single women would jog.
As I skated a huge Chocolate Lab chased me, and behind him ran a very tall, blond woman who was wearing a magenta windbreaker suit (keep in mind this was the early 90's). As she ran, she called to the dog and when we all came to a stop she said "HEY!!! My Name is AMY! What YOURS?" with a big smile on her face. She had on magenta lipstick and long magenta fingernails and had long bleach blond hair. To a child, these things mean a lot! At least to me. I talked to her for a while, and she told me that she was watching the dog for a neighbor and that she was going to take him in, and that I was welcome to come into her house for french toast. (My mother actually saved me from Amy's cooking that day, she once made me frech toast with pumpernickel bread.)
I ran home, and my mother was terrified. She said "I told you not to talk to strangers, and certainly not to go in their homes. You'll stay in for the day". I ran to my room and cried.
The next day Amy drove past me in her sports car as I was playing with my Barbie Dolls and asked me why I stood her up, in a loving, joking voice. I said "My mom says I cant talk to you. You are a stranger" .She asked me which apartment was mine, and when she returned, she knocked on our door and introduced herself to my mother. Amy sat in the floor and played with me every day until my mother was convinced that she wasn't a stranger. My mother said she knew that Amy was special, harmless and different after one day of us playing, she said that if I didn't "share my toys, she was going home" and that is just what she did. My mother would talk to Amy (who was actually 23) in the kitchen and they became great friends. Amy was lovable, and very smart. She looked like a supermodel, standing at 6 ft and it was hard (even at 8) not to notice that she was VERY busty. She wore bright colors, bright lipstick, and tanned often. What was more noticeable about Amy was her bold, yet caring personality. She was confident, and very articulate, yet she could talk to anyone, any age, and make them feel like they were special to her. Old people, young people, even animals loved Amy! They would flock to her. She got everything for free.
My Mother started letting me go to dinner and shopping with Amy. I would have sleepovers at her house and she took me to The New Kids On The Block Concert and let me wear magenta (MORE LIKE FUSICA-LOL) lipstick! She would pick me up from school, and we would go ice skating, and swimming in the summer. Summers were the best because she would take me to her parents house who lived in Conway,SC, which was only a few minutes from the Beach. Her dad would take me to church on Sundays, and we would pick up a few poor kids that I hated sitting next to ( I was a kid, geez) on the way there. He would then drop them off with bags of food in their hands , and we would have to go into their house and talk for a few minutes. One time he asked me if I wanted to go skating,I said "yes". Amy did my hair all pretty with ribbons and a french braid, and Eva ( a fashion merchandising Teacher) picked out my out my outfit and Mr.Wood escorted me to the skating rink. He gave me my first real gold earrings for a late Birthday present.They were seashells, and they were the fanciest things I had ever received.
When I arrived, with Mr.Wood as my Chaperon, there sat the two poor kids. Sonoco was the older chubby girl, and Wendel was the chubby boy who was my age, who looked really dirty. He chased me in circles around the skating ring, declaring his love for me. Eva and Amy rode together and I got to ride back from my Surprise Birthday Gathering with them, as they sang "Mr Wendell" and taunted me about my "new boyfriend". It was as though I had older sisters,finally.
They took me to Manhattan, and we shopped and spent many years in each others company. Amy took me everywhere with her, and my mother would have to approve of her new boyfriends before I went out with them (which I am sure the men who tried to desperately to get Amy attention, LOVED having to take an 8 year old to dinner on their dates).
When my parents bought our new home, Amy cried and so did my mother. It broke my heart. It was across town, and for birthdays, Amy and Eva would still send Balloons to my school, and surprise me by picking me up or having lunch with me.
Amy eventually got married, and I protested! I read a poem that I wrote at her wedding, and I couldn't stand her husband. I thought he was a "tight-wad" as I put it, and she told me that I should be happy she found her one true love, and that she wanted children. I thought I would die, and still to this day, its one of my biggest heartbreaks.I know now, that I was selfish, and that she had her own life to think about.I understand.
Amy and I used to see each other every few years at her fathers house. I love to visit with her and her family, although I am sad to say I have not met her youngest child and she has not met mine. Eva got married and finally settled down and although we all keep in touch through the net and phone, I miss them like crazy. We are planning a trip this summer.
Amy made a big contribution to my life. I was a lonely only child, with a lot to offer.In her own way, so was Amy. My mother and father did they best they could to give me what they could, and I know that it broke my Mothers heart that she had to work so often to give me what I needed, but she is grateful that I had these experiences as well. I know now what I need to do, to be a Mother and an "Amy: to my child. They should make more women like her!


  1. No, your story is not too long! Your post brought tears to my eyes:) Isn't it amazing the enormous influence one special person can have on your life? I bet Amy has no idea what she did for you - in her mind she probably was 'just being a friend'. She sounds like an amazing human being. I think it's wonderful that you plan to carry her legacy on to your daughter. I bet she would be proud!


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