Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tribute Doll for Kaylee Anthony...Are you Serious?

I heard on the radio, that a Jacksonville toy company, Showbiz Promotions has created a Caylee Sunshine Doll, in Tribute to Caylee Anthony . This doll is supposed to look exactly like the late Kaylee Anthony and even sings "You Are My Sunshine" just like she did in the home video that is going around YouTube at the moment.

"Showbiz Promotions came under fire earlier this week after announcing it would sell the blond, 18-inch Inspirational Caylee Sunshine Doll for $29.99. The doll plays the song "You Are My Sunshine" when her bellybutton is pushed"

Am I the only one who thinks this is absolutely TERRIBLE? And $29.99?????????? Are you Serious?

It's beautiful to pay tribute to this beautiful child whose life was cut WAY too short. That is fabulous. Do so by giving money to the many charities that were created to help find missing children. Write a big fat check and in the bottom left corner write "In Honor of Caylee Anthony". ( I don't follow this story because it sickens me so much to think of how horrible people can be. I can tell you that I ,for one, have no doubt in my mind that This Grandmother loved this child VERY much, and that it has saddened these parents more that words can express. I don't know the inside details of this family, but I can tell you that YOU CANNOT TALK OF ONE PERSONS JOURNEYS until you have walked a day in their shoes. I can not imagine that it is EASY to look at your daughter with convicting eyes. We all want to imagine that our children are incapable of wrong doings.ESPECIALLY to that degree. I think the media should be easier on this FAMILY, do what you have to do to investigate but save your scrutiny for after the trial, if you need to do so. I have said it time and time before, during Public Trials,even during the Michael Jackson trial (if HE WERE INNOCENT, how terrible would you feel if you were the cause of this mans sadness. IF he really DID just love these children because he felt like a kindred spirit and maybe needed therapy, how terrible would we feel? Not to say that he was.If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it sure as hell ain't a DOG! But sometimes things aren't what they appear and until facts are found, too many people have been treated unfairly in our judicial system.Too many people have been wrongly accused and the media can be unforgiving. But all the same, too many killers walk free, and it's best to let the courts do the work and the jury to make decisions. As you can see recently, this family is in pain, regardless of what WE say. WE were not there)

Don't have much money? Give a little check or see what you can do for someone else in a situation where authorities cannot find a missing Child. I am a FULL BELIEVER IN PAYING IT FORWARD. It may not be The Anthony's you are helping, but unfortunately things like this happen more than we would like to think.
But making a pretty penny off of the murder of an innocent sweet baby is TERRIBLE! EVIL! You can sugarcoat it, wrap it in pretty pink paper and have it smell like daisies and it is still evil, and this is exactly what the man (I hate to refer to him as a man, I'll just call him " Mean Ol' Demon, employed by the Devil") excuse me, Mean Ol' Demon, employed by the Devil is doing. I am sure it is a beautiful doll. I can't imagine anything in this child's(or any child) image not being angelic, but so were many of the other sins that Satan created.
........And to top matters off, he wasn't even TRYING to donate any of the $$$ to charities.

He has postponed the release of the doll. I am sure his lawyers, not conscience, advised him to do so.
To you, Mr.Mean Ol' Demon, working for the Devil , I really hope that you have a change of heart FOR GOOD, and that you make ONE DOLL, give it to the family of this child ( innocent 'til proven guilty people, I said "family" though, not Mother) and attached with it, an apology letter. I think it would be best if you didn't sell your story either. God Bless You!

Also....I just found out that A New Orleans Witch Dr is selling a Casey Anthony Vodoo Doll on Ebay. OMG! Are you SERIOUS?AreYOU SERIOUS? Really...ARE YOU?
What has this world come too? At least this lady has a little more respect (not much more at all) for the slain child, in the fact that she is.............. WAIT what am I saying? She is still making MONEY off of the poor childs murder!!!!!! She is just more flamboyant in her evil ways.It's pretty obvious who she is working for, so I wont even say it again. Or will I? Mrs.Demon Lady, employed by the DEVIL! You both should be ashamed of yourselves.


  1. Some people profit from the most terrible things...need to get a conscious.

    Free throws are supposed to be easy

  2. That is awful!! I have followed this case from the beginning, but finally quit paying attention because the whole thing is just so sad. It is SO very sad!!


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