Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why you need to be told "He is Just Not That Into You!"

Okay, for those of you who LOVED this book....go here! for an AWESOME GIVEAWAY!
I hated the book, but I still want the Giveaway!
How many times have you heard someone quote this book? I know I have. If you have never heard of the book, let me clue you in.
It's a scam. This big "reformed" jerk, Greg Berherdt, tells us "idiotic" women, in a very blunt way, what -IF WE WERE TO USE OUR BRAINS, we would already know. I could write this book. AND I'D PROBABLY DO A BETTER JOB!
Not only is this ridiculous book (that I learned NOTHING from, but did quote to an ex an expert from, just to validate my point. WHY didn't he tell me NOT to do that?huh?) a no brainer and a way to rip off clueless women (I bought it, hoping to find something I had never heard, instead I was just PISSED at my sex for being such dumb dumbs) but NOW it is going to be a FANTASTIC movie!!! WITH a GREAT CAST, that I am probably going to see, which will put more $$$ in this asshat's pockets (I hear the soundtrack is awesome too!).
I can't be mad at Greg, he did sell common sense to a group of people who just weren't using their own, but I just don't like him. I think it is the frosted hair.HE is tooo into himself. Just look Almost anyone who got their "name to fame" from the Oprah show, except Dr.Oz, makes my skin crawl.( Who hasn't been helped by the fact that Poo is supposed to be shaped like an S?) Sorry Dr.Phil, You too! You freakin' jackass.
Anyways, this Mr. Behrendt gives advice to women on love, from a man's point of view. Most of it is negative, and makes us look like petty little cry babies. He almost ALWAYS says that" he is just not that into you". Wow. No wonder so many women are untrusting these days.
I will admit in a heartbeat that most of the men you meet are not going to have your best interest at heart. Are they all Scumbags like this Greg character, claims that HE used to be (way of tooting your own horn and bragging about your"old ways" to me) NO! I think for a more in depth, honest approach into relationships and the opposite sex, you'd be better off reading " Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: A Practical Guide for Improving Communication and Getting What You Want in Your Relationships" than this crap.
Not ALL men are dogs. Many of them, but many women are bitches too! I have known many women to cheat, and leave the good men at home waiting. I have known many women not to call the man back, and I have known many women to use a man. Not for sex, but for money or whatever else. By accepting that NOT all MEN are jerks, and that WE too make mistakes, we are accepting responsibility for half of the problem, and by doing so, we are putting aside the "victim" mentality.
A few of my friends ALWAYS date the biggest jerks! ALWAYS! They just "find" them. After years and years of listening to "Jennifer" ( I'll call her that) complain about how "HORRIBLE" this guy made her life, and how "MISERABLE" this guy made her. I finally said something to her.I had her over a few weekends ago. I made dinner and we rented a movie. Every other sentence out of her mouth was about how big of a dick this guy who she WAS dating was, and how GREAT this guy she just met is. How this reminded her of him, that did, he did this, is he gonna call, blah blah blah. I finally said "enough!" "Jennifer, YOU are going to chase this guy away, if all you think about is HIM! Not because he wont like YOU, but he will sense that you just need SOMEONE, ANYONE...and that will be a turn off, you have to like YOU, have SOME independence,and sense of self with out HIM". She thinks that she does, but by the end of the night, she understood and was like "OMG, am I THAT girl?" I nodded and said "yes". I have another friend named Abigail who is the SAME exact way. She goes from boyfriend to boyfriend, and smothers them. All of her friends are HIS friends, and you don't hear from her unless they are in a fight. She does what EVER they like, whether it is hunting, or snowboarding, etc.etc. She also becomes the jealous girlfriend, and if they break up, wants to end her life.
ALL OF THE GUYS that my friends here are dating are NOT jerks! As a matter of fact, I wouldn't tell them this, but If I were a dude, I'd steer clear of them, because when it ends, YOU ARE going to be labeled the biggest SCUMBAG!
There are more girls out there like this, who have no sense of self without a man, than you think, and those are THE ONLY girls who could benefit from this book, but because it is like a sickness or addiction for them, they wont!
Are there OverDater Anonymous Groups, just wondering....there should be.
It may sound cliche, but YOU DO have to LOVE yourself before anyone else can love you! Maybe not always, but IT is much healthier to.

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